How I Met Meghalaya - Season 1

Living Root Bridges And Kongthong

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The last episode covers the most unique dimensions of Meghalaya: 1 Nongriat Living Root Bridges: They say the best view comes after the hardest climb. But in case of Nongriat Living Root Bridge, its actually the opposite. Unlike most other treks, this trek starts in the reverse fashion, which means you have to climb down to reach here which makes the return even more difficult. But it all seems worth when you get to see these man made natural wonders. 2 Kongthong - The Whistling Village: Around 3 hours away from Shillong lies the remote hillside village of Kongthong, that has the most unusual claim to fame. What makes it unlike any other place in the world is the fact that its inhabitants, rather than using names, use sounds to call out to each other. My tryst with Meghalaya has not been short of a love affair. I have chased her clouds and rains, been smitten with her different looks and moods, have been both thrilled and overwhelmed by her, but never ever fallen out of love with her. the lush green valleys, the misty mornings, the songs of nature and the new bonds of friendship have ensured that this is the beginning of something really blissful because as they say a true love story never ends So this was the story of HOW I MET MEGHALAYA and if you have enjoyed this journey with me, consider subscribing the channel for more of such tales. And incase you happen to know of any such inspiring stories or places, do comment and let me know. For now its a wrap from Meghalaya, but trust me well be meeting very soon. But until we meet, WORK EARN TRAVEL REPEAT :

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The Start of Meghalaya Roadtrip
Shillong & Laitlum
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Living Root Bridges And Kongthong

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