Flyover 14:52


Mukit has just been left by his girlfriend and denied the payment for his work. Even in the company of his friends, he seems to be alone. Life has come to a stop. Will Mukit let go of it all?

Postman 14:13


A story of an ordinary introverted Postman(sunderlal), who has a monotonous life and faces boredom in his everyday routine, until there’s an accidental encounter between him and a sweet and aspiring young lady, who happens to visit the Post Office, searching for the “LETTER”. Then the letter becomes the medium for him to get close to her.

Qaidi 15:00


This is the story of Ravi, engulfed in a psychological loop where he goes through changes in his character from an innocent one to bad.

Hoop Diaries 10:27

Hoop Diaries

Fifteen-year-old tomboy, Riya, has an unpleasant experience on her latest trip home from boarding school when cousin tries to feel her up. It makes her confused and she wants to explore further. Will she be able to resolve this internal conflict and come to terms with her feminine side?

Naina 15:00


Naina a young girl shares a special bond with her bedridden grandfather. They seem to have created a separate world for themselves, where they find peace with each other’s company only. Though one day her uncle’s indecent behavior towards her starts to grow, which causes turmoil within her. At a young age she tries to grasp the situation but is unable to deal with it. In this lonesome path, she struggles to confront her fears and cope with her ailing grandfathers’ condition, trying to balance between the two.

Endever After 10:18

Endever After

Suzanne imagines herself as an innocent princess trapped in the clutches of an evil stepmother. She feels imprisoned and misunderstood and makes friends with a ‘Prince Charming’ online. Suzanne meets her dashing prince in real life only to find herself in the middle of a nightmare. Now she understands what imprisonment truly is and comes out accepting and understanding her stepmother’s love for her.

Moksha 11:04


An armed security guard, Asif, accidentally kills his fellow guard Ashok one night at their workspace. Ashok was trying to rob the same place they were defending. 10 years pass by, but Asif still regrets his actions and has become alienated from most of the people around him. The only human interaction he has, is with the chai boy, Tipu. The ideas of the past still haunt him , until one night at the workspace, the same situation that had happened 10 years ago, repeats itself but this time ,with Asif at the other end.

Summer Cup 10:29

Summer Cup

The story depicts purity of friendship between two 10-year old kids ,Faiz and Gautam . How they manage to cancel Faiz’s family Dubai trip in order to play a society cricket final match is exemplary to the fact that friendship is beyond age, caste, and religion.

Shelter Skelter 10:46

Shelter Skelter

Raghu and Radhika are lovers who struggle to find some privacy in their romantic life. As love faces the trials of an overcrowded city and moral policing, will Radhika and Raghu succumb to the pressure?

Filmcity 16:19


After failing another audition Sonny comes across a video store and decides to buy himself a camcorder so that he can make audition tapes at home, but he can’t afford it yet. So when his uncle, Ravi Dada, offers him some work on a film set he takes up the offer. As he keeps working tirelessly on set, Sonny slowly realises that Ravi Dada is exploiting him and isn’t going to keep his promise of getting him an acting role. Sonny tries to take matters into his own hands, but with tragic consequences.

The Hideout 15:04

The Hideout

Jim, A running 11-year-old boy has shifted from Mumbai and has trouble interacting with new people initially, so he decides to stick to the shadow’s & finds a connection with just one boy DD

Tell Tale Heart 15:29

Tell Tale Heart

The story revolves around a woman who is a caretaker of an old man.The film is an adaptation of The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Ferrero Blue's 15:14

The Ferrero Blue's

When his good-for-nothing alcoholic father suddenly comes back in his life, Arnav is forced to meet him. To his shock, he discovers he has a half-brother. Angered by his father's deeds, he decides to never visit him again. But a box of his favorite Ferrero chocolates and music reconnects him to his lost family.

SAVITA 09:03


Savita is married to a mild- natured man who generally keeps to himself. Savita feels trapped in a loveless marriage and yearns for more sexual action. She notices the very strong and ruggedly handsome caretaker and begins fantasising about him. Will she give into her desires and have a secret liaison with this man in her own backyard?

Bling 10:39


How will Rohan(gay) and Tiara , two best buddies deal with their friendhsip being challenged ,due to their attraction towards the same guy ?

Aramagal 10:41


A city-bred Karthik, on a trip to his ancestral village, learns what is missing in life, from a free-spirited village girl- Aramagal and both come away older, wiser and freer , in the little time they spend together.

Memories 10:03


The film is about Sophia and a few minutes from one day of her life. Stuck in office past 7pm, Sophia struggles to finish an article. As the world continues to function around her, the film explores the various possibilities in that one moment. Every little memory plays out before Sophia and each time a little new information is revealed.

Loop 10:43


Loop is the story of a young IT professional who is facing financial troubles. He must support his family and pay for the operation of an ailing sister. His sense of duty towards his family forces him to take up multiple projects at the same time. As the stress builds up and he struggles to maintain his job, how will our protagonist break from the rut and emerge stronger?

Amidst Dark 10:57

Amidst Dark

Sonia is traumatized by a nasty incident from her childhood and has never really been able to recover from it fully. When her past bears down on her present relationship with Aman, she decides to travel back home to sort it all out. Will Sonia be able to recuperate or will her past continue to haunt her forever?

Aakansha 15:05


A weary taxi driver idling at a chai ki tapri agrees to be sketched by a young artist. The artist strikes up a conversation during which he shares his experience as a cab driver. He says that as he meets passengers one after another, he gets to know about their lives which sometimes resonate with his. A husband arguing with his wife about his affair reminds him how he abandoned his family. A career woman working late makes him repent for not studying well. In deep contemplation about his choices, he wonders what would have happened if he had studied and not left his family.

Jerryland 15:24


Enter the strange and comical world of Jerryland which is two 'songs' away from Bombay, where there is a cycle with a mind of its own, a mime who plays with a delivery boy, tree huggers who paint leaves on trees and Jerry who falls for a girl in a yellow dress.

Khilauna 12:21


Little Imran loves the cartoon Bal Ganesh, a love which drives his mother mad! But nothing can stop Imran from adoring Bal Ganesh, despite scoldings and beatings from his mother. One day, he finds a small Ganesh idol and takes it home. For days, he plays with his friend Bal Ganesh. However his mother finds the idol and asks him to throw it away, in the process breaking it to pieces. Imran picks them and goes to the garbage area but decides to glue all the fragments back. When he grows up, he becomes a Ganesha idol maker and reminds us that when we are all players on the world's stage, we too need something to play with.

Mission Dadu 14:27

Mission Dadu

Ramodhar Singh is an old retired army soldier who back in his days always wanted to fight for his country. Unable to do so, Ramodhar Singh relives his dream by telling war associated stories to his 11 year old grand-daughter, Chumki. A cheerful side of daddu is always seen, when he is with her. However Chumki knows that there is something that is bothering him and one fine day she catches him making a wish. To make her grandfather happy, Chumki takes him to an old Akhada where Daddu use to practice back in his days. The place makes him very nostalgic and he ends up making a confession to himself and his grand-daughter which creates a gap in their relationship, shutting down the doors of his happiness. Chumki after that evening really wants to do something for her grandfather and after having a discussion with her troop, she decides on creating a war so that her grandfather could live the moment he always told stories off.

Wave 13:36


21-year-old girl, Naina stranded admist heavy traffic and rain, enters a taxi. Tackling all the chaos caused by the ongoing protest. Raghu, a senior friend of Naina finds her in a taxi. As it was raining heaving, Raghu decides to sit inside the taxi without Naina’s permission. After many failures to impress, Raghu decides to express his deep feelings. But the reaction what not he expected. Ego escalates quickly and Raghu starts assaulting her. Everyone around witnesses the assault in ignorant silence.

