U/A 16+ • Drama • Short Films • 2019

The film is set in 1990’s. Rekha moves into a new town with her husband Pradeep. They shift into an old house that has been shut for 10 years. Pradeep is out the entire day working, and Rekha spends her days at home rearranging the house. She finds letters addressed to Sumati who stayed with her husband in the same house years back. As Rekha starts going through the letters, she understands Sumati was very fond of the writer Shankar. And that Sumati was ready to do anything for him. Rekha tries to get same kind of attention from her husband but fails to do so. She wastes the entire day thinking what will please her husband. After few letters Rekha understands that Shankar had started controlling Sumati, and Sumati felt too insecure. Shankar took the advantage until he felt Sumati was starting to demand more out of their relationship and so he declares about his marriage to her. Rekha relates well to feelings of Sumati as she herself is overly dependent on Pradeep, and it starts to disturb her. Sumati ends her life saying she has thought herself to be so incapable that the other could easily take advantage of her. And that she forgot what she stood for while trying to please everyone around.

Director: Deeksha Mhaskar



Release Date

01 January 2019


Drama, Short Films


Deeksha Mhaskar