The Stranger

U/A 16+ • Drama • Short Films • Suspense • 2016

Mahek, a college student gets rescued by an independent older woman Geetanjali. She takes her to her home and the two become friends. Since their meeting, Mahek cant stop thinking about G, her moniker for Geetanjali and ditches her friends to be with her. Her collegemate teases her about her relation with Geetanjali. When Mahek expresses her feelings to Geetanjali, she gets snubbed. But Geetanjali continues to be friends with her. One day, Mahek gets dropped to her fathers party by Geetanjali. There she realizes that Geetanjali and her father are acquaintances. In the party, Geetanjali acts strange pretending to not know Mahek well. She reveals later that Mahek to her is her acquaintances daughter and nothing more. Mahek, still in love with Geetanjali, leaves saying she wont embarrass her any more

Cast: Sanchit Gulati



Release Date

31 December 2016


Drama, Short Films, Suspense


Sanchit Gulati