500 Rupay 15:48

500 Rupay

Sarita, an innocent teenage girl who lives in a dinghy chawl of 1990s Bombay works as part-time prostitute. She seems oblivious to the grim reality of her job and focuses on the prospect of enjoying the car rides her rich customers offer when they pick her up. One day, three men pick her up in a car and try to make advances on her but more often than not the situation gets diffused with her charm. She is playful, fun loving and cheerful like any teenage girl and quite different from the stereotypical imagery of a sex-worker.

Best Day 10:41

Best Day

Little Naisha plans a surprise for her father on his birthday, but soon realizes that her father lied to her about his whereabouts. sorry about being a no-show at Niasha's little party, Avinash, tries to win his daughter over by spending a whole day with her at the beach; promising her the best day of her life. The next day, a series of unfortunate events takes place. And the question remains- was it the best day ever?

A Bottle of Blood 10:43

A Bottle of Blood

Inspired by the cult classic starring Robert Corman and Peter Jackson, 'A Bottle of Blood' is a fresh take on the classic tale of terror. There is something in the wine! A retired American, Rob, is following his dream of making his own wine in a sleepy village in the south of France. But his wine is dreadful, and the locals savage. When a certain catalyst accidently makes its way into one of the wine vats, Rob's signatures bubbleover into a living hell of madness. People will drink irresponsibly, and women will die gratuitously. But it all boils down to- What will Rob do?

The Room With No Window 15:10

The Room With No Window

The story is about a man named Shiv, who lives with his wife and granddaughter in hiding, as a result of the on-going war. They live in a small room which has no windows. The film revolves around a morning in his life, where the bombings start a little early than usual, of how he forms a wordless connection, a bond with a stranger, whom he looks at through a crack in of the walls; a bond emerging out of the struggle for survival.

Vidhyalaya 13:28


Chaitanya, a twelve year old boy, is forced into joining a pre-engineering boarding school. The headmaster of the school is very proud of the school's zero percent suicide rate. Chaitanya starts taking examinations but keeps failing to meet the aptitude standards of the school. He is continuously spanked and punished. Unable to cope up with academics and pressure from the mother, Chaitanya decides to break his roommate out of the school

Forever 10:54


How Sadanand Atre helps his wife Gayatri to come back to reality from a state of denial. While their only son has gone for one way mission to Mars.

Maula Baksh De 11:17

Maula Baksh De

In the aftermath of the 2002 riots in Gujarat, a Hindu man suffers from guilt at not being able to stop the death of an innocent Muslim boy. He regularly visits the Yattemkhana and even forms a special bond with an inmate, Hamid. When called on to testify against some Hindu goons, he is threatened with his life. In this fight between reason and religion, what will he choose?

Death Run 10:42

Death Run

Three thugs pull off a diamond heist. The dice of conceit and treachery are cast. As the thieves double cross each other, who will get away with all the loot?

Faans 14:52


Yashwant Rao is proud of being the hanging ropes maker - the ones used to hang inmates facing death sentences. Renowned for his precision for making ropes that give quick and clean deaths, Rao considers himself a god who makes criminals face their guilt. He gets an opportunity to hang a criminal whose name is Ali Afzal. On the D-day, Rao tells Afzal he will have to face god for his deeds. Afzal confidently says that his god is in his heart and it's Rao who needs to answer to the almighty. The hanging doesn't go well, taking longer than usual. Rao disturbed by the incident and later visits Afzal's sister to give her his final letter. He passes judgement on Afzal's character but gets interrupted by the sister who hints at Afzal's innocence. Rao becomes disillusioned by the justice system and realizes his masterful skills were used to hang innocents.He teaches Makarand the art of making hanging ropes but not before making a final one that he uses to kill himself.

Khushi 10:33


On the first day of her college, Khushi, an obese teenager, is teased for being overweight by other students. When the teasing gets out of hand, she decides to go on a diet and do rigorous exercises to lose weight. One day she faints after being exhausted by her strict weight loss regime. Her mother explains to her that she is perfect the way she is but still Khushi is hell bent to lose weight. After meeting a mentally challenged child and his mother who have accepted their situation and are happy in their lives, she decides to love herself as she is.

Kumbini 14:21


As her village is caught in conflict between soldiers and rebel forces, little Kumbini befriends an ancient forest spirit. She eventually finds herself torn between the danger her family and friends face and the comfort of her new friend who offers her an escape from the worries of the world

Sanyog 19:17


Late night at a chawl in central Mumbai,a prostitute finds the courage to leave her sterile and meaningless life.A hostage girl escapes her kidnappers, causing a shootout between some gangsters.And a paralysed war veteran tries to walk after years of a sedentary lifestyle, All happening next door to each other in a singular uninterrupted shot.

Nariyal Ke Laddoo 16:13

Nariyal Ke Laddoo

What happens when a wife lies to her in-laws that their son has got a job, when in reality, it is she who goes to office , while her unemployed husband manages the household ? The story tells us about a newly-wed couple , and how they struggle daily, to combat the frustration of unemployment, breaking the stereotype of gender bias.

Kathakaar 10:38


An old theatre projectionist is fired from his job and has to come back to his village. Struggling with what to do with his life, he one day narrates a story for a crying kid. Slowly he becomes the favourite story teller in the village and re-discovers his passion.

Aavarti 10:55


Aavarati is the story of school-going Lakshmi who like many other children her age sells wares at traffic junctions. The film revolves around the cruel world that steals young innocence and bares children to the harsh realities of life. Aavarati also brings out the passivity of onlookers and the helplessness they feel in changing the situation.

Manorath 11:50


Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s short story ‘Postmaster’, Manorath is about an unlikely friendship that blossoms between a ten year-old Sailee and documentary photographer, Ravi. Ravi is visiting villages documenting the touring cinema culture of rural India. When the scheduled cinema screening in Sailee’s village is cancelled, the fate of this new bond of friendship is in jeopardy.

Adhoora 10:44


Rishi is deeply disturbed because of his dark past. It makes him paranoid and overly protective for his nephew. He sees everything with glasses tinted dark from his disturbed childhood. How much has Rishi’s past transformed his present and future? Will others accept Rishi for what he is and feels?

A Little Ways Down The Road 11:03

A Little Ways Down The Road

This is not a love story. Neither is it a story about love. This is a fairy tale about destiny & all its serendipitous wonders. It is about how Aryan comes to terms with the fact that "that one girl" would come to him in ways he could only dream of.

Clean 15:41


A man's partner, who has a hearing impairment, is being treated at the hospital for what appears to be a terminal illness. He is a chef and visits her daily with a special dish made by him. Together he has spent many memorable moments with his partner before she got hospitalized. After missing a visit due to long hours at work, she becomes cross at him. But on the same day, her condition worsens and she dies leaving a huge hole in his heart and his life.

Sach Mein 10:36

Sach Mein

Arjun Mishra has spun a web of lies around himself. He finds his own life uninteresting and pitiful. Will he succeed in stepping out of this fictional world?

Vamoose 10:39


Seventy year-old Marsban is an inmate at a swanky retirement home. Tired of all the monotony in his life, Marsban plans to sneak out of the home and paint the town red. After a series of misadventures, will our young-at-heart protagonist succeed in his mission?

Three Night 10:34

Three Night

A coffee and a few stories can go a long way to erase loneliness. ‘Three Night’ is a story of hope. Love is not far away, if you stay there and look for it.

