Jil Jil Genie - The Flood (English)

U • Comedy • Adventure • 2021

Himbidas plans to capture Jil Jil keep backfiring as usual. In the meantime a magic prank using a magic spell pulled by Jil Jil sends peals of laughter among the audience. The tummy tickling scenes where the dumbo, Motapippi, tries to use the magic spell will be unforgettable. When Himbida pulls out a trick using a hexed umbrella, Jil Jil and his friends do not fall prey to it. But somebody else does. It will remind us that a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. To worsen Himbidas plight, a flood occurs stranding Himbida and his minions at their startree. But as fate smiled on them at that moment, they happen to capture Jil Jil even in such a situation. But as usual... Jil Jil finds his way out. Motus resignation from being Himbidas minion, Mayans relief upon parting with a quarrelsome colleague, the relief later turning into loneliness, his attempts to bring Motu back, Himbidas game with a stolen doll that originally belonged to Nutloose, and Nutlooses comments upon the incidents from a scientific point of view... all add to the fun and charm of the story.

Cast: Mahesh Vettiyar



Release Date

02 November 2021


Comedy, Adventure


Mahesh Vettiyar