Kid Krrish - Shakalaka Africa (English)

U • Adventure • Action • Kids • 2014

An alien Gozonian tribe conspires to destroy planet Earth and rule over the entire universe. The Gozonian tribe was destroyed earlier by the intergalactic council. However, they rose to power after the invention of a powerful weapon that can possibly increase the human race intelligence. The tribes evil leader takes back the bionic body from Dr Para for his extreme lust for power. A giant robotic dinosaur creates havoc under Ru Bondas command. But Kid Krrish successfully destroys it, thus infuriating him. The Gozonian leader approaches Ru Bonda for his help in obtaining a rare Blue Diamond which is present in South Africas lion crown mountain. On the other hand, Krrish also finds out about Gozonians plan from his fathers diary which he finds in Dr Paras hideout. He along with Mengue travels to South Africas lion crown mountain. He cleverly sneaks in behind Ru Bonda with the help of the animals. Eventually, Krrish successfully defeats the Gozonian tribe and rescues the entire human race from annihilation.

Cast: Kid Krrish,dr.para,grandma, Jaddu, Totto,koko, Mingyu

Director: Deepak Nair



Release Date

31 December 2014


Adventure, Action, Kids


Kid Krrish,Dr.para,Grandma, Jaddu, Totto,Koko, Mingyu


Deepak Nair