Arivu 10:43


It's been 6 months since the protagonist has been looking after his ailing mother. He must balance his time between his work and his mother. Having to take care of his mother’s every little need, he has developed an aversion towards her. As his patience reaches a breaking point, he blurts out his frustration at his mother. As the day progresses, he witnesses an accident that reminds him of his own childhood. He realizes his mistakes and makes amends.

Why Do You Call Them Suncatchers 10:43

Why Do You Call Them Suncatchers

When Mumpy finds out her brother is need of an organ transplant, she decides to become a donor. Ignored by the people she tries to discuss her plans with, Mumpy writes a letter to her sister, Monica. Amidst a rapidly disintegrating household overwhelmed by its circumstance, Monica discovers the letter and must decide the fate of her family.

Alaksha 15:22


It's a story of young photographer who witnesses a murder of a young innocent Muslim boy from his newly bought second hand camera's Card. During his investigation, he discovers an aftermath of a terror attack in the city and he discovers communal politics and complicated human relationships.

New Apple 10:43

New Apple

Subhash is riding in a taxi, going home after twelve years.On his face, there is bandage and now he is telling driver a false story about his badly bruised face. But in the false back we see him actually, doing lots of fraud.When he reached home he finds his father is dead. He convenes his mother to come with him and sell her house but at airport he left his mother helplessly.

Afsos 15:01


The story revolves around Sunaina, a woman in her late 20s, a singer cum lyricist who works from home. She writes a new song. We see her husband Siddharth, a man in his early 30s is a business man who is always occupied by work. They live a daily normal, monotonous routine. They have less interaction throughout the day. After Siddharth leaves for his work, Sunaina spends time alone doing other household chores. One day, she found an old tape recorder and she decides to record her new song in it and will lately make Siddharth listen to her song at night. Unfortunately, at dinner, the lights went out and they spend their time in darkness. Since Siddharth’s mobile was not charged, it gave Siddharth an opportunity to interact with Sunaina. They relive their past moments when all of sudden, the situations turned and the whole happy conversation changed to past grievance talk. Siddharth accepts that he is being guilty of something he did, but Sunaina intervened and told him the truth. Siddharth thought Sunaina had a miscarriage because of him as he was not present at that time whereas Sunaina confesses that it was an abortion. This news broke Siddharth. As soon as lights come, the tape automatically starts the song but Siddharth leaves for his room leaving Sunaina alone.

Baashinde 15:18


A middle aged Indian man, Sameer, is on his way to his house in Pakistan where he stayed before partition divided the land and its heart. He is physically in 1990, but keeps travelling back to his memories from 1947 which are hauntingly nostalgic. A woman in her 50’s joins Sameeron this journey between time and land, but she also has her own story to share, which no one listens.When we see this lady (Noor) and Sameertogether, we will realize that they both represent the same morals and attributes. Nooris basically a pure unabashed version of Sameerand Sameerhas a covert version of Noorin him trying to break free from the tangles of politics and society.This is a period film, located in Punjab in Pakistan, which deals with two timelines simultaneously. While remaining in present (1990), 1947 keeps knocking at our doors. This is a story about the constant struggle between letting go and holding on, and where Sameer’srelationship with his house and his land is explored. The film also talks about the global suffering that this invisible line caused.

Bibhatsu 15:01


A warrior apprentice completes his martial arts training and receives the medallion from his master, marking his accomplishment. He sets out to the Order’s Grand Temple to receive his rank, but upon reaching there, gets ambushed and loses the medallion.

Paintra 13:32


Sanjay and his friend Sunit are alcoholics who cannot get their hands on booze as they are broke. Sanjay's friend Bijli refuses to lend him money to buy alcohol. Meanwhile, Manav who is dining at a hotel with Ayesha tells her about his business problems and requests her to ask her father for money. When Ayesha is driving Manav home, her car hits him and he gets seriously injured. Sunit uses this to blackmail Ayesha and even when all this is going on, Manav pesters her about lending him money. Bijli, watching Manav's selfishness, reveals to Ayesha that Sanjay had come in front of her car so he and Sunit could extort her, adding that all men care about is money.

MIU 05:27


A little girl and her mother move into a house next to an old woman’s. The old woman’s house is dark, dingy and the woman herself is plain simple scary. When the little girl is sent next door on an errand, she encounters the horrors first hand.

Dodo 15:51


When her parents are out at work, or fighting with each other, a little girl is looked after by her loving granny. Her granny makes up for all the things the parents don't provide her. One day the mother leaves for good, but the little girl finds solace in her granny's love and hope. The granny dies soon after, not before telling her she will always be there for her. Knowing that her granny is looking down on her from the stars beyond, the girl lives happily with her father.

Finding X 15:01

Finding X

A young Chinmay's life is turned upside down when his parents commit suicide. He begins to behave violently in school and is unable to focus on studies. One day, while being scolded by his grandfather for his misbehavior, he asks him what is the point of life if everyone has to ultimately die. The grandfather then makes him realise the futility of crying over the past and the value of living in the present.

Hunkaar 14:27


In a village that turned into a battlefield, a woman is being chased by a bunch of violent men. The woman enters a jungle and is instead caught by a man who has found refuge there. He protects her, feeds her, gives her company and tells her that he has been stuck there for a long time due to the war. One day, the men spot them and kill her protector when they both try to flee. Alone and scared in the forest, the woman keeps going on until one day she finds civilization.

Viraam Leela 14:27

Viraam Leela

In a stage play of Ramleela, Ram has broken up with Seeta, Seeta is hooking up with Hanuman, Ravan has a strict mother, Hanuman and Laxman go to Ravan's house to get him to come for the play. Can this Ramleela of disasters be salvaged?

Kanche 13:49


A 10 year old kid, Om reads a book on ghosts and try “kajal” trick in his school with his best friend, Mona. But they get caught by Mishra ji, a Hindi teacher who takes them to Sushant, new Science teacher. Sushant gets angry and punishes them. Om leaves the class in embarrassment. He doesn’t come to school for many days. So Sushant reaches Om’s house, Om tells him the story of his dead mother. To prove him wrong, Sushant puts the kajal. Did he really see his mother’s ghost or Was Om just playing a prank game with him?

A Little Off Beat 10:23

A Little Off Beat

Amrita and Kunal decide to shift to a live-in relationship. Initially, everything seems to be going perfect. Then little bumps begin to appear. Will Amrita and Kunal get their romance back on track?

Time Again 15:14

Time Again

A couple loves and fights with equal measure. But what happens when one of them gets a terminal illness?

Goregaon 16:27


Sowmya and Dhruv go to cheer up their friend Simran who has locked herself up in her home. Their plot works and the three spend the evening out frolicking in the Mumbai streets. On their way home, Simran gets abducted by some men and her friends rush to the police station to file an FIR. At the chowki, they realize that Simran is a sex worker. The next morning, they are called to identify the dead body of a woman. They are relieved that the remains are not of Simran but feel empty without her as she may never be found.

Farewell Fireflies 12:22

Farewell Fireflies

In the evening of a school play at a boarding school. Daniel, an eleven year old boy, is waiting by the wings of the stage peeking at the audience. Miss Lily tells him to get on stage and that his parents would be waiting to see him. He comes on to the stage to realize they aren’t there and he leaves immediately. He walks and keeps walking in his costume, slipping out of the boarding school while no one notices an escaping tree.

