Ep 27 - Humkadam

U/A 7+ • Society & Culture • Drama • Family • 2021

Vidya agrees to meet Shweta’s parents to take the marriage conversation ahead only on one condition that Tara would not be a part of the meeting. Raj and Shanti are extremely upset but Tara handles the situation well. Shanti and Raj both are extremely proud of the way that Tara handled Vidya. Things go decently well when the two families meet but Vidya at night rejects Shweta’s hand for Rahul and the latter is completely taken aback. Shanti gives Tara her own good luck charm as Tara is often misunderstood. She appreciates her maturity. Shweta’s mother takes it in her hands to get the two married after she hears from Rahul that Vidya has disagreed to their alliance.

Director: Arshad Khan


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    Ep 1 - Humkadam
    14 March 2021 | 24 min

    Shanti is talking to her maid Radha on the phone while jogging regarding cooking, She wants to make Palak paneer for his son Raj. Raj walks out of the office to meet his wife Tara and they go on a date, Raj gifts anklet to Tara and they came back home where they have to eat food again as Shanti has prepared food for Raj. Tara gifts Raj a laptop and wishing him on his 3 years of job joining.

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    Ep 2 - Humkadam
    14 March 2021 | 23 min

    Tara calls the insurance person at home but Shanti is against this insurance thing and warns Raj and Tara that she doesn’t want to listen any kind of discussion on this insurance topic, Raj tries to convince shanti. Tara goes to her mothers house for Satyanarayana Puja. Tara calls Raj but his phone sounds switched off. Tara calls in his office and the secretary told her that Raj is not in the office he is in Blue Temple Restaurant and also he booked 2 seats there. Tara reached there and she sees Raj meeting a girl in that Restaurant.

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    Ep 3 - Humkadam
    15 March 2021 | 23 min

    Tara is in bad mood and Shanti notices that and ask her if she is ok, Tara does not want to tell Shanti about the truth and avoids the topic.Vidya sees that Naina has applied facial cream on her face, with her injured hand and she realises that she was making excuses. Cheerful Raj enters in the house with sweets and ask Tara about her bad mood. Tara finds a couple of receipts from Raj’s pant which are from the same restaurant Blue Temple. Raj confesses her that he is meeting someone and she is the investor for his dream project, Tara now realises that it’s not what she had assumed and is so relieved. Tara and Raj decided that they will not tell Shanti about this project until everything goes well. Shanti hears everything and she feels like her and Raj’s relation is falling apart.

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    Ep 4 - Humkadam
    15 March 2021 | 23 min

    Tara is making todo list for Raj’s new project. Raj makes tea for Shanti, Shanti is upset and asks Raj that he is not hiding anything from her and Raj says no. Raj looks at the resignation letter and thinks what he should do. Tara and Raj come to see the office and they like it. Vidya pours water on Nainas bandage and then tells her to open the bandage but Naina somehow manages the situation. Shanti calls Vidya home and tells her everything. Vidya scolds Raj and Tara for not telling Shanti about Their plans regarding the startup.

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    Ep 5 - Humkadam
    16 March 2021 | 23 min

    Shanti is angry and locks herself in the room, Raj Tara and Vidya are worried about Shanti and they starts knocking the gate. Raj sends some old pictures to Shanti and she gets emotional after seeing pictures and finally she opens the door. Raj explains everything to Shanti tells her about his App. Shanti forgive him and tells him to fulfil his dream. Everyone comes to the inauguration ceremony and congrats Raj for starting his own company.

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    Ep 6 - Humkadam
    16 March 2021 | 22 min

    Everyone celebrates this special day of Raj, puja is happening in his office. Meenu brings a Ganapati idol for Raj as a gift. Raj gets a call and He finds out that his check is canceled He tells this to Tara and Shanti and all are worried now. Raj is upset, Tara wants to help Raj and she started arranging money for his dream project. Rahul asks Vidya for money for his new business idea, but Vidya makes fun of him.

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    Ep 7 - Humkadam
    17 March 2021 | 25 min

    Shanti pray for Raj’s wellness. Tara mortgages her wedding jewellery, Vidya comes to know about this and she tells everything to Shanti. Meenu brings gifts for his parents.Tara arranges all the money and give it to Raj. Raj refuses to take the money but Tara insists him to take the money and starts his dream project.

