Yeh Kaisa Khiladi

U/A 13+ • Drama • Thriller • 2016

The story revolves around Nandan Deepak who is supposedly the most unlucky fellow one can come across. Nandans life revolves only around two things copying his idol Akshay kumar and his second love Gambling. Nandan strongly believes in the notion that luck can change overnight and one day he gets a chance of changing his luck when unknowingly he receives a message from destiny itself and all that destiny has to offer this common man is an uncommon game, the message tells him that he has entered an enigmatic game show Death wish which states that he can win a sweet amount of money if the person mentioned in the message dies at a given time, this is what forms the crux of the story that will Nandan play this game of life and luck or will he go on living his usual normal life.

Director: Aryeman Keshu



Release Date

12 March 2016


Drama, Thriller


Aryeman Keshu