U • History • 2017

Rivers have been the thread through which a nations history, culture and existence has been woven. Be it Ancient Egypt along the Nile, or Indus Valley Civilisation along the Indus rivers are the cradle of our civilisation. The rampant growth and development in the last couple of centuries has taken its toll on rivers environmentally and culturally. Janani is a journey along the glorious Yamuna river, exploring it39s mythical and natural origins, the society and culture that prospered on its banks and the environmental degradation it now faces. Mother to cities like Delhi and Agra, consort of Krishna and a gushing pristine stream in the Himalayas, Yamuna is not only a giver of water and life to its people, it is also a goddess and a cultural icon that has been celebrated in various art forms. Janani is the story of this river from its birth at Yamunotri till its confluence with Ganga and the Mythical Saraswati at Allahabad.

Director: Raghav Khanna

Writer: Raghav Khanna



Release Date

01 January 2017




Raghav Khanna


Raghav Khanna