The reDiscovery Podcast

The reDiscovery Podcast

Author: IVM Podcasts

Political analyst Ambika Vishwanath and corporate executive Hoshner Reporter quit their day jobs in 2015 and set out on a journey to explore India. Now that has grown into a lifestyle of travel of our vast, and diverse country. In their show ‘The ReDiscovery Podcast’ from February 28th 2017, every episode features them looking back on the highlights of their travel of over 15000 kilometres, 13 states, and everything in between.

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43 Episodes
  1. S01E00Introducing The ReDiscovery Podcast
    • 01:44
  2. S01E01:Pamban Beach
    • 16:18
  3. S01E02:Holi In Barsana (U.P)
    • 18:19
  4. S01E03:Kohima
    • 24:14
  5. S01E04:Puri
    • 20:45
  6. S01E05:Amritsar
    • 20:49
  7. S01E06:Cherrapunji
    • 21:03
  8. S01E07:Lonar Crater
    • 19:48
  9. S01E08:Mandvi
    • 16:34
  10. S01E09:Tawang And The Road To Bumla
    • 21:48
  11. S01E10:Fireflies In Bhandardara
    • 16:30
  12. IntroducingSeason 2
    • 00:40
  13. S02E01:How To Travel On Rs 2500 A Day
    • 27:58
  14. S02E02:Planning The Perfect Ladakh Trip
    • 30:27
  15. S02E03:Proposed UNESCO Sites To Visit
    • 29:12
  16. S02E04:Agra Beyond The Taj
    • 26:06
  17. S02E05:Some Of Our Favourite Home-stays
    • 23:35
  18. S02E06:Your Guide To Ziro
    • 38:36
  19. S02E07:Cool Shopping Ideas Across The Country
    • 25:59
  20. S02E08:Exploring Bombay
    • 25:46
  21. S02E09:Amazing (and Easy) Trips Across The North East
    • 25:19
  22. S02E10:Your Travel Questions Answered
    • 31:47
  23. TheJourney Continues (Preview To Season 3)
    • 00:53
  24. S03E01:Chatting About Responsible Tourism With NGT India Editor
    • 43:16
  25. S03E02:Homestays As A Means Of Dignified Livelihood
    • 24:13
  26. S03E03: Give Back Give Away - Using Travel To Support Communities
    • 27:28
  27. S03E04: Documenting Vanishing Cultures For The Next Generation
    • 35:14
  28. S03E05: Preserving The Heritage Of Living Homes
    • 30:50
  29. S03E06: Umoja – Making Travel Accessible For The Disabled
    • 33:39
  30. S03E07: Devrai Art Village – Livelihood Through
    • 32:56
  31. S03E08: One Naga’s Quest To Bring Back The Animals
    • 29:20
  32. S03E09: A Centuries Old Family Style Ganpati Celebration In Goa
    • 29:55
  33. S03E10: Blue Yonder – Tourism That Benefits Communities
    • 30:22
  34. S04E01: Quitting Your Job To Travel - Is It For You?
    • 29:46
  35. S04E02: Y(Our) Winter Wish List
    • 28:48
  36. S04E03: Offbeat Road Trips To Discover India
    • 42:51
  37. S04E04: It's Safari Time!
    • 27:52
  38. S04E05: Best Himalayan Treks For Beginners
    • 29:55
  39. S04E06: Re-Discovering Mumbai Part II
    • 29:05
  40. S04E07: Kutch Beyond The Rann
    • 32:15
  41. S04E08: Why Bihar Should Be On Your Travel List
    • 32:36
  42. S04E09: Our Favourite Homestays Part II
    • 31:12
  43. S04E10: Love Food, Will Travel Feat. Pankil Shah And Sumit Gambhir
    • 42:50

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