Khuli Khidki

U/A 13+ • Romance • Short Films • 2012

Sometimes through an open window comes catastrophe and disasters. The window becomes a pandoras box of sorts. We are all shattered, and we fall into that abyss of our inner insanity. These are but the instances when one opens the other window to their resurrection. They liven up to the vista of their sanity and the pursuit of their happiness. Closure and Content after all.Khuli khidki potrays one such story of a woman who is devastated by the death of her beloved, her husband. But, she doesnt give up. She stitches her happiness from whatever she has got. She is Prerna The film was mentored by Mr. Anuraag Basu Mr. Vikramaditya Motwane for Wassup Andheri film festival 2013.

Cast: D. Santosh ,adithi Kalkunte ,umesh Rajput,paresh Danny Saharda



Release Date

31 December 2012


Romance, Short Films


D. Santosh ,Adithi Kalkunte ,Umesh Rajput,Paresh Danny Saharda