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The Indian Army is more than just a government wing or a fighting force that guards our borders. The Indian Army is an emotion, a living chronicle of times, events, and incidents that we have the luxury to forget because they remember. A fierce force that physically binds the nation together, the army itself is a family of several regiments. Some have seen the rise and fall of empires and others which are yet to attain the full vigour of youth. Each regiment has its own history and glorious traditions. Each one has its own identity, values, and morals that bring people from different parts of the country and hold them together in bonds stronger than that of blood. Regiment Diaries is more than a compilation of war stories. It is a tale of the Indian Army unlike any told before. Told by the very men who follow the illustrious feats of their predecessors, Regiment Diaries tells us timeless tales that warm the hearts, moisten the eyes, and leave you in even greater awe of the bravest children of India.

Director: Tanuj Bhatia

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    E1 Madras Engineers Group
    22 February 2019 | 40 min

    The Madras Engineers Group is one of the oldest regiments in the Indian Army, and is the first of the Corps of Engineers to come into existence. Also called Madras Sappers and Miners, the Bangalore Torpedo which is used even today to clear wire fences and mines during battles was invented in this regimental centre.

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    E2 Rajputana Rifles
    22 February 2019 | 38 min

    The Rajputana Rifles has been in existence for almost a century and is the oldest rifle regiment in existence today in our army. Historically, the communities from where the soldiers are recruited to this regiment place great importance on military training and service. The pride is so ingrained that some current soldiers in the regiment are the fifth generation from their families to be part of the regiment.

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    E3 Jat Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 46 min

    The Jat Regiment is one of the infantry regiments in the Indian army. It has been in existence for over 200 years, and it has been a part of both WWI and WWII, along with many other national and international battles. Historically, the Jats have been known for their brilliant combat and warfare skills. Know more stories of courage and valour of the Jat Regiment in this episode of Regiment Diaries.

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    E4 Sikh Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 43 min

    The Sikh Regiment is made up exclusively of Sikhs and is the most decorated regiment in the Indian Army. The regiment was formed just before the British Empire annexed the Sikh Empire. The Sikh community has historically been known as a warrior community, and fighting for the country as part of the army comes naturally to its members. Warfare, protection, and combat are ingrained in the teachings of the Sikh religion, and this culture flows seamlessly into the serving of the country. Watch this episode on the Sikh Regiment on Regiment Diaries to get learn more about these legendary warriors.

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    E5 Rajput Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 39 min

    The Rajput Regiment was initially raised as part of the Bengal Native Infantry, then became part of the British Indian Army, before finally becoming a part of the Indian Army after independence. Soldiers from the regiment have fought in both the World Wars as well as a number of other international wars and battles. The regiment has been an important part of all the IndoPak wars since partition and has played a crucial role in controlling and minimizing insurgency in the Kashmir border areas. It was the first in the Indian Army to be associated with a navy ship, INS Rajput. Watch Regiment Diaries to discover more fascinating stories about this regiment

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    E6 Dogra Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 43 min

    The Dogra Regiment is part of the infantry arm of the Indian Army. The regiment has been in existence for over a century, and the Dogras have established themselves as hardy, kind, and courageous soldiers. The regiment started with three battalions, but more battalions have been added to the regiment over the years. Being a part of the Dogra Regiment and working in the Indian Army has become a way of life for people from the Dogra hills. Watch the episode on Regiment Diaries to know their tales of bravery and kinship.

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    E7 Maratha Light Infantry
    22 February 2019 | 43 min

    In the latest episode of RegimentDiaries, learn about the oldest light infantry regiment of the Indian Army and fourth oldest overall, MarathaLightInfantry. Soldiers from this regiment have been honoured with a host of gallantry awards and service medals. The Marathas have always been known for their dependability in war and peace.

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    E8 Punjab Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 45 min

    The Punjab Regiment was raised initially in 1761 to deal with hostilities in southern India but later went on to become a permanent part of the Indian Army. Some of the battalions of this regiment were handed over to Pakistan during the Partition of 1947. The regiment has battalions trained specifically to aid in dealing with insurgency at the IndoPak border in Kashmir.

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    E9 Madras Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 36 min

    Madras Regiment was raised in 1758 and is the oldest regiment in the Indian Army. It is an infantry regiment that was initially known as Madras Levies and recruited soldiers from the south Indian states. The regiment was disbanded between 1928 and 1941, after which it was resurrected so the battalions from the regiment could join the soldiers fighting WWII. Soldiers from the regiment have fought in battles across the world.

