Lost Recipes (French)

U • Travel • Food • 2015

Lost Recipes is about the rediscovery of dishes dropped from the pages of history, and reliving the longlost traditions, and perhaps, reviving them. Chef Aditya Bal heads off to different regions in India, from Uttarandhra to Kutch, on a quest to unearth these oncepopular culinary rituals and recipes. Because all these recipes are no longer found in cookbooks, Aditya must turn back the clock and wade through memories and folklore to find the original Lost Recipes.

Director: Shubhra Chattarji

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    E1 Goa (French)
    43 min

    Beneath its touristy lustre, Goa preserves a deeply traditional culture and a cuisine that has a longstanding Portuguese influence to it. Chef Aditya Bal is out on the lanes of the state with just one purpose in mind to discover the firsts of all the recipes that were forgotten with time and evolution. What does he discover Find out in this episode.

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    E2 Udwada (French)
    43 min

    A quaint, sleepy little onestreet villagetown in unlikely southern Gujarat, Udvada belongs in the 19th century. Its streets are frozen in time and are the perfect route into the gastronomic legacy of the foodloving Parsi community. This mecca of the Parsis is decorated with heritage homes and handsome rustic kitchens that preserve the tradition of cooking on woodfire.In these kitchens, Aditya Bal cooks with the happygolucky locals and discovers forgotten recipes with stunning techniques and tastes that are a delightful amalgamation of Persian and Gujarati cultures and their flavours

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    E3 Mumbai (French)
    42 min

    Lost Recipes timetravels to a Mumbai that is longforgotten and now exists only in history books. A fascinating mix of Portuguese and British influences, Mumbais two thousand year old East Indian Communitys food is a mouthwatering blend of art and history. From rustic recipes that are two millennia old to the ones that transport us into the 19th century kitchen, the forgotten recipes of Mumbais East Indian community, promise to pack a punch and whet the appetite even today.

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    E4 Lucknow (French)
    43 min

    Khansama who worked in the kitchen of the Nawab of Awadh decided to stun his master with an unlikely creation. So he served him a poori. The Nawab called for the man to ask him why there was only a plain poori on his plate. The khansama requested the Nawab to taste the poori. On breaking off a piece off the poori, a delicate little bird flew out of it and stunned the Nawab. Lucknow is full of such fantastical legends of food, and within these legends lie the secrets of lost and forgotten recipes from the fascinating culinary heritage of this city. This episode of Lost Recipes tries to piece together enthralling old recipes from Lucknows past that take us beyond the now popular kebabs, niharis and kormas.



Release Date

03 February 2015


Travel, Food




Shubhra Chattarji