Little Man 13:06

Little Man

Akash is a tender young boy troubled by the strained relationship his parents share. His only beacon of happiness and comfort in his house is his jovial and caring grandfather.But he is devastated when his grandfather passes away, and he finds himself unable to cope with his life at home.At his grandfather's funeral, he meets a person he did not expect to see and yet another person he least expected to see. With a little help from them, Akash begins to realise that not everyone who leaves the world behind necessarily leave their people behind in it too.

Aalav 11:21


Its been almost two decades since Sunanda Mattoo’s family faced the perils of being Kashmiri Pandits. Now settled in Mumbai, she still seems to be living the horrors of the past. Single-handedly trying to make both ends meet – she is struggling to provide for her daughters studies and care for her mentally unstable father-in-law. Sunanda decides to take a chance as a tour guide for Kashmir ; little did she know that her daughter has reached before her for the same interview to lessen her mother’s worries.

Mirchi Café 15:19

Mirchi Café

A cafe harbours three stories; an ex serial killer is set on a blind date but he suffers from withdrawal symptoms controlling urges to kill his date; To escape a break up situation, a guy cons his girlfriend into believing that he is a contract killer; A death artist, an actor who is practising or doing method acting by dying indifferent places.

ANNA 10:58


Anna waited patiently to tell her husband her big news, little did she know it would end in a murder. She could save herself but the police show up at her house far too quickly and unexpectedly. We go through each beat of what Anna is thinking and feeling as she tries to understand how her world has suddenly turned upside down. She tries desperately to save a crumbling marriage to a boorish old professor, in love with his books and not much else. She’s just Anna, just a mild mannered housewife or maybe she’s much more.

Dhachka 15:26


Lata, a 50-year-old woman, is the string that holds her family together. Lata’s husband ANIL (53) and her son SHALIN (24) are always at loggerheads with each other, while her daughter is completely detached from everyone. The family is on their way to attend a wedding. Due to their internal clashes, they lose their way, forcing Lata to take control. After her failed attempts to drive the car herself, she makes her daughter drive while enjoying this new-found power. Losing the way even further, their fight escalates, and Lata throws the car key away in frustration. The family unites to get themselves out of the situation which fails them even further and renders the car useless. Eventually they end up traveling without any of them in control.

Sumati 14:57


The film is set in 1990’s. Rekha moves into a new town with her husband Pradeep. They shift into an old house that has been shut for 10 years. Pradeep is out the entire day working, and Rekha spends her days at home rearranging the house. She finds letters addressed to Sumati who stayed with her husband in the same house years back. As Rekha starts going through the letters, she understands Sumati was very fond of the writer Shankar. And that Sumati was ready to do anything for him. Rekha tries to get same kind of attention from her husband but fails to do so. She wastes the entire day thinking what will please her husband. After few letters Rekha understands that Shankar had started controlling Sumati, and Sumati felt too insecure. Shankar took the advantage until he felt Sumati was starting to demand more out of their relationship and so he declares about his marriage to her. Rekha relates well to feelings of Sumati as she herself is overly dependent on Pradeep, and it starts to disturb her. Sumati ends her life saying she has thought herself to be so incapable that the other could easily take advantage of her. And that she forgot what she stood for while trying to please everyone around.

Siege 15:33


After the commander announces a citywide lockdown to make the city crime free, Aaditya, a soldier from the city forces attempts to protect the people of city. Hunted by the commander and his forces, he is unable to cope with the pressure and attempts suicide but lands up in the world of coma. Aaditya must now choose between staying in the world of coma to avoid further bloodshed or to come back and keep his promise to protect the people of the city.

Tirati 15:40


Prerna Talwar is worked to the core and things seem to be headed towards stability for her family until a second child comes along. Years go by and she plays the part of the ideal mother to her two dissatisfied children, never looking back to see what she missed out on. When everything settles down - offered a chance to finally live, she realises that the life she once dreamt of is now behind her.

Krit 12:15


Karma has her own way of giving it back. Krit , a rowdy teenager misbehaves with everyone, be it his parents or classmates. One day , while running away after his misdeed, he falls down into a well and spends the entire night alone, shouting and crying for help. Ironically , it is the same boy whom he bullies in class,who comes to his rescue, thus teaching him a lesson of a lifetime.

Ramji Bhai 10:37

Ramji Bhai

Ramji Bhai is a middle class man who co-owns a supermarket. He used to simple living and is found faltering when he is invited to a high-class party for a business meeting. His wife is excited to attend the party, but he denies her. For his son, whom Ramji Bhai wants to take along, is least interested in the event. How will the modest Ramji Bhai cope in this new and daunting environment?

Antarang 10:11


Internal bond and love transcends blood relation, such is its power. A young village boy,Raghav leaves no stone unturned to provide comfort to his beloved Keshav Bhaiya, so that he can hold him back from not going to the city. But to his dismay, Keshav only comes back to the village to take his mother along with him to the city. All the love and bond becomes futile, when Keshav announces his decision out-loud, shattering Raghav’s heart into many pieces.

Kadambani 10:33


Left for the dead, a feeble, desolate widow- Kadambani, wakes up confused from her funeral pyre and walks to her former household as her love for her nephew drags her back. Set in pre-independent India where superstitions and fear for the unknown had a coercive influence on the collective psyche, her relatives refuse to believe that she is alive and are terrified upon seeing her! Kadambani tries in vain to prove that she is indeed alive; but she is beseeched by her relatives to leave them for good. How will Kadambani prove herself; her existence, her identity?

Pehchaan 14:41


Suraj and Chandu have been best friends since they could barely walk. With age their friendship has seen itself only fester into a bond that brothers share. Both are the two ends of this relationship. However, although they started out as friends, things change along the way from one end. Suraj falls in love with Chandu and Chandu is oblivious to this. And living in a small town, Suraj is scared to the idea of coming ‘out of the closet’. Due to certain events , in a rush of moments , Suraj makes an advance towards Chandu, which alienates Chandu from this friendship. While Suraj tackles with his feelings towards Chandu and tries to come face to face with this sexuality, he alienates his best friend.



After years of painstaking research at the cost of his domestic pleasure, Dr. Dipankar Roy discovers a vaccine for leprosy. News is flashed over television and overnight, an insignificant junior doctor receives international recognition. After suffering humiliation at the hands of his seniors, Dr. Roy suffers a mild heart attack. His wife and a few colleagues stand by him but Dr. Roy is transferred to a remote village. The last straw is two American doctors receiving credit for discovering the same vaccine.

Gandhi Se Mahatma Tak 02:24:55

Gandhi Se Mahatma Tak

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was invited to South Africa in 1893 to settle a case for a wealthy Indian settled there. He expected to return in a few months but instead got involved in the freedom movement and eventually stayed for 21 years. During those years, his ideas took shape and his personal and political philosophy evolved. Gandhi’s creed of nonviolence and satyagraha originated in that country. The impact of South Africa was incalculable and this film deals with these 21 years. His constant search for truth causes hardships for the whole family. His public life is equally full of frustrating and difficult experiences. He witnesses iniquitous wars as a medical volunteer, and is incarcerated in jail during the struggle for Indian rights. He emerges from this crucible, a Mahatma.

DHARAVI 01:56:03


Dharavi, in Bombay, is the largest slum in Asia. In sub-human living conditions, each man is for himself, aspiring to make it for himself. Bollywood supplies fantasies to them. Dharavi is the story of Rajkaran a taxi driver who falls into a labyrinth of urban dreams...

