Jil Jil Genie Begins (English)

U • Comedy • Adventure • Kids

Two children, Munna and Meenu, while on a nature study tour from school, happen to find themselves in peril while chasing a wild squirrel. They happened to roam away from their group and slip over a cliff. While falling towards a stream far below they are rescued by a genie. They get to know each other and become friends. The genie, who introduced himself as Jil Jil, tells them of the situation that he is in. An evil sorcerer Himbida is always trying to catch him to become all powerful. He is assisted by Mayan, a monkey wizard, and Motapippi, a silly demon. These people may try to harm even innocents to bait Jil Jil. They know that Jil Jil will come to rescue anybody in peril. All of a sudden Himbida, Mayan and Motapippi come flying on their magic carpet and snatch away the children. The genie again rescues them after a series of magic fights. Before returning Jil Jil promises the children that he will come anytime when he is needed. Just chant the spell Jil Jil Jalebi... Jil Jil Hreem.

Director: Mahesh Vettiyar




Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Mahesh Vettiyar