Genre: Romance • Drama • Short Films | 15:18

Age Description: U/A 16+  PG - Language, Alcohol, Sex


A middle aged Indian man, Sameer, is on his way to his house in Pakistan where he stayed before partition divided the land and its heart. He is physically in 1990, but keeps travelling back to his memories from 1947 which are hauntingly nostalgic. A woman in her 50’s joins Sameeron this journey between time and land, but she also has her own story to share, which no one listens.When we see this lady Noor and Sameertogether, we will realize that they both represent the same morals and attributes. Nooris basically a pure unabashed version of Sameerand Sameerhas a covert version of Noorin him trying to break free from the tangles of politics and society.This is a period film, located in Punjab in Pakistan, which deals with two timelines simultaneously. While remaining in present 1990, 1947 keeps knocking at our doors. This is a story about the constant struggle between letting go and holding on, and where Sameer’srelationship with his house and his land is explored. The film also talks about the global suffering that this invisible line caused.

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