Aphsarni 15:00


Munni a 9 year old girl who lives in a small village, aspires to be a Police officer, which was her father’s dream who was a security guard. She wants to win a poetry writing competition which will let her spend a day with Inspector Sanjana Bharti, her idol. However she doesn’t go to school and thus seeks help of her best friend Bunty who is also participating in the competition and goes to school. She tries stealing forms from school and gets caught. Until one night before the submission day she has almost nothing written, where as Bunty has everything in place. She ends up stealing Bunty’s poem to replace his name with hers and denies it when confronted. She has to make a choice between her dream and being fair to her best friend.

The Stranger 15:13

The Stranger

Mahek, a college student gets rescued by an independent older woman Geetanjali. She takes her to her home and the two become friends. Since their meeting, Mahek can't stop thinking about G, her moniker for Geetanjali and ditches her friends to be with her. Her collegemate teases her about her relation with Geetanjali. When Mahek expresses her feelings to Geetanjali, she gets snubbed. But Geetanjali continues to be friends with her. One day, Mahek gets dropped to her father's party by Geetanjali. There she realizes that Geetanjali and her father are acquaintances. In the party, Geetanjali acts strange pretending to not know Mahek well. She reveals later that Mahek to her is her acquaintance's daughter and nothing more. Mahek, still in love with Geetanjali, leaves saying she won't embarrass her any more



Jairaj and Ratna, two dancers past their prime, are exponents of the classical Indian dance form called Bharatnatyam. They live in an antique-filled mansion in Bangalore that once belonged to Jairaj’s autocratic father, Amritlal Parekh. As a young couple, Ratna and Jairaj faced many challenges. Being financially dependent on Amritlal and living under his roof, they were often exposed to his ire. Amritlal believed, like many who were less knowledgeable, that Bharatnatyam was the craft of prostitutes. In his opinion, no self-respecting person, let alone a man, should perform such a dance. Some two decades later, Jairaj and Ratna are now forced to confront their troubled past as Lata, their daughter, prepares for her arangetram or debut as a dancer. Into this memory laden house, Lata brings her fiance, Vishal, to meet her parents. Exposed to an environment alien to his own, Vishal in some ways acts as a catalyst to reveal the dark secrets of the family’s relationships and its generational conflicts.

EK GHAR 01:36:52


Rajanna and Geeta arrive in the city in the fond hope of building a cosy little home. When they discover just such a house, their happiness knows no bounds. Things are fine till, one day, a workshop opens up next door and brings with it a wide variety of sounds. When the noise crosses the bounds of tolerance, Rajanna is indignant but cannot do much, until he discovers that his wife has achieved the impossible task of getting the shed vacated, but only by yielding to the demands of the police inspector. Rajanna now wants to take Geeta away from the environment. He seeks the help of the workmen who had earlier occupied the shed, but discovers that their slum is being demolished to make way for a multinational.

Ankuran The Art of Idol Making 14:36

Ankuran The Art of Idol Making

Ankuran the Art of Idol Making” - a documentary about the lives of a group of idol makers in Pen, Maharashtra and their viewpoint of the whole process of idol making.

The Trancient Interval 16:25

The Trancient Interval

Is the house haunted or are the residents haunted by their pasts? This nonlinear narrative tells the story of three families who live in a house in different time periods. The first residents are an old woman and her husband. The husband passes away after which she moves away but leaves her plant in the house. The second residents are a young married couple who recently moved into the house. But the wife begins to see strange things like the house and a cat burning. She tells her husband to move out of the house but he refuses. One day she leaves the house with a note to her husband. The third resident is a young man and his cat. He seems to dislike the things left by the previous owners in the house. One day, after the house gets flooded, he sets fire to a plant that was left by the last owner.

GANDHI 03:00:33


The film spans 56 out of Gandhi’s 79 years. It starts with his days in South Africa, where Gandhi is seen as a young attorney, who is thrown out of a first class compartment in spite of having a valid ticket. Angered at this humiliation, Gandhi decides to protest for the rights of Indians and other coloured people. It is here that he meets with his first success. His fame spreads to India and he is invited to return home to take part in the freedom struggle. On arrival, he is shocked at the poverty in the country and undertakes to travel all over the country to witness, at first hand, the atrocities of the British Empire. Gandhi’s struggle to win freedom for India through his non-violent approach, his belief that men are more good than evil and his spiritual ideas all form a part of this saga, the biography of a fascinating world leader - both spiritual and political.



"Young bachelor Manik Mulla, a railway mail service employee, stays in an old part of Allahabad. His friends gather in his house to listen to his realistic – surrealistic – moralistic stories, which lead to polemics – social, political, literary discussions. The film provides an interesting study of how a work of literature is transformed into a film that reflects on multiple aspects of life."

CURRENT 01:59:30


The film deals with an individual’s ordeal in the face of an indifferent establishment. It revolves around the payment of an electricity bill for a farm pump-set.Velu owns a small sugarcane field and has immense faith in the establishment, in this case, the Electricity Board, to condone a delay in payment of his electricity bill. But when the power is severed he and his wife Sita are devastated. Friends and well wishers raise their hands helplessly and can only offer suggestions for restoration of power. Help comes finally from the most unexpected quarters. Their neighbour Radha who is looked down upon by the villagers, restores the power and reinforces one’s faith in basic human values.

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan 01:53:33

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan

Arvind Desai is the only son of a rich businessman who deals in luxury handicraft products. His feelings for his father are mixed. While he hates his dominating nature, he admires his power and lack of scruples. He has long discussions on art and politics with a Marxist friend. He is seeing his father's secretary, Alice and sometimes he visits a prostitute, Fatima. His marriage is arranged to a girl from a high-class family much to Alice's mother’s dismay, she realizes that Alice was nothing more than a passing fancy for Arvind.

1:1.6 AN ODE TO LOST LOVE 01:35:36


On the first day of the shooting of his film, Pramod introduces the cinematographer ‘M’ to young Sushmita, the main actress in the film and her lovely mother Mrs. Jyothi Bhat. As the shooting progresses, the relationships among them start changing. Sushmitha starts liking M and starts calling him “Cheta”, meaning elder brother in Kerala. M decides to cast Sushmita as Asha in the film he is planning to direct. Pramod, who has so far remained a chronic bachelor, though he plays around with girls and makes films on them, starts getting a strange and pure feeling towards Sushmita.

Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan 01:48:53

Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan

This film evokes the effect of years of subordination of the struggling classes. It is about the signs of simmering fire and about cleft tongues that want to rise in unison, about the possibility of inchoate desire and the first cry of love.

CHAR ADHYAY 01:48:14


Char Adhyay is a subtle delineation of human relationships based on a novel by Rabindranath Tagore. The energies of painting, theatre, music and dance come together in this film, set in Bengal of the 30s. Its narrative and its poetic depiction of pain is unique to Indian art cinema.

DIKSHA 02:13:40


Acharya Udupa is a vedic scholar running a residential school - a gurukul. An austere man demanding rigorous discipline from the novices under training, he accepts the latest disciple, Nanni, with the utmost reluctance. Nanni’s training begins at two levels, the formal one with the Acharya, informal one with a couple of fellow novices. Also living with Udupa is Yamuna, his young daughter, a widow, whose life has a secret side to it. She is in love with the local schoolmaster – a forbidden, abhorrent idea for the Brahmin society. One night, during the Acharya’s absence from the village, Yamuna has an intimate meeting with the schoolmaster. She becomes pregnant, and something terrible follows in an orthodox Brahminical society.

Aranyaka 01:23:38


Living in his ancestral mansion in a jungle, Raja Saheb, a widower passes his time hunting. Once, with a tribal boy and with his guests—two couples—he goes on a hunting spree. On the way some strange things happen which push everyone into deep introspection.



