Kid Krrish (English)

U • Adventure • Action • Kids • 2012

Jadoos memory gets extracted by Jadrookian while his father is arrested for treason. He decides to travel to earth to finish his fathers mission. Krishna, on the other hand is coming to terms with his superpowers. Dadima fears people will find out about his powers and endanger him. Jadoo and Krishna team up to defeat Dr Para a mad scientist hindering them in completing their mission.

Cast: Kid Krrish,dr.para,grandma, Jaddu, Totto,koko, Mingyu

Director: Sooraj M K



Release Date

31 December 2012


Adventure, Action, Kids


Kid Krrish,Dr.para,Grandma, Jaddu, Totto,Koko, Mingyu


Sooraj M K