Genre: Short Films | 11:04

Age Description: U/A 16+  PG - Language, Alcohol, Sex

Cast: Yashpal Sharma, Amit Jairath, Mohiniraj Popalghat, Virat Makde, Vedanti Dani, Nidhi Vora


An armed security guard, Asif, accidentally kills his fellow guard Ashok one night at their workspace. Ashok was trying to rob the same place they were defending. 10 years pass by, but Asif still regrets his actions and has become alienated from most of the people around him. The only human interaction he has, is with the chai boy, Tipu. The ideas of the past still haunt him , until one night at the workspace, the same situation that had happened 10 years ago, repeats itself but this time ,with Asif at the other end.

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