Fast -forward

  • E1 Aagman I
    26 November 2014 | 38 min

    Vanya gets accepted to Princeton University with a full research scholarship. Amidst her excitement, she notices an opened email on her grandfathers laptop. It comes as a shock to her that not only is her father alive but also in critical condition due to an accident. Vanya spent her entire life believing that she was an orphan and now that she knows that her father is out there, she takes a vow to go to him and get the answers to her questions.

  • E2 Aagman II
    26 November 2014 | 43 min

    Vanya gets the shock of her life when she learns that her fathers spirit has managed to remain in the human world, only to guide his daughter into the truth of her existence. Professor Bhagawat wants Vanya to step into his shoes and take care of the family business asura hunting as she is his successor and the last descendant of the clairvoyant Bhagwat bloodline. A shape shifting asura infiltrates the Bhagwat mansion and wreaks havoc, releasing a powerful asura entity called Ratnaak from an ancient prison box. It is learned that years ago Ratnaak had claimed the soul of Vanyas mother.

  • E3 Raktahar I
    26 November 2014 | 41 min

    During Vanyas time there, she and the team learn of a string of mysterious blood bank robberies around the city. The team begins investigating and learns that there are other supernatural entities behind these blood bank robberies. They realize that these creatures are Raktachushak, or what we call, Vampires. The team soon finds itself entangled in another case and also in the middle of a bloody family feud.

  • E4 Raktahar II
    26 November 2014 | 42 min

    The team encounters other vampires Raktachushaks who unexpectedly help them get out of the case. In the process of getting out, Vanya ends up saving the Raktachushak heiress life Vira and earns her friendship. The team also learns that the Raktachushaks were never involved in the blood bank robberies and that the mastermind behind the crimes is none other than Lankeshwar. He and his level 2 Asura, Chota Circuit, were the ones stealing the blood in order to nourish Maya, the Asura deity. Arkin sets off to avenge his family against Chota Circuit who had betrayed his family and been the cause of their annihilation.

  • E5 Vashikaran I
    26 November 2014 | 41 min

    Vanya finally meets her aunt Sandhya who is handling the Bhagwat property. She is in two minds about the signing. Vanya also meets her aunts eccentric fiance, Raghav. Raghav is a master of Vashikaran hypnotism. Through his skill, he has managed to get Sandhya and the board of trustees under his control. But hes unable to do the same with Vanya in order to get her to sign the papers that would give him control of the Bhagawat property.

  • E6 Vashikaran II
    26 November 2014 | 43 min

    Arkin and Shoondi are hypnotized and sent to kill Vanya but with the professors help, the two are brought back to their senses in the nick of time. When they learn that Raghav is marrying Sandhya to get his stake in the property, the team tries to stop his evil plans.

  • E7 Theyam I
    26 November 2014 | 40 min

    Vanya decides to meet her school friend, Karuna in the backwaters of Kerala. On reaching the resort, Vanya gets to know that her friend died a couple of days ago due to a sudden heart attack. While investigating further, she comes to know that a cultural dance program portraying the slaying of Darakasuran by the Goddess Bhadrakali had taken place a couple of days ago and the person playing the character of asura had killed the person playing the character of the goddess in real life. Soon Vanya is haunted by ghosts and begins to see visions of an ancient asura. Scared out of her wits, she is left with no option but to call the very people she wanted to stay away from her fathers team.

  • E8 Theyam II
    26 November 2014 | 43 min

    Arkin and Shoondi immediately fly down to Kerala to help Vanya. There they see that all the managers in the hotel are dead. Arkin, Shoondi and Vanya find themselves investigating a case involving mysterious deaths. They try to find out what went wrong in the Theyam performance by interrogating people. They come face to face with resurrection of an ancient asura who has become even more strong.

  • E9 Antardwand I
    26 November 2014 | 42 min

    A vicious serial killer is on the loose, stealing the organs from his dead victims. Based on this clue, the police arrests Shoondi. But when Shoondi himself admits to these murders, both the professor and the team are shocked. Vanya is instructed by the professor to get legal help for Shoondi. Arkin also starts investigating on his own and makes some startling discoveries.

  • E10 Antardwand II
    26 November 2014 | 44 min

    Meanwhile, through an intercutting flashback, it is revealed how the Professor first met Shoondi and the reasons for him being outcast by the Aghori elders. The past and the present collide as a forbidden deed from Shoondis past comes back to haunt him and Vanya and Arkin race against the clock to prove his innocence.

  • E11 Bagul Bua (Pretatma)
    26 November 2014 | 43 min

    When a little boy loses his father to a shadow monster, the world doesnt believe his story. But the team knows better and investigates the mysterious death. When the boy is questioned, Shoondi recognizes the presence of an abnormal being in the boys room. On probing further, they find out that this shadow demon has been invoked by black magic. They interrogate the people associated with the family, and realize the culprit is far from obvious.