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    Ep 8 - Humkadam
    17 March 2021 | 22 min

    There is a argument between Shanti and Tara, Shanti tells Tara that she should not sell her wedding jewellery. Raj suddenly faints and they admit him in the hospital. Everyone comes to see Raj in the hospital. Doctor keeps Raj two more days in observation and says that he is all fine , Raj has come up with an idea that he should keep his health issue a lie in front of his family because of this the bond between Shanti and Tara will get stronger.

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    Ep 9 - Humkadam
    18 March 2021 | 23 min

    Shanti Tara and Deepak brings Raj home And gives him a small surprise welcome party. Vidya brings Halwa for Raj But Tara tells Raj to not eat halwa and tells him to eat fruits only and Shanti supports her. Vidya maasi demands for new machine as old machine goes malfunction , but deepak refuses Vidya maasi because of money issue. Shanti Tara and Raj doing there jogs and exercise and Raj is happy to see them together. Tara asks Raj about his medical reports and Raj ignores her. Raj and Tara sees Ananya in her car.

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    Ep 10 - Humkadam
    18 March 2021 | 22 min

    Shanti is making Ayurvedic medicines for Raj . Vidya maasi tells Naina to wash her Saree. Raj goes to Ananyas office and he sees Ravish there with Ananya. Raj follows Ravish and finds out that he works with GGC, Raj gets the message from Tara and he runs away. Raj enters in his office through the window. Vidya is angry because Naina spoiled her saree. Raj sees Tara that she is upset because of Raj’s Health. Raj sees shanti that she is also upset because of his health only and he decides that he will tell the truth about his Health.

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    Ep 11 - Humkadam
    21 March 2021 | 23 min

    Tara watches Rajs medical reports and comes to know the truth. Angry Naina refuses to make Breakfast for Deepak. Deepak comes to Rajs house and Raj tells all the truth about his health to Deepak. Deepak gets the idea and he decides that he too will do this to make peace at home.Tara confirms with doctor about Raj’s health and tells the truth to Shanti but Shanti forgives Raj.

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    Ep 12 - Humkadam
    22 March 2021 | 23 min

    Raj is upset because Tara is not picking up the phone and she is angry with him. Deepak comes to his house and makes excuses for stomach ache, everyone gets worried. Ramesh brings Investor Conference proposal for Raj, Raj is happy.Ananya gives Raj’s app to Ravish. Taras colleagues talks good about Tara and Raj that they are perfect couple, but Tara is upset because Raj lied to her. Tara comes home and she sees Raj gives her a sorry party. Tara still does not forgive him and tells him to grow up.

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    Ep 13 - Humkadam
    23 March 2021 | 23 min

    Tara is upset and leaving for office, Shanti asks her for breakfast but she refuses. Raj is in Guilt as he is the reason why Tara is upset. Ramesh tells Raj that he can make Tara happy by winning this App Competition, Raj likes his idea. Deepak gets to know that all the people of the house are going Lonavala without him. He starts being irritated and tells the truth to everyone.Vidya tells Deepak that she knew everything that’s why they were lying to him. Varun Goel an ace businessman and Ravish’s boss asks Ravish about his plans for the competition.

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    Ep 14 - Humkadam
    24 March 2021 | 23 min

    Raj and Ramesh preparing for competition in his Office, Shanti takes food for them. Tara comes home and sees there is no one at home. Shanti tells Tara that Raj will not come home today as he has a presentation tomorrow and is preparing for it. Raj and Ramesh arrives at competition hall. Raj sees Ravish presenting his app and declared winner despite stealing the app from Raj. Tara supports Raj and forgives him.

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    Ep 15 - Humkadam
    25 March 2021 | 23 min

    Raj with the help of Tara and Shanti gets Ravish disqualified. Raj gets Abhimanyu as an investor. He is faced with the challenge of gathering 100 women for the bigger international conference.Varun Goel fires Ravish. Ravish swears revenge from Raj.

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    Ep 16 - Humkadam
    29 March 2021 | 23 min

    Raj is given a second chance after proving that the app is his. Ravish gets Tara fired from her job. Ravish hires a private detective to tail Raj and family.

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    Ep 17 - Humkadam
    29 March 2021 | 23 min

    Raj meets Mr Goel. Revelation that they are college mates. Varun behaves as a shrewd businessman and offers to buy Rajs app. Varun and Raj face off. Raj declines the offer.

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    Ep 18 - Humkadam
    29 March 2021 | 23 min

    Ravish usurpers the NGO Raj was targeting for his app.

