U/A 16+ • Crime • Drama • Short Films • 2016

Suraj and Chandu have been best friends since they could barely walk. With age their friendship has seen itself only fester into a bond that brothers share. Both are the two ends of this relationship. However, although they started out as friends, things change along the way from one end. Suraj falls in love with Chandu and Chandu is oblivious to this. And living in a small town, Suraj is scared to the idea of coming ‘out of the closet’. Due to certain events , in a rush of moments , Suraj makes an advance towards Chandu, which alienates Chandu from this friendship. While Suraj tackles with his feelings towards Chandu and tries to come face to face with this sexuality, he alienates his best friend.

Cast: Chirag Khatri



Release Date

31 December 2016


Crime, Drama, Short Films


Chirag Khatri