Set in contemporary New Delhi, the film captures the 5000-yearold tradition of passing on the legacy of Hindustani music, taught by parent to child, by Guru to disciple, over generations. A young singer’s successful professional life comes to a sudden halt at the death of her mother and teacher. The film traces her downfall and recovery through the help of her mother’s guru, and a mysterious young girl, Tara.

Chalo America 01:33:51

Chalo America

Three collegians, bred on western pop culture, are obsessed with migrating to America, and are always dreaming up weird schemes to get there. Their plans lead to them being trapped in numerous hilarious situations. After mishaps galore, the trio come to realize that the American dream is just an illusion… or do they?

TARPAN 02:04:37


"Half a century ago, Rajasthan, India. Not the Rajasthan of sand dunes but of barren mountains, stunted Khejari trees and painted mansions. The land of Shekhavati. A couple in search of a cure for their seven year old ailing daughter. Jassu Kaka, a village elder who knows the cure, but guides them to Sukku Baba- a Fakir living in the desert. A village where no girl child survives beyond the age of seven. An old woman in the twilight zone of sanity and madness, the only symbol of compassion in a village torn by greed and intolerance. A woman fighting for the rights of her child even after her own death. An old well from which ghosts of the past emerge. A community confessing its crimes long forgotten. An absolution for the sinners. A Tarpan for the departed souls."

GHARE BAIRE 02:12:16


Ghare Baire is symbolic of a philosophical revolution in pre – independent Bengal. Ray brings out the pros & cons of the Swadeshi movement through the charismatic Swadeshi leader Sandip who fights for the cause by basing his parasite like existence on Nikhil, a liberal, who urges his wife, Bimala to explore and expand her understanding of the world beyond him. Nikhil quietly pushes Bimala towards discovering her world at the cost of witnessing her falling in love with another man. Ghare Baire is a story of the trials & tribulations of the human mind coming to terms with its own learning.



"Salim, the young man with a limp, inhabits a twilight zone. At one level, he belongs to a respectable, proud, though desperately poor family. Salim’s roots go deep into this congested, impoverished Muslim neighbourhood. But Salim has also discovered another world, a world of deceptive charm and fatal allurement – organized crime, where a little intimidation, flashing of a knife, unspoken threats of concrete ‘mob’ action, bring in quick, easy bucks. Tears, and the price to be paid, come later."

RUDAALI 01:55:14


"Rudaali is based on a short story by renowned author Mahashweta Devi. The film is a riveting tale set in Rajasthan (India) of a young woman, Shanichari’s life and her inclusion in the group of professional woman mourners. The music by Bhupen Hazarika is widely celebrated and considered haunting and enthralling till date. Rudaali is directed by the fierce Kalpani Lajmi, a celebrated filmmaker who advocated the cause of woman emancipation in all her artistic endeavors"



The film is an adaptation of a play by Henrik Ibsen: An Enemy of the People. Dr. Ashoke Gupta is the head of a town hospital. Gupta’s younger brother, Nisith, is the head of the committees running the hospital and a temple. Dr. Gupta is convinced that the holy water of the temple is contaminated due to faulty pipe -laying that causes an epidemic in town. He warns his brother Nisith. Nisith, the Industrialist and other town officials reject the idea that holy water might be the cause of the epidemic. Left with no alternative, Dr. Gupta organises a public meeting that is also sabotaged. And Dr. Gupta is proclaimed an enemy of the people.

Adigaram 79 01:28:33

Adigaram 79

An amnesiac and a notorious assassin once shared their childhood, and the knowledge of an ancient Indian martial art. When they happen to become confronting forces, what is at stake is much more than survival – friendship, love, honour and the legacy of an art form! A contemporary action-drama set against the backdrop of ancient Indian martial arts.

Antareen 01:27:23


One night the phone rings. The man picks it up. The caller immediately hangs up. On the other side of the phone is a woman, living in a large apartment of a high- rise building – dreadfully lonely, a prisoner of circumstances. The woman phones again in the middle of the night. The man does not sound unfriendly. Days roll and the conversations multiply. A strange game starts. The man and the woman build a weird imaginary world. Then, in the middle of a fateful night, the world thus built suddenly collapses. But life goes on. And there is passion and pain in it.



An officer of the alien government, a Subedar, assigned to collect taxes, arrives in the village. The moment the Subedar sets his eyes on the dusky Sonbai, a spirited beauty known for her defiant ways, he forgets all about taxes and lusts for her openly. Knowing that it is normal for a Subedar to expect gifts from a village, he shamelessly demands for Sonbai, and the spineless villagers, knowing that Sonbai’s husband is away, agree to oblige.

KAL SANDHYA 01:58:33


Ranjit is an educated and unemployed young man, desperately looking for a job. He is taught to use a gun by people who promise to show him a new way of life and lead him to a better future. One day, as instructed by these people, he shoots and kills Anuradha's husband. A few days later, Banajit Dutta, a Professor of the local college, is shot to death. As time goes by and Ranjit grows inevitably closer to Dutta's family, life in this strange prison becomes intolerable. Haunted by memories of the crime that he isn't allowed to forget, tortured by guilt and remorse, he struggles to find peace and retain his sanity.



The amendment in the law making it compulsory for one-third of the Gram Panchayat representatives to be women, is not received favourbly by the rulling Sarpanch of the village, Thakur Ratan Singh. Although he puts up a front of being in favour of the idea, along with his son Inder Singh, he conspires to field wives of friends, whom he hopes he can control through their husbands and through the caste network. Vidya, wife of Bhanwar Singh who is indebted to the Thakur, is one of the newly elected women Panchayat members. Vidya, who is educated, notices that the political empowerment of women is only on paper and in reality decision-making still continues to be with the manipulative old guard. Vidya decides it is time for a change.

PARTY 01:52:39


"Rich middle-aged widow Damayanti, a high society patron of the arts, hosts a party in honour of Diwakar Barve, a celebrated playwright and novelist, who has received a prestigious literary award. The party attracts the literary and cultural elite of the town, as also the fawning cognoscenti which trail in their wake. One name keeps cropping up in the course of the conversation - Amrit, a writer of immense talent and potential, once very much patronized by this set. Amrit, the powerful poet, leaves a promising literary career to join the tribal people in their struggle against exploitation. His attempt to bridge the chasm between words and deed haunts all others at the party. He is the invisible thread binding the tapestry of the film together, his enigmatic presence finally becoming more meaningful and poignant than the rest."

MAMMO 01:59:13


"Mammo marries a man from Lahore. After Partition, she and her husband become Pakistan citizens. Although childless, her marriage is a happy one until her husband’s death. Over property matters, Mammo is thrown out of the house by her relatives. She comes to India and unable to extend her visa she has to go back – political priorities defeat humanitarian ones!"

ISLAND CITY 01:46:47


The film follows three comic-dramatic stories set in Mumbai. The first one is about a middle-aged man who wins the office ‘Fun Committee Award’, which entitles him to a whole day full of fun. He is most reluctant to leave the safety of his cubicle but he has to. Prescribed fun modules have to be completed and non-compliance is not an option...The second story begins with domineering pater families, Anil, who is on life support. Seeking some relief, his family decides to buy a TV, which Anil had banned; now every night the family plugs into a popular soap whose hero is a man ideal in every way...The third one centers on Aarti whose repetitive existence is slowly making her more and more mechanical and numb. Deep inside ferments a disconnect and unease that she is unable to articulate to anyone. Then one day there arrives a most intimate letter and everything change

HE… 01:40:54


Hari, a runaway rag picker, lives with his uncle in Mumbai’s squalid slums. Mirror, a short film project will begin filming soon, and the makers want to cast Hari as their main lead. Here begins Hari’s dream, where his only aspiration is to be a hero. After an incoherent wait and watch game for two long months, Hari confronts the darker side of society that renders him practically helpless.

