Drinks and Destinations

Drinks and Destinations

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Powered By EPIC ON. This podcast is your handy guide to the world of fine wines, spirits and more, along with a dip into travels around the world. Hosted by wine sommelier Rojita Tiwari, along with anchor/MC Sameera Khan, these ladies will always make sure youre well equipped no matter where you are - a casual boozy brunch, a posh cocktail party, a wine cheese luncheon, a craft beer 101, a trip to Tuscany, etc. They provide their recommendations, dos donts for the week, as well as the latest news from the launch of a new winery to a restaurant opening or pop ups in the city.

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33 Episodes
  1. Ep.0 The Drinks And Destinations Podcast
    • 01:00
  2. Ep.01: Cecilia Oldne, Sula Vineyards
    • 34:31
  3. Ep.02: Visit Tuscany, Italy
    • 34:33
  4. Ep.03: The Art & Craft Of Mixing Drinks With Shatbhi
    • 47:00
  5. Ep.04: Let's Talk Rum
    • 34:51
  6. Ep.05: Pairing Wines & Spirits With Food, Movies & TV Series
    • 25:45
  7. Ep.06: Exploring Wine Routes Of Greece
    • 46:45
  8. Ep.07: A Sparkling Talk With Chandon's President
    • 38:39
  9. Ep.08: Understanding Wine Making With Kailash Gurnani
    • 47:30
  10. Ep.09: Mexico - Land Of Mystery, Magic & Mezcal
    • 44:55
  11. Ep.10: On The Wine Trail In India
    • 37:35
  12. Ep.11: Holiday Season Special With Aneesh & Nikhil
    • 57:39
  13. Ep.12: Holiday Season Special Part 2 & Travels In 2017
    • 39:30
  14. Ep.13: Drinks Events In 2017
    • 25:17
  15. Ep.14: Bizarre And Weird Drinks From Around The World
    • 25:47
  16. Ep.15: Spirits Talk With Arthur And Bernhard
    • 41:34
  17. Ep.16: Know All About SULAFEST'17 With Cecilia Oldne
    • 30:42
  18. Ep.17:Upcoming Food & Drinks Trends And Destination South East Asia With Ant....
    • 51:49
  19. Ep.18: Experience Of Buying Liquor In India
    • 34:49
  20. Ep.19: Learning Wine Etiquette With Suneeta Sodhi Kanga
    • 34:28
  21. Ep.20:Why You Need To Travel To Portugal This Year
    • 31:35
  22. Ep.21: Indian Craft Beer Fest, Anteprime Di Toscana And A Whisky By ....
    • 36:30
  23. Ep.22: The Fine Wine Affair, Chandon Party Starter Anthem & De Borto....
    • 27:21
  24. Ep.23: Studying Wines & Spirits
    • 24:32
  25. Ep.24: The Perfect Glassware
    • 39:50
  26. Ep.25: Natural Cork Vs. Other Closures
    • 36:05
  27. (Rebroadcast)EP 14 : Bizarre And Weird Drinks From Around The World
    • 25:21
  28. Ep.26: Austrian Wines & World Whisky Day
    • 31:44
  29. Ep.27: Negroni Week & CMB 2017
    • 36:49
  30. Ep.28: The Making Of Reveilo Wines
    • 38:21
  31. Ep.29: Cocktails Decoded
    • 50:45
  32. Ep.30: Travel Planning
    • 24:21
  33. Ep.31: Special Announcement
    • 01:18

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