E1 Jodhpur & Jaipur 45:26

E1 Jodhpur & Jaipur

This episode takes us to Rajasthan, and tells us of the curse that fell upon it that made it a dry, barren desert devoid of vegetation. So while we explore Rajasthan’s survival food like Panchkuta that has its origins in scanty conditions, we also go on a historical journey wherein its food evolved into this rich cuisine that combines the delights of Rajput, Marwari, Mughlai, and English cooking. We get to the heart of the royal kitchens of Jodhpur and Jaipur and learn of the finest of fine recipes and food traditions.

E2 Tamil Nadu (Tanjore) 44:20

E2 Tamil Nadu (Tanjore)

Tamil Nadu: This takes us to the Land of Temples- Tamil Nadu and tells the story of its food which is a story of the dynasties that ruled the land, most importantly the Cholas, and of the voyages of Chettinars who travelled to shores afar and brought back with them myriad flavours that come together in their Chettinad cuisine. We learn of the food traditions of these rice-eaters, trace the origins of sambhar and get a taste of Tanjore’s idli, dosa, rasam, poriyal, pongal, fish sambhar, kesari maas, mango pachri, complete with payasam and filter kaapi In Puddukottai, we find the legacy of the British Raj in their Anglo-Indian food and their game food.

E3 Delhi & Rampur 45:23

E3 Delhi & Rampur

The most exhilarating journey into the history of the country’s capital, with stories as delicious as its food We go on a discovery of the roots of one of India’s most loved culinary cultures and discover them in Mughal, Persian, and English food traditions. Exploring the indiscrete charms of old Delhi, we find the most exciting account of the origin of the ubiquitous chat.

E4 Jammu & Kashmir 45:33

E4 Jammu & Kashmir

At the crossroads of the ancient silk route, laden with its bounties, here we journey into the Kashmiri kitchen that thrives on the fruits of the Dal Lake and loves the lamb We go floating by the floating gardens- the ecosystems that provide for every Kashmiri’s hak-bhatta, get a taste of the Kashmiri Pandit’s nadru palak and rogan josh, Jammu’s ambal and kulth ki dal, and get a most delightful and elaborate experience of the traditional Kashmiri Wazwan- the lavish multi course meal that is Kashmir’s identity.

E5 Amritsar & Punjab 44:18

E5 Amritsar & Punjab

Here we find ourselves in the rich, fertile land of Punjab. We go collecting mustard from the lush mustard fields and discover the farmer’s food- his makke ki roti with dollops of butter, sarson ka saag, rajma and lassi- learning how the land meets the requirements of its keeper- the tall, broad wheat-eater Punjabi. At the golden Temple, we learn of the humbling origins and experience the phenomenon of Langar. We rejoice in the bounties of this land at the harvest festival of Lohri, with enough jaggery and chikki to leave us warm, and oh so full.

E6 Himachal Pradesh 43:13

E6 Himachal Pradesh

Himachal takes us on a breathtaking food journey to a part of the country that was historically always at war and where little grew, and we’re fascinated to discover how these limitations amalgamate with the local needs to form a cuisine uniquely Himalayan. We discover the Kangri Dham- a community meal that marks all celebrations and its essential constituent- Madra- a curd based preparation quintessential to Himachali kitchens. We share meals with the royal families of Kuthlehar and Nahan and take with us jams and jellies, after learning about the history of fruit processing in this region that is the fruit basket of the country.

E7 Banaras & Allahabad 43:04

E7 Banaras & Allahabad

Here we journey into the holy cities of Banaras and Allahabad along the fertile Ganga-Jamuna doab and discover their histories that are as ancient as history itself. We learn how religion becomes a way of being and manifests itself in all aspects of life, including food. In this land of Shiva, bhang keeps his people on a higher plane of consciousness, closer perhaps to salvation.

E8 Lucknow & Mehmudabad 43:27

E8 Lucknow & Mehmudabad

Tracing the history of the former nawabs of erstwhile Awadh, this takes us on a journey into the royal kitchens of Lucknow and Mehmudabad. We discover the origins of dum biryani and the fascinating lore behind the galawati kebabs. Eating with the nawabs of Mehmudabad, we are teleported to another era, and we see how the indulgence of the nawabs gave way to a city so indulgent, it’s streets full of delicate culinary delights. From shab deg to shahi tukda, bater lawabdar to mutton pasanda, and from Tundey Kebabi to Sakhawat Ali’s restaurant that goes back six generations- we explore and indulge

E9 Mysore & Coorg 45:30

E9 Mysore & Coorg

We travel to Mysore and trace the histories of its royals- from Tipu Sultan to the Wodeyar King and discover how the culinary delights of the royal kitchens came to be integral to the cuisine of Mysore at large- Mysore pak being the most delicious example. After exploring Karnataka’s quintessential Mysore dosa, vada and bonda tracing their origins through one of the oldest written accounts of food- Manasollasa and crossing pepper plantations, we come to the beautiful, hilly Coorg where we learn how Coorgis have adapted their food to be in sync with nature.

