India Post (English)

U • History • 2024

This series will trace the evolution of India Post through the milestones in India’s complex history, and how the post office has not only been a witness to but also a catalyst for India’s transformation in its political, social, economic and physical development.

Cast: India Post Officials

Director: Akul Tripathi

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    E1 - Communication Through Ages
    08 April 2024 | 37 min

    India's extensive postal network, a culmination of millennia of messaging evolution, reflects the nation's rich history. From ancient messengers to colonial influence, explore the intertwined narrative of India's past and its postal system's origins.

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    E2 - Delivery Frontier
    15 April 2024 | 40 min

    The postal system's backbone lies in its intricate organization, enabling postmen to deliver joy and news. Technological innovations streamline deliveries, bridging inaccessible areas to metros, showcasing the vast reach of the world's largest postal network.

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    E3 - Postal Innovations
    22 April 2024 | 42 min

    Join us to witness the Postal Department's extensive role beyond mail delivery. Its financial services bridge millions to the digital economy, with a uniform framework accessible nationwide. Innovations ensure relevance and pioneering status in the digital era.

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    E4 - Postal Operations Insight
    29 April 2024 | 39 min

    In this episode, we uncover the intricacies of a day at a large post office, showcasing its 160-year transformation. Through the lens of the postal department, we explore heritage preservation and the philatelic community, alongside the intriguing Return Letter Office.



Release Date

09 April 2024




Akul Tripathi


India Post Officials