  • E12 Daayan
    26 November 2014 | 42 min

    Children from a peaceful gated community fall prey to a mysterious illness. With no cure in sight, a teacher living in the community asks the team for help. The symptoms immediately reveal that the kids have been preyed upon by a Daayan. But the Dayaan is one of the most difficult supernatural creatures to not just catch but also identify. With the help of the teacher and his girlfriend, the team begins the hunt against all odds and what seems like a case going cold turns out to be an elaborate con cooked up by Arkin and Shoondi to lure the Daayan out.

  • E13 Jaal I
    26 November 2014 | 40 min

    When mysteriously decapitated bodies of men start showing up around town, Arkin and the team go undercover to investigate the common denominator between all the murders. They land up in a dance bar where all the victims had been before their deaths. Arkin saves a bar dancer from a disgruntled patron of the bar. She is grateful for his help and both of them have a moment of connection. As Gordon and Arkin are about to head home in an inebriated state, Arkin tells Gordon that he needs to go back to investigate one of his suspicions. Meanwhile at home, Vanya gets visions of Arkin being in trouble. She comes to bar looking for them but only finds an unconscious Gordon sleeping in the van. She wakes Gordon up and goes back to the bar only to find Arkin missing.

  • E14 Jaal II
    26 November 2014 | 39 min

    When priceless painting comes to life and kills its owner, the team is called by the victims daughter. Trying not to become victims themselves, the team tries to hunt down the demon in the painting. While trying to burn the painting in which the soul of the Daanav resides, Arkin becomes the victim of the Daanavs wrath. But in a twist of events, Arkins fatal wounds begin healing instantly. The team is shocked and wonders how he could have healed so quickly and their suspicions begin to surface.

  • E15 Amavas (Horror/Witch)
    26 November 2014 | 41 min

    Mysterious deaths are taking place on the sets of a high profile horror film based on chudhails. Rumor is that the spirit of a real chudhail has been evoked and is preying on the crew members. The team takes interest in the case and to everyones surprise, Vanya decides to accompany them during the investigation. Soon the team learns that there is no chudhail and that the lead actress of the film is into black magic and is preying on crew members energy.

  • E16 Varaha Van
    26 November 2014 | 40 min

    Under the pretext of bonding with Vanya, Sandhya invites her, Alina and Gordon to an ashram for a retreat. The ashram belongs to a rishi who is a follower of Vishnus avatar, Varaha. But upon arrival in the ashram, Vanya begins to get visions of disturbing rituals that happen in the grounds of the ashram. She is very disturbed and leaves the meditation room. She relays her concerns to Alina and Gordon, and the team begins to investigate..

  • E17 Kalgad I
    26 November 2014 | 39 min

    The sleepy village of Kalgad has something suspicious going on at night When the team investigates, they find a trio of dangerous Daanavs abducting young girls in the area and taking them to the ruins of an ancient Asura temple. The Daanavs have been nourishing Maya with sacrificial blood and she might regain her full strength if the ritual is completed before the full moon. As their plan to use Vanya as bait goes haywire, the team is hampered by a run in with the cops.

  • E18 Kalgad II
    26 November 2014 | 44 min

    The team is on a mission to stop Maya. She escapes, but not before discovering Vanyas Bhagwat lineage. During the course of events, Shoondi is surprised by Arkins extraordinary physical prowess and begins to question his humanity. Although wary of Arkin now, Shoondi decides to keep this information to himself.

  • E19 Kaalanki (Painting)
    26 November 2014 | 40 min

    When an army colonel is mysteriously killed, the police approach Arkin and Shoondi for their view on his unnatural death. Arkin and Shoondi go meet the colonels daughter to find out what happened. She tells them of the supernatural beings that killed her father and all three find themselves on the trail to the killer. But when Arkin finds the daughter tied down as prisoner in an abandoned mill, he turns around to find the Daanav who was posing as the colonels daughter laughing at him. With Arkin and Shoondi both trapped by a shapeshifting Daanav, called Kaya, there is no way of reaching the rest of the team.

  • E20 Mohini
    26 November 2014 | 41 min

    When no one is able to reach Arkin and Shoondi, Vanya gets suspicious and uses the GPS system to locate the van. When Vanya tries to open the van, she instantly gets a vision of what happened with Shoondi. With Alina by her side, she grabs the weapons and heads to where Arkin and Shoondi are trapped. But Kaya takes the form of Alina and leaves Vanya surrounded by two Alinas. Vanya points her gun at one of them and fires it.



Release Date

26 November 2014


Fiction, Horror, Fantasy