Epic Ke Dus

U/A 7+ • History • Non Fiction • Adventure • 2014

Epic Ke Dus is a halfhour collated list of the top ten people, places or events of a chosen topic, examples of which include rivalries, thinkers and warriors. Each topic has been thoroughly researched and a panel of experts on the subject has carefully selected the stories that are fitting to be part of the topic. This panel is seen on the episodes giving their views on the events, the significance of the event and describing the mood of the era, publics reaction to these events and how it contributed to change the course of Indian history.

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    E1 Thinkers
    31 July 2020 | 30 min

    From Chanakya and Aryabhat to Rabindranath Tagore, explore the top ten Thinkers of India the individuals whose thoughts and practices were centuries ahead of their time

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    E2 Turning Points
    31 July 2020 | 29 min

    Sometimes a single arrow can change the course of history. Epics top 10 Turning Points looks at those instances in our past which changed the destiny of India.

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    E3 Women
    31 July 2020 | 28 min

    From rulers like Rani Lakshmi Bai Razia Sultan to Savitribai Phule Sarojini Naidu, Indias history is full of women who have distinguished themselves. Explore the top ten most powerful Women in Indian history.

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    E4 Warriors
    31 July 2020 | 29 min

    Explore the top 10 Warriors in Indian history, those have distinguished themselves by deeds of valour, strategic genius and strength of arms.

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    E5 Rivalries
    31 July 2020 | 31 min

    Some enmities are so powerful, they make an impact on history themselves. Learn about the top 10 Rivalries in Indian history

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    E1 Kings
    31 July 2020 | 33 min

    Epic Ke Dus focusses on the discussion of the top 10 people, places, and events of a chosen topic. The new seasons first episode focuses on the greatest rulers of Indian history from Chandragupta Maurya, Asoka, Akbar and many more. The panel will be seen sharing views on each of the reigning King and how they contributed to change the course of Indian history.

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    E2 Love Stories
    31 July 2020 | 36 min

    Be it the story of Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan and Princess Samyukta, or the story of Heer and Ranjha love stories have also been inspirational for people. This episode of EPIC Ke Dus presents to you 10 exceptional love stories from Indias history that are EPIC in the true sense of the word.

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    E3 Villains
    04 August 2020 | 33 min

    From Mir Jafar to Veerappan to Angulimaal, there is no shortage of frightening figures of historic villains. This episode of EPIC Ke Dus brings you the tales of some evil villains who attempted to gain fame through horrible acts of violence.

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    E4 Arts
    09 August 2020 | 32 min

    Step in to the journey of ancient art with EPIC Ke Dus bringing you the collection of our nations finest artistic work. From Nataraja in the era of Chola Dynasty to the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro.

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    E5 Guru Shishya
    31 July 2020 | 37 min

    The GuruShishya relationship has been an inevitable part of the ancient Indian culture. From Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya, Annie Besant and J. Krishnmarthy to Mahatma Gandi and G.K. Gokhale who had advised Gandhi to understand India and its people before trying to bring changes.

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    E6 Scientist
    31 July 2020 | 35 min

    This episode highlights 10 eminent scientists, whose path breaking inventions put India as a leading nation in scientific discovery on the world map. Be it in the field of medicine, physics, astronomy, botany or mathematics this episode traces the legacy of those discoveries that laid the foundations of their respective disciplines. An interesting episode which gives insight into the ideologies which stand as the pillars of all modern discovery.

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    E7 Literary Acheivements
    31 July 2020 | 33 min

    A show that covers 10 aspects of Indian history. This episode features the literary achievements from Kamasutra to Mahabharat and Gitanjali. Listen to experts provide their view on these literary heros.

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    E8 Rebellions
    01 August 2020 | 36 min

    This episode of Epic ke Dus will shed light on some of the most important freedom movements in the history of India. The episode is an eye opener into the larger picture of those rebellions which shaped the character of the freedom struggle. The interesting facts and revelations presented are sure to leave you enriched with a deeper understanding of our countrys dynamic history.

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    E9 Betrayals
    31 July 2020 | 35 min

    Treachery, deceit, villainy and betrayal Epic Ke Dus brings to you some of the greatest betrayals in the history of India. From Malik Jeevan to Veerbhadra Tiwari, catch them all in the second episode.

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    E10 Brands
    31 July 2020 | 38 min

    From Raymonds to Parle G, and from Ambassador to Amul, get behind the stories of some of the most Iconic Brands of India.



Release Date

31 December 2014


History, Non Fiction, Adventure, Historical