Mission Dadu

Genre: Short Films • Family | 14:27

Age Description: U - Suitable For All


Ramodhar Singh is an old retired army soldier who back in his days always wanted to fight for his country. Unable to do so, Ramodhar Singh relives his dream by telling war associated stories to his 11 year old grand-daughter, Chumki. A cheerful side of daddu is always seen, when he is with her. However Chumki knows that there is something that is bothering him and one fine day she catches him making a wish. To make her grandfather happy, Chumki takes him to an old Akhada where Daddu use to practice back in his days. The place makes him very nostalgic and he ends up making a confession to himself and his grand-daughter which creates a gap in their relationship, shutting down the doors of his happiness. Chumki after that evening really wants to do something for her grandfather and after having a discussion with her troop, she decides on creating a war so that her grandfather could live the moment he always told stories off.

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