U/A 16+ • Drama • 2023

Sanjay and his friend Sunit are alcoholics who cannot get their hands on booze as they are broke. Sanjays friend Bijli refuses to lend him money to buy alcohol. Meanwhile, Manav who is dining at a hotel with Ayesha tells her about his business problems and requests her to ask her father for money. When Ayesha is driving Manav home, her car hits him and he gets seriously injured. Sunit uses this to blackmail Ayesha and even when all this is going on, Manav pesters her about lending him money. Bijli, watching Manavs selfishness, reveals to Ayesha that Sanjay had come in front of her car so he and Sunit could extort her, adding that all men care about is money.

Director: Priyanshi Shah



Release Date

06 February 2023




Priyanshi Shah