Fast -forward


U/A 16+ • Romance • Drama • Short Films • 2015

The story revolves around Sunaina, a woman in her late 20s, a singer cum lyricist who works from home. She writes a new song. We see her husband Siddharth, a man in his early 30s is a business man who is always occupied by work. They live a daily normal, monotonous routine. They have less interaction throughout the day. After Siddharth leaves for his work, Sunaina spends time alone doing other household chores. One day, she found an old tape recorder and she decides to record her new song in it and will lately make Siddharth listen to her song at night. Unfortunately, at dinner, the lights went out and they spend their time in darkness. Since Siddharth’s mobile was not charged, it gave Siddharth an opportunity to interact with Sunaina. They relive their past moments when all of sudden, the situations turned and the whole happy conversation changed to past grievance talk. Siddharth accepts that he is being guilty of something he did, but Sunaina intervened and told him the truth. Siddharth thought Sunaina had a miscarriage because of him as he was not present at that time whereas Sunaina confesses that it was an abortion. This news broke Siddharth. As soon as lights come, the tape automatically starts the song but Siddharth leaves for his room leaving Sunaina alone.

Cast: Swati Sarkar



Release Date

31 December 2015


Romance, Drama, Short Films


Swati Sarkar