Jil Jil Genie - The Imposter (English)

U • Comedy • Adventure • Kids

On finding that genies exist, Professor Nutloose had decided to capture Jil Jil, the most powerful among the genies. When his attempts failed miserably, the professor decides to make an artificial genie – a replica of the original Jil Jil. Finding that it is a herculean task, he goes back to his attempts to capture the real genie. He watches his magic mirror to see if Jil Jil had been caught by his friend, Himbida the sorcerer. Himbida and his minions use all sorts of methods to capture Jil Jil. The mystic powers of music, a talisman that can defy gravity, Jil Jils craving for jalebis, and whatnot. Himbida though succeeds in his mission several times, Jil Jil slips off in the end. Occasionally Nutloose helps Himbida the sorcerer, and his minions to capture Jil Jil. But Jil Jil proves too smart for them everytime. The blunders of Himbidas minions and the quick wits of Jil Jils friends, Munna and Meenu, add to the fun. Finally Nutloose helps Himbida by giving him the artificial Jil Jil. Now Jil Jil has a new rival. His own replica.

Director: Mahesh Vettiyar




Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Mahesh Vettiyar