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    E10 Brigade of the Guards
    22 February 2019 | 37 min

    The Brigade of the Guards is an elite mechanised infantry regiment in the Indian Army and was the brainchild of Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa. It was formed in 1949 by handpicking soldiers and battalions from other regiments and was the first mixedclass regiment in our army. It is considered a matter of great honour among soldiers to be chosen for this regiment.

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    E11 The Grenadiers
    22 February 2019 | 44 min

    The Grenadiers was raised in 1778 and is one of the oldest regiments in the Indian Army. In every country, including India, the Grenadiers are made up of the best and strongest soldiers from across regiments, chosen during training under some of the toughest combat situations. This infantry regiment has been part of both the World Wars as well as all the major wars in India, playing a crucial role in the recapture of Tiger Hill during the Kargil War of 1999.

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    E12 Mechanised Infantry Regiment
    28 February 2019 | 41 min

    The Mechanised Infantry Regiment is one of the youngest regiments today in the Indian Army, although the history of the battalions that make up the regiment go way back to the 1700s. The regiment was created after the need for a viable and separate mechanised regiment was felt after the 1965 IndoPak War. The regiment played a crucial role in the war against the LTTE in Sri Lanka as well as the Kargil war of 1999. The regiment has also had battalions become part of peacekeeping missions around the world.Watch fascinating stories of this regiment on Regiment Diaries.

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    E13 The Garhwal Rifles
    07 March 2019 | 42 min

    The Garhwal Rifles is an infantry regiment that has been decorated with one of the highest number of awards and mentions in the Indian Army. The British rulers in India were quick to realize the skills and courage of the people from the Uttarakhand region and formed a separate regiment consisting of various Pahadi communities. Discover more about the Garhwal Rifles and the Garhwalis who are known for being hardy and experienced in navigating the rugged Himalayas.

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    E1 Jammu And Kashmir Light Infantry
    09 January 2020 | 44 min

    The Jammu And Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment JAKLI has a history like no other. Because the formation of this regiment took place after Indian Independence, the traditions and practices followed by this regiment are not influenced by the working of British military in any way. Situated at an altitude of 6000ft, the JAKLI regimental centre is the second northernmost centre of the Indian Army, and is the centre located nearest to one of the most terrorismprone areas of the country.

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    E2 Parachute Special Forces Regiment
    23 January 2020 | 44 min

    The Parachute Regiment is the airborne regiment of the Indian Army and is one of the newly formed regiments. It is unique when compared to other regiments as it includes the Special Forces Unit of the Indian Army. The Special Forces unit includes the Commandos specially trained individuals who can survive even the deadliest of situations and enemies.

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    E3 Mahar Regiment
    16 January 2020 | 46 min

    Though the history of the Mahar Regiment dates back to when the Maratha Empire was expanding during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the regiment has witnessed several breakdowns. The regiment was fully formed only in the year 1941. After Independence, the Mahar Regiment was the first regiment made up of troops from all communities and regions of India.

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    E4 Kumaon Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 44 min

    The origins of the Kumaon Regiment traces back to the 18thcentury and it continues to recruit its jawans from the Kumaon division. The regiment has played a key role in the two World Wars, and other major campaigns of the British Indian Army and the Indian Army. On November 18, 1962, during the Batte of Rezang La, 120 men of C Company of 13 Kumaon, commanded by Maj. Shaitan Singh made a last stand at the pass. Discover many such tales of the regiment in this thrilling episode

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    E5 Gorkha Regiment
    22 February 2019 | 47 min

    Gorkhas are soldiers native to Nepal. Impressed by the fighting qualities, Sir David Ochterlony began to recruit them in the British Indian Army. The first battalion of the Gorkha Regiment was raised as the Nasiri regiment on April 24, 1815. Following Indias independence, six Gorkha Regiments joined the Indian Army. Watch this episode to know more about their training methods and tales of courage.

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    E6 Bengal Engineer Group
    22 February 2019 | 41 min

    This episode of Regiment Diaries covers the Bengal Engineer Group, informally known as the Bengal Sappers. Stationed at Roorkee Cantonment, Uttarakhand, they have been active since 1803. Over the years, BEG has won the most number honours by a single organisation in the country. Want to know more about this regiment Watch now

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    E1 - Bombay Sappers
    22 February 2019 | 45 min

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    E2 - Regiment Of Artillery
    22 February 2019 | 45 min

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    E3 - Bihar Regiment
    21 February 2019 | 47 min

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