KAMLA KI MAUT 01:30:36


Kamla, a 20-year old girl in love with a young man, is seized by panic when she discovers that she is pregnant. She lives in a one-room flat in a five-storey building teeming with middle class families. Seeing no way out of the problem and overcome by feelings of guilt, she goes to the balcony and jumps down to her death. Neighbours come out to watch the tragedy. Among them are Sudhakar, his wife, and their two daughters. The incident sets them all thinking and looking into their own secret lives. They come to the nagging conclusion that Kamla was no more guilty than they themselves.



Set in post-colonial India, Qissa tells the story of Umber Singh, a Sikh, who is forced to flee his village due to ethnic cleansing at the time of Partition in 1947. Umber decides to fight fate and builds a new home for his family. When Umber marries his youngest child Kanwar to Neeli, a girl of lower caste, the family is faced with the truth of their identities; where individual ambitions and destinies collide in a struggle with eternity.

NASEEM 01:25:07


"Naseem means the morning breeze. It’s the name of a young girl who lives with her family in Bombay. The year is 1992. This was a year when India, as a nation, went through traumatic times. A mosque was demolished and the riots, slaughter and savagery that followed have left wounds that will take years to heal."

Agantuk 01:55:02


Agantuk is Satyajit Ray’s last film and adapted from his short story Atithi, meaning guest. A family is paid an unexpected, and rather unwanted, visit by a man claiming to be Anita’s long lost uncle. The initial suspicion with the man slowly dissolves as he regales them with stories of his travels. The family is suspicious of the stranger, believing him to be an imposter with a financial scam to sell, only to find him leave unexpectedly, leaving behind some insightful observations.



Like his films, Music of Satyajit Ray is a multilayered blending of Western sense and Indian sensibility. Ray has brought to his filmmaking a musical sense and skill, that was as much a gift of his family as product of personal cultivation. But the most important thing is that his musical background did not make his films a pretext for his musical obsession; on the contrary he used music as an element in the organic structure of a film.

WOH CHHOKRI 02:09:03


Of indeterminate age, Tunu lives and spends her time at the Howrah Railway Station, searching desperately for the one face which can change her life: the face of her father Dinesh Roy, a small-time politician. He has abandoned her and her mother, Geeta, who has now become a bootlegger and prostitute in order to survive. One day, Tunu does locate Dinesh and goes to Delhi to meet him but she is drugged and dumped into a train without a ticket. Returning home to Calcutta she finds that her mother has been murdered. Then, one day, she sees her father's photograph in the newspaper. He is to address a political meeting in Calcutta. Tunu attends the meeting and tries to contact her father but is thrown out. While Dinesh Roy talks of integrity, his illegitimate daughter is on the way to the police lock-up for disturbing the peace.



"Thola, a sharecropper, was treated as a brother by the landlord, whose son Dharam Singh calls him uncle. Thola had married a nomad girl who was consequently forsaken by her parents. As a penance, Thola’s son Jagsir is condemned to remain unmarried. Jagsir falls in love with Bhani, the young bride of the local barber. Bhani too reciprocates the feeling and is punished by being sent away. When Thola dies, Jagsir builds a brick memorial, a marhi, on the land he used to till. Dharam Singh’s son Bhanta, resents the unofficial tenancy rights of Jagsir. Missing Bhani, Jagsir becomes addicted to opium. Unable to battle with Bhanta, he does not till the land. Bhanta breaks Thola’s marhi, and takes over the land given to Thola by his grandfather. Jagsir’s mother dies of shock and Jagsir starves himself to death. His friend, the water-carrier Ronki, builds his marhi in his memory, and Bhani lights the earthen lamp on it."

Aashad Ka Ek Din 01:51:24

Aashad Ka Ek Din

Aashad Ka Ek Din is based on a celebrated modern Hindi play written by Mohan Rakesh. Aashad Ka Ek Din is an adaptation of the play that is based on Kalidasa’s life in three acts. Kalidasa is renowned as one of the greatest writers, poets and dramatists in the history of Sanskrit language.

Jaya Ganga 01:16:01

Jaya Ganga

"Nishant is an Indian living in Paris. He meets an unusual woman, Jaya in a cemetery. She claims to live two lives, her own and that of Nadja, the 1920s beauty, who had inspired Andre Breton to write a book on her. The woman disappears mysteriously, and Nishant undertakes a journey to the Ganga, for which Jaya had an obsessive love. On the river he meets Zehra, a poet and dancer who reminds him of Jaya. He persuades her to leave her brothel and join him on his journey down the Ganga."

Massey Sahib 02:05:48

Massey Sahib

Of Indian origin, Francis Massey believes that he is closer to the British colonialists. Self-assured Massey dresses like a British bureaucrat. When the new Deputy High Commissioner arrives, he finds Massey to be a corrupt person. Massey is dreaming of marrying a tribal girl Saila, some day.

Godam 02:19:36


The film opens with a wedding procession followed by the ritual sacrifice of a sheep and invocation to God. A teenage bride, Yesu has been married to the mentally retarded son of a lecherous old man. On the night of the wedding, the father-in-law tries to rape Yesu and in the scuffle he is killed. A frightened Yesu runs away and hides in an abandoned warehouse. The very next day a new warehouse keeper Edekar and his attendant Dharma, take charge of the warehouse. Yesu is discovered hiding behind some old bags of wheat. They feed her and let her stay for the night, but Edekar is afraid of giving refuge to the girl. As time passes, Dharma becomes friendly with herl and develops a protective attitude. His head office decides to send truckloads of food grain to the warehouse. Edekar is scared of the girl being found out. He starts drinking heavily and losing his sanity. Finally, in a fit of drunken fury, he ask Yesu to leave immediately. Back to his room he suffers from hallucinations about Yesu and the impending arrival of trucks. He runs to the warehouse. When he opens the door, he finds that Yesu has hanged herself.

Pestonjee 01:59:48


"Piroj and Pestonjee are two friends who get along well in spite of being so different in temperament. Piroj, an accountant, is reserved while Pestonjee, is an extrovert. Jeroo, a pretty girl and of marriageable age, is shown to both Piroj and Pestonjee on separate occasions. While Piroj dithers about marrying her, Pestonjee instantly makes up his mind, unaware that his friend has also seen and liked the same girl. Piroj is hurt, but it does not mar their friendship. Piroj is transferred to Bhusaval but continues to keep in touch. On a brief visit to Bombay he is shattered to discover that the marriage is on the verge of collapse."

PADATIK 01:29:07


A political activist escapes the prison van and is sheltered in a posh apartment owned by a sensitive young woman. Both are rebels: the activist against political treachery and the other on a social level. Both are bitter about badly organized state of things. Being in solitary confinement, the fugitive engages himself in self-criticism and, in the process, questions the leadership. Questions are not allowed, obeying is mandatory. Displeasure leads to bitterness, bitterness to total rift. The struggle has to continue, both for the political activist, now segregated, and the woman in exile.

DUVIDHA 01:17:01


A girl Lachhi, is married to a merchant’s son, Kishanlal. He brings her to his village but leaves her immediately to go away on business. Lachhi is left to her own devices. Meanwhile a ghost falls in love with her and assumes the form of her husband and begins to live with her. Soon she finds herself pregnant with a child. The husband returns…a dilemma arises… The film moves on two planes – inside-outside, dark-light – a structure that exists in the folk tales and myths the world over.

