Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Romance • Drama • 2021

Vayu reaches inside the house, Agni also opens the door reaching inside the dilapidated bungalow. Vayu saw in room..lots of kavyas pics...IC Agni box open krti hai jisme Awasthi ke drugs ke sath photos hoti hai..IC Vayu catches him and tells her to tell the truth... Amogh says that Kavya was my girlfriend, she had financial problems, so she used to sit with big clients, hearing this, Vayu shocked .. In IC Joker tells Agni that this is your fathers truth.. Agni denies it.. Joker says that your father brought my drugs worth 30 crores.. Agni gets shocked hearing this.. ..Agni is disturbed in his room. He remembers flashes of photos of Dr. Awasthi with drugs, Vayu also disturbed and walk into road use Amogh ki bate yaad ati hai. ..Both call each other to inform everything..but phone is busy..

Cast: Vaibhav Singh



Release Date

07 November 2021


Romance, Drama


Vaibhav Singh