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    Ep 19 - Humkadam
    01 April 2021 | 23 min

    Rahul introduces his girlfriend Shweta to the entire family and declares he will marry her. Raj, Tara, Rahul and Ramesh are at their wits end with the app target group. Shanti enters with solution Radha her toli.

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    Ep 20 - Humkadam
    01 April 2021 | 23 min

    Ravish is planning an explosion in office. But fails at the last moment.

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    Ep 21 - Humkadam
    04 April 2021 | 23 min

    Rajs investor Abhimanyu turns Varun’s ally. Varun and Abhimanyu discuss the Varun version of the app. They are super confident they will win. Raj’s office destroyed. Raj is blamed and arrested for destroying the office.

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    Ep 22 - Humkadam
    04 April 2021 | 23 min

    Vidya blames Tara that Raj has gone to jail because of her and only because her Shanti is upset. Tara and Shanti plan something and Tara gets Raj acquitted Shanti makes the presentation on Raj’s behalf.

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    Ep 23 - Humkadam
    06 April 2021 | 23 min

    Shanti presents Raj’s app and wins at the international investors meet. Raj, Tara and Ramesh congrats Shanti. Ravish gets arrested. Shanti Slaps Ravish hard.

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    Ep 24 - Humkadam
    07 April 2021 | 23 min

    A small party is arranged by Tara for Shanti’s victory. The whole family congrats Shanti and Raj. Rohin brings gifts for everyone. Vidya saw a video in which Tara is teaching Shweta how to make Tiramisu, She gets angry with Tara and leaves.

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    Ep 25 - Humkadam
    08 April 2021 | 24 min

    Raj takes Tara to the ice cream store and tries to fix her mood. Shanti remembers her childhood and gets emotional . Vidya spots Tara and Shweta together. Vidya demeans Shweta. Tara reasons with Vidya not to demean Shweta. Vidya pissed at Tara

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    Ep 26 - Humkadam
    11 April 2021 | 23 min

    Vidya reaches Shanti’s house and tells her how Tara humiliated her in front of Shweta and continues to take Shweta’s side even now. Shanti stands by Tara and tells Vidya that one thing she is sure of is that Tara can never demean anyone. Vidya and Shanti have a face off and the former storms off from her house. Tara sees Vidya leaving from the building and goes home only to realise that Shanti is upset but still standing by her. Shanti tells Tara that they need to go to Vidya’s house to sort this matter out. On the other side, raj is already at vidya’s house when vidya reaches there and does not talk properly to Raj and shuts herself inside the room. Shanti and Vidya reach there and after a lot of coaxing Vidya opens the door and lets them in and also agrees to meet Shweta’s parents.

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    Ep 28 - Humkadam
    13 April 2021 | 23 min

    Raj’s app ‘Homemaker’ gets first marriage catering. They finalise a caterer for the contract. Raj and Tara are happy. The entire family has gathered at Shanti’s house, only to Raj and Tara’s surprise that Rahul has agreed to marry a girl of Vidya’s choice. Raj goes to meet his first clients the next day only to realise that they are none other than Shweta’s parents and it is Rahul who is getting married to Shweta on a sly without family’s. Rahul is stunned to see Raj there. Raj is angry.

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    Ep 29 - Humkadam
    14 April 2021 | 24 min

    Rahul tries to convince Raj that what he is doing is not wrong and Raj slaps him. He tells him that by doing what he is, he is putting at stake the reputation of the entire family. Vidya after hearing what Rahul was about to do finally gives in and agrees to Rahul’s marriage with Shweta. Raj and Tara share a romantic moment back home as Shant is spending the night at Vidya’s house post Rahul’s wedding. Whilst, Raj and Tara are teaching Shanti how to drive a car, Tara gets a call from Radha that her son is in the hospital only to realise that he needs a heart transplant. Shanti tells Raj that he needs to save Radha’s son at any cost.

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    EP 30 - Humkadam
    18 April 2021 | 23 min

    Radha’s son is saved thanks to organ donation. All are extremely happy. Shanti at home sees an organ donation form kept in Raj’s room. Shanti flips over Tara and asks her why do you keep harping on Rajs death take solo decisions. Just then Shanti gets a call that Raj has died in an accident. Her world comes crashing down. Tara also breaks down hearing the news. As time passes these two woman finally forget their differences and come together to become each other’s “Humkadam”.



Release Date

11 April 2021


Society & Culture, Drama, Family


Arshad Khan