E10 Kerala & Munnar 42:22

E10 Kerala & Munnar

We go on a breath-taking journey into God’s Own- Kerala and discover food that may well befit the Gods. We go along backwaters and on coconut trails, meet fishermen and learn of Chinese fishing nets. We discover the heady combination of fried fish and toddy- a fisherman’s staple diet, complete with rice, appam and puttu. We learn the story of avial and Kerala’s beloved banana- fruit, vegetable and snack, all in one

E11 Gujarat 44:06

E11 Gujarat

This takes us to the dry, arid Kutch where we discover, to great joy, that despite scanty vegetation, there is no dearth of culinary delights. We travel across this land of Krishna and Mahavir and learn how their teachings of Ahimsa are also the guiding principle behind the eating habits and evolution of the cuisine of this region. This is why the sumptuous and colourful Kutchi and Gujarati thalis are fully vegetarian, but in no way lacking in any flavor. We trace the origins of the most loved Gujrati snacks- dabeli and dhokla, and the famous Gujrati kadhi- a treat for the taste buds. We discover the Parsi cuisine- its dhansak and patrani machhi, and hear delightful food stories from the royal kitchens of Misrot and Rajpipla. We trace the history of the White Revolution in Anand, home to India’s most loved Amul Butter, marking an end to this utterly delicious and exhilarating journey.

E1 Hyderabad 22:02

E1 Hyderabad

This episode visited the city of the charminars and sampled the legandary Hyderabadi biryani. Uncovered the secret of that sumptuous haleem along with a variety of succulent kebabs. The Nizams left a legacy of tender meats and flavourful spices that gave this city it39s cultural food heritage.

E2 Odisha 22:20

E2 Odisha

Odisha - A story of a mighty naval force from ancient India, their trade relations with South East Asia and the legend of Rasgulla39s origin, one of the most famous Indian dessert. The legend of Jagannath temple and its kitchen that serves thousands of people everyday.

E3 Chhattisgarh 22:15

E3 Chhattisgarh

Explore the hidden treasures of Indian forests and tribes. How these sons of the soil have evolved their food from nature. Practices that remain unchanged for thousands of years. The legend of Lord Ram and Dandkarnya forest. The flavours of the exotic Kadaknatk Murga Black Rooster

E4 Andhra 21:19

E4 Andhra

This episode takes you to Andhra and Telangana, known for seafood and spice. Travel to the region to understand their food habits, culture and rare ingredients including the popular Guntur Chilli.

E5 Pondicherry 21:22

E5 Pondicherry

Unearthing the delights of French cuisine on Indian soil, Pondicherry has a rich tradition and history that resonates with French culture. This can be best seen in its food and architecture. Tune in to explore what happens when French and Tamil flavors blend in the works of this coastal town. Did you know that other than French, Pondicherry also has a Vietnamese influence in its food?

E6 Kolkata 23:09

E6 Kolkata

From Rasgulla to Sondesh, visit the city of their delicious origin. Kolkata formed with 3 islands which laid the foundation for the jewel of British India. Relive the Victorian era through traditional bengali cuisine.

E7 Mangalore 22:20

E7 Mangalore

Before the Nizams and Mughals, there lived a community of Muslims on the western coast of Karnataka. Discover the story of their food and how the other communities who started making their place in the city blended their flavours into their cuisine.

E8 Goa 22:12

E8 Goa

Goan cuisine is rich in taste and culture. Relive the glorious past of a place which became a melting pot for Portuguese and Brahmin cuisine. Learn about the vindaloo story and the origin of the caferal.

E9 Maharashtra 23:06

E9 Maharashtra

Visit the glorious past of Marathas and Peshwas who shaped Maharashtrian cuisine. Uncover food of communities like Saoji and Konkani Muslims and explore the legends behind the Modak and Puran Poli.

E10 Assam 23:34

E10 Assam

Enter into the gateway of North East cuisine. Explore the history of Ahoms, their food and the culture of local communities who live along Bhramaputra. Also visit the fragrant tea plantations of India.

E11 Mathura 22:15

E11 Mathura

Journey through the colourful land of Krishna and a history of food, learn about the origin of the legendary Chappan Bhog and look at the famous petha from Agra and the peda from Mathura.

E12 Sikkim 21:44

E12 Sikkim

This episode visited the city of the charminars and sampled the legandary Hyderabadi biryani. Uncovered the secret of that sumptuous haleem along with a variety of succulent kebabs. The Nizams left a legacy of tender meats and flavourful spices that gave this city it39s cultural food heritage.

