Starting Troubles - Season 1

E5 Treatment

Genre: Comedy • Fiction | 28:49

Age Description: U/A 16+  PG - Language, Alcohol, Sex

Cast: Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, Renuka Shahane, Parikshit Sahni, Kurush Deboo, Rajesh Pi, Anushka Nair, Bharat Chawla, Jui Pawar

Director: Abhinav Kamal


Buddybits presents Starting Troubles It is the day of the play. But it is also the day that leads to an interesting and innovative medical discovery. Let’s find out the what, why, and how of it In this episode, we follow Jagdish on his brand new journey of start-ups and innovation If medical training and acting weren’t enough :P But this time, it is not going to be that simple as we see disagreements and divisions within the department. There are those who support him in his new initiative and then there are those who do not. Who will win? You will, obviously, with all the entertainment you’re gonna get StartingTroubles MedicalHumour BuddybitsWebSeries JagdishChaturvedi RenukaSahane

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