Ankahee Baatein

U/A 13+ • Romance • Short Films • 2016

Love is the most sought after feelings of our times, it is one of the most fragile relationship in today’s time because it is the most over looked one. In a city which is always in a rush, people tend to forget that somewhere someone is waiting for them , is thinking of them or is expecting a simple text message. And when that person feels unloved, he or she tends seek it out somewhere else. It is between these gaps that heartbreaks happen and people drift apart. This is what happened with Asmita and Sudhir. Asmita is a 32 year old successful play writer and director. One day while helping her friend out in the night she meets Sudhir, her 38 year old ex husband and from there starts the journey of so many unsaid answers between the two. Both have an option of leaving at any point of time. But that night they decide to face the undercurrent questions and dilemmas both have been facing for so long. They are breaking the silence they have been holding on to for so long after their divorce. None of them is right, none of them is wrong, it’s just that the words lost their meaning to the time and both of them became vulnerable to their own insecurities. Asmita started seeking out Sudhir in someone else and Sudhir got busy in his work and forgot about the relationship. Probably Sudhir didn’t have the strength to make it work, probably Asmita she was tired of waiting for Sudhir. Or both of them became to afraid to say their heart out to each other. What will this night be to them, a reunion or a happy goodbye

Director: Manav Bhinder



Release Date

31 December 2016


Romance, Short Films


Manav Bhinder