U/A 16+ • Drama • Short Films • Family • 2018

Lata, a 50yearold woman, is the string that holds her family together. Lata’s husband ANIL 53 and her son SHALIN 24 are always at loggerheads with each other, while her daughter is completely detached from everyone. The family is on their way to attend a wedding. Due to their internal clashes, they lose their way, forcing Lata to take control. After her failed attempts to drive the car herself, she makes her daughter drive while enjoying this newfound power. Losing the way even further, their fight escalates, and Lata throws the car key away in frustration. The family unites to get themselves out of the situation which fails them even further and renders the car useless. Eventually they end up traveling without any of them in control.

Director: Devik Rathod



Release Date

01 January 2018


Drama, Short Films, Family


Devik Rathod