E13 Murshidabad 21:30

E13 Murshidabad

Explore the culinary delights of the nawabs of Bengal as they blended the mughal legacy of food with the local flavours. Discover the hidden treasures of the cuisine of East Bengal.

E14 Nagaland 22:00

E14 Nagaland

Traverse the unexplored culture and food history of Nagaland. Learn about the Angami Tribes, their affinity to Yam leaves and the warrior tradition of the Konyak Nagas. Discover one of the hottest chilies in the world, the Naga Mircha, its uses and fiery quality. Uncover the secret technique to breed bees underground and much more About this hidden land on this episode.

E15 Mumbai 21:33

E15 Mumbai

The runway of many dreams and the city that never sleeps. Amongst this chaos Mumbai has the history of its existence. It holds witness to many cultures that are presently spread across the globe. In this episode of Raja Rasoi, we are going to pave our way through the dishes right from the Bombay Ducks - what theKolisrelish to the traditional east Indians legacy offugyas. In between these legacies, we also have the street filled with food - Mohammad Ali road and Irani cafes that still exist. They treat us with their bulging flavors which no other place in India can do. Coming to the present era we have those dishes that fill or stomach and are also reasonable for every Mumbaikar. Be it the vada pao or Juhu ki pao bhaji, everyone in Mumbai have it with a great gusto.

E16 Meghalaya 21:32

E16 Meghalaya

Explore the history and culture of the people Gharo and Khasi communities through their cuisine.The British influence in Shillong and the culinary legacy of the House of Tripura has influenced this community.

E17 Bihar 22:27

E17 Bihar

This episode highlights the rise of Maurya empire and the delicacies they relished at the time. It portrays the spread of Buddhism its influence on food habits. Discover the legend behind the rare delicacy of Bihari kababs and mutton taash and explore the history of the common man39s staple, litti chokha.

E18 Ladakh 22:06

E18 Ladakh

A dream captured in a snow globe, Ladakh is the land of high passes and lamas. The region has had a variety of cultural influences from Tibetan, Korean, Chinese and Indian. Food legends travel back to the ancient silk route which kissed Ladakh, gathering Persian and Chinese traditions. Using locally produced fresh ingredients with dry fruits and spices, Ladakhi cuisine has extremely unique dishes to offer. Bajra, a robust crop survives this harsh terrain and is used extensively in different preparations. Fresh fruits from the Nubra Valley and rare meats from the region are also favorites.

E19 Uttarakhand 21:14

E19 Uttarakhand

Food culture is often determined by the surrounding. Uttrakhand falls in the land of high and lows where the cuisine varies as per the location. In the upper hilly regions of the state, the locals use less vegetables and rice due to scarcity and cook with dry meat and grains such as barley and mandua while in the lower hills, rice and wheat are consumed with more vegetables and legumes. In both regions, the food available is rich in energy with lots of spices and is either cooked in pure ghee or mustard oil.

E20 Madhya Pradesh 22:33

E20 Madhya Pradesh

Turn back to 13000 years ago and visit Madhya Pradesh to discover the food habits of men who lived during that time. Listen to stories from the royal kitchens of the Holkars, the Jehan Numa family of Bhopal and the house of Rewa in Baghelkhand. Encounter an intimate food affair from the famous street, Sarafa bazaar, which enchants its visitors with its delicious chaat, all on this episode.

E21 North 19:33

E21 North

A culinary Journey that starts with the dawn of civilization in India, unearthing the foods of Harappan civilization, the vedic age and of our epics – Ramayan and Mahabharat this food trail then fast forwards to the days of the Delhi Sultanate, Glory of the Mughals and the delicacies of Awadhi Cuisine. A saga of the food history of North India.

E22 South 22:32

E22 South

An exclusive insight into the ancient kitchens of Brihadishwara temple which has withstood the waves of time, exploring the legend associated with Bhim’s invention that’s still savoured in kerala… tracing the path of invaders and traders through the pepper streak of kerala backwaters and reliving the nostalgia of the glories that came from the kitchens of the Nizams. A saga of the food history of South India

E23 East 20:15

E23 East

A journey across east India, to explore the hidden treasures of their cuisine, from the simplicity of dalma to the delights of Mahi Pualo, Orissa and Calcutta have preserved their centuries old distinct flavor. A look at the glorious food and history of the Mighty Ahoms of Assam who humbled the Mughal army for a record 17 times. All this along with the unseen delights of the North East. A saga of the food history of East India.

E24 West 22:32

E24 West

Rewind to the glorious past of the Rajputs and Maratha kings, whose valor was only parallel by the taste of the taste of their royal food… explore the legends behind famous royal dishes like laal maas, tambra rassa, pandra rassa and shakarkand ki kheer. Hop on to the fast train on a spicy journey across the streets of Mumbai to savor its favorite food. A saga of the food history of West India.