KASBA 01:50:15


Maniram, the patriarch has amassed wealth by dubious means. He gets Tejo, a very beautiful woman, to marry his younger son. Intelligent Tejo gradually takes over her father-in-law’s business. Maniram remarries and in the meanwhile, his city-based elder son arrives to create a crisis, which eventually leads to Tejo’s sway over the family.



"Sridhar Ranjan, a social activist, is missing in action in Majuli – the largest inhabited river island in the world. Seven years later, Sridhar is about to be officially declared dead when his friend, Abhijit Shandilya, a journalist, goes from Mumbai to Majuli in search of him. In Majuli, Abhijit finds himself to be a stranger of sorts in a place that is infested with terrorists and where both the police and the terrorists seem to be suspicious of him. His only hope is the beautiful local guide, Sudakshina. But like the unpredictable river Brahmaputra, her existence has unseen undercurrents. Will Abhijit be able to solve the mystery? Is he walking down the same path as his friend, Sridhar Ranjan? Does a similar fate await him as the river flows?"

The Royal Gemilang Cup 2020 07:25:39

The Royal Gemilang Cup 2020

The Royal Gemilang Cup Finals

FIVE BY FOUR 01:25:44


Five By Four is the story of five women. All smart, intelligent and very aware.The film is laid out like a novel; it has a prologue, main story and epilogue. The main story is broken into four small stories. While each story concentrates on individual characters, it also follows the lives of the girls. As each story flows into the next, each of the girls take turns at becoming the protagonist, while the others play a guest role.

RUI KA BOJH 01:50:39


"Kishunsah is a self-respecting, wise old man who decides to divide his property among his family the moment he suspects that all is not well between his sons and daughter-in-law. After the division, Kishunsah settles down with his youngest son, but his tranquil life comes to an end sooner than expected. He has to face the rewards of old age – the humiliation, the insults. He has no value now. One day he is thrown into the junk room to live. He feels completely detached from the family and decides to snap all ties and renounce the world forever."

Triyacharitra 02:01:29


A daughter of poor parents was engaged to a man when she was 13. The man is away working in Calcutta. In the meanwhile, she befriends a truck-driver who promises her parents a huge amount of money. The girl is snatched away by her father-in-law and raped by him. But she is punished for his crime.

Jeevan Smriti 01:13:02

Jeevan Smriti

Tagore’s attaining of a unified vision of internationalism in a period of colonialism was no mean achievement. Growing up in the capital city of our erstwhile British masters, a motherless child sequestered in an opulent zamindar mansion, he was cared for perfunctorily by maids and man-servants, and largely left to his own devices. He ran away from school time and again, mostly out of boredom, and had eventually to be tutored at home with no fixed curriculum. Right from Tagore’s early childhood to his late years the film beautifully captures the thinking, feeling, loving human being, in love with the world and all its living creatures.

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ASUS ROG Gaming Cup Grand Final 2020


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Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 1

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Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 4 01:53:26

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 4

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 5 59:10

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 5

PUBG with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 6 01:54:30

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 6

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 7 01:01:42

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 7

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 8 01:45:44

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 8

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 9 01:45:17

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 9

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 10 27:25

Mili Kya Mili 2020 Chapter 10

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 11 02:26:43

Mili Kya MIli 2020 Chapter 11

Counter Strike with @Mili kya Mili Live

GAMAN 01:53:26


With hopes to improve an impoverished lifestyle in Lucknow, Ghulam Hasan, on the insistent advice of his friend, Lalulal, shifts to Mumbai, leaving an ailing mother and his wife behind in Lucknow. His friend helps him get a job as a taxi cleaner. After months, despite his best efforts, he is unable to make it to Lucknow to visit his family. Lalulal meanwhile is dealing with his own set of troubles with his sweetheart Yashodhra, with the pair of them struggling to rent a decent apartment in the city. It is a story of struggle in the city of dreams. Is it really a city of dreams or is it a city that traps you, always keeps your dream just within reach whereas it is constantly deluding you.



A story based on a custom called Natha Pratha, which states that for any reason, if a woman wants to leave her husband, her father or any other person who supports her, has to pay compensation to her husband. If the said amount cannot be paid, villagers punish the woman. On the contrary, if a husband wants to leave his wife, he need not give any reason or explanation for doing so. One tortured woman throws away her inhibitions and stands up against this custom and gives a new definition to womanhood

PAAR 02:03:56


"A landlord orders the murder of a benevolent schoolmaster whose progressive influence seems to be sinking in. A very poor labourer Naurangia retaliates by murdering the landlord’s brother. This turns him and his wife into fugitives overnight. After struggling for sustenance elsewhere, they decide to return home but an insurmountable task awaits them – that of crossing the wide and treacherously swift river. How Naurangia and a heavily pregnant Rama cross the river to return home to safety is what Paar as a movie takes you through."

Adi Shankaracharya 02:39:54

Adi Shankaracharya

The first Indian movie to be made in Sanskrit, the film depicts the life and times of 8th century Indian philosopher Adi Shankaracharya – the founder of the non-duality (Advaita) school of Indian philosophy.

Fragmasters CODM Grand Final 2020 04:40:48
Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Grand Finals 1 03:05:21

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Grand Finals 1

Ramadan Gaming Championship R6S | Grand-Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Grand Finals 2 02:15:57

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Grand Finals 2

Ramadan Gaming Championship R6S | Grand-Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Semi Finals 1 06:23:38

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Semi Finals 1

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege | Semi-Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Semi Finals 2 02:16:34

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege Semi Finals 2

Ramadan Gaming Championship Rainbow Six Siege | Semi-Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SOLO Grand Finals 05:59:40

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SOLO Grand Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBG Mobile Solo

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SQUAD Grand Finals 05:49:25

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SQUAD Grand Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBG Mobile Squad



"Ambi comes to Kumbakonam from Delhi and is shocked to see Vembu Iyer, his Vedic scholar father, unable to recognize his own son. Ambi learns from his mother that Vembu Iyer has retreated into silence ever since he heard about his son’s unhappy marriage. Gradually the old man’s self-guilt begins to surface."

27 Down 01:49:03

27 Down

27 Down is the story of Sanjay and how all his life’s decisions,choices, hopes and aspirations are crushed under the dogmatic influence of his domineering father. Sanjay gets a chance at life to at once not heed his father and choose a life of his own, but he lets it pass.



Born in Maharashtra in an unknown dhangar (shephard) family in the late 1720s, Ahilya became the daughter-in-law of Malharrao Holkar, the first Maratha Subhedar (Governor) of Malwa in Central India. Malharrao had already departed from the prevailing wisdom of the times by creating an independent financial account in the name of Gautambai, his wife and mother of Khanderao. Ahilya subsequently inherited this account and built her Empire of Charities all over the sub-continent and well beyond the boundaries of Malwa. Her other mother-in-law Harkubai, also contributed to her growth by transforming Ahilya from a simple village girl into a noble ruler with rare social and political acumen.

Arunoday 01:21:15


Inspector Joshi is a grieving father searching for his daughter Aruna, kidnapped years ago when she was six. In his despair, life converges with a recurring dream in which Joshi pursues a shadowy figure who leads him to ‘Paradise’, a nightclub where teenage girls dance to a leering crowd. He is convinced he will find Aruna there and vows to bring her back to Leela, his broken wife.

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SQUAD