Trailer - Video Cam Scam

U/A 16+ • Crime • Thriller

A story of Sub inspector Vinay Kumar who unknowingly falls into the trap of Video calling app by Sonu, Titu & Sweety and ends up in a situation that's full of thrill/drama and expose.

Cast: Rajniesh Duggal, Amruta Khanvilkar, Farnaz Shetty, Kunj Anand, Aradhana Sharma, Rahul Singh, Pritam Pyaare, Hansika Jangid

Director: Vaibhav Khisti

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    E1 - Kaise Ho Jaanu
    11 January 2024 | 31 min

    PSI Vinay Kumar saves a young man from his bully in the college and beats the blackmailer. Several men in the city are hooked to an app called ‘kaise ho janu’, controlled by Sonu, Tittu & Sweety. Priya is disappointed and angry at Vinay for not being able to spend time with her and their daughter. Ajay Singh calls Vinay to meet at police station and scolds him for his video beating the college guy has become viral. Vinay clicks on a link that leads him to ‘Kaise ho janu’ app.

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    E2 - See You Soon Jaanu !
    11 January 2024 | 26 min

    Vinay keeps getting messages from the app to log back in and talk to some more women. Sonu develops a software that can morph faces on a video. Tittu & Sweety plan to use this technology to extort more money from men. Vinay tries to spend more time with family and to make things better between Priya and him. But soon he receives a threat message from the app that leaves him in disbelief.

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    E3 - Yeh Jaanu Maange More
    11 January 2024 | 29 min

    The message Vinay receives is a morphed video of him masturbating. Vinay feels threatened and hallucinates various situations when people would get to know about his video. ‘Kaise ho jaanu’ app is hacked and crashed by an unknown entity. Sonu figures a way out to get the servers fixed. Vinay decides to pay the ransom and get relieved of this pressure. He enjoys the family time he has been having but as things start getting better, he receives another threat call. He decides to tell everything to Priya but she already has found out about the video.

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    E4 - Open Secretly Jaanu
    11 January 2024 | 30 min

    Priya lashes out at Vinay for what he had done, Vinay tries to explain to Priya about the morphed video. Priya, who happens to be an Ex- IT cell officer, decides to take things in her own hands and find out who the blackmailers are. Sonu discovers that one of the persons that they have been sending ransom threats to is actually a police officer. Tittu and Sweety get more excited about this information and send a pen drive to Vinay’s police station with his name mentioned on it.

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    E5 - Jaanu Viral Kar Degi
    11 January 2024 | 30 min

    Vinay and Priya start hunting for clues through different ways. This leads them to a massage parlour where they find one of these women who leads them to the place where these video calls are recorded. Priya using her skills tries and tracks down the location of the perpetrators through online transactions that they have been making. Sonu, Tittu, Sweety discover that their landlord has become prey to one of their schemes. Now they plan to threaten the landlord for money.

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    E6 - F*#k You Jaanu !
    11 January 2024 | 26 min

    Vinay and Priya trace the location of the lead they have received. They find someone called Sakina at the location and extract a lot of information. Vinay and Priya have blocked all the networks and are on their way to raid Sonu, Tittu & Sweety who are completely oblivious of this plan. Vinay barges in to their house with police force and finds only Sonu, who gets arrested. Priya takes hold of all the information on Sonu’s computer and server. Vinay and Priya are relieved. But a mysterious character takes situation in hand and is revealed in the end.

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    Song 1 - Raaton Ka Nasha
    1 min

    Presenting to you…Raaton ka Nasha Song from Video Cam Scam! Ek esa nasha jaha meethas aur kadwahat dono ka swaad hoga.

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    Song 2 - Money Waar

    Moneywaar Song-Rupee ka Rap and Dhan ki Dhun, Suniye yeh groovy tune se bhara "Video Cam Scam" ka new song jaha har beats par hai Paisa hi pyaar.

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    Teaser - Video Cam Scam
    12 January 2024 |

    Hold your breath for a sneak peek into the gripping tale of Sub Inspector Vinay Kumar. In this teaser for "Video Cam Scam," witness the unsuspecting descent into a world of suspense, drama, and unexpected exposés orchestrated by Sonu, Titu, and Sweety. Get ready for a wild ride!




Crime, Thriller


Vaibhav Khisti


Rajniesh Duggal, Amruta Khanvilkar, Farnaz Shetty, Kunj Anand, Aradhana Sharma, Rahul Singh, Pritam Pyaare, Hansika Jangid