Method In Multishade

U/A 16+ • Social Issues • Drama • 2021

It all starts with ACTION and ends with CUT. Mithun, 5ft 4 inches short in height, not so good looking guy uses Method Acting in his day to day life to improve his acting skills. The journey of the Mithun starts with struggle and a series of mishaps around him and to which he tackles using Method Acting. In order to forget his problems which are causing him depression and selfdoubts, Mithun adopts method acting in a way he forgets his own reality when he enters into a character saying Action and doesnt leave that character unless someone yells or says Cut.In this journey/film Mithun undergoes selftraining and adopts method acting in every moment which leads him to play over 19 characters in one single film.

Director: Gaurav Thakur



Release Date

19 December 2021


Social Issues, Drama


Gaurav Thakur