Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Romance • Drama • 2021

Naitik tells Vayu the real name and details of Amogh.. Amogh is drug dealer and his name is VYog Khurana...Patient comes to Agnis house and tells her that they gave wrong injection to Agni and creates a spectacle...because of which Nandini gives all the charges of the hospital to Arya...Vayu gets the address of Amoghs house from the patient...Vayu goes to that address...Vayu gets Kavyas doctor id..Vayu stunned to see It.. IC Agni is very much hurt.. Agni checks medical articles on her laptop and talks to papas photo...Mehul comes there Agni leaves without talking to him..

Cast: Vaibhav Singh



Release Date

12 November 2021


Romance, Drama


Vaibhav Singh