U/A 13+ • Horror • Short Films • Suspense • 2018

A storyteller engrosses his friend into a story, which feels like reality and enters in the world of endless secrets. This is the story of struggling writer Dhruv and struggling actor Prashant who are close friends and roommates. Prashant understands that Dhruv is a lousy writer and also writes nonsense stories. One day Dhruv narrates the story to Prashant. The story begins with a couple, living unsatisfied lives. One day the husband catches wife with a mask man, which ends with tragic accidents… Prasant and Dhruv are silent spectators of the journey of a couple and maskman. As the story progresses, it becomes difficult to identify if it is reality or a story of Dhruv

Director: Tanuraj Adhikari

Actors: Samarjeet Singh, Prasad Shikhare, Prashant Kumar, Shreyan. S & Shalu Khan



Release Date

31 December 2018


Horror, Short Films, Suspense


Tanuraj Adhikari


Samarjeet Singh, Prasad Shikhare, Prashant kumar, Shreyan. S & Shalu Khan