Jil Jil Genie - The Terrible Swap (English)

U • Comedy • Adventure

Till now professor Nutloose has not succeeded in capturing Jil Jil. But when he keeps watching the attempts made by Himbida and his minions, Nutloose is happy to know several new things of the mystic world. He comes across the existence of several things magical that are unknown to modern science. Shrink spray, invisibility powder, shadow poker a stick that can control somebody when his shadow is poked with it, and lots more. The way Jil Jil and his friends deal with the malevolent plans of Himbida and his minions, and the way their plan finally backfires, adds pretty much to the gags in the story. Motapippi the dumbo provides an added charm. Himbida comes up with a new plan to capture Jil Jil. As his minions are always recognized by Jil Jil, he captures a school boy and swaps his soul with Mayans. Now things do get tough for Jil Jil. Prof. Nutloose is having a wonderful time at his lab watching the comic attempts of Himbida and his minions. But it is not just fun that he wants. He too can intervene anytime in person to capture Jil Jil.

Director: Mahesh Vettiyar




Comedy, Adventure


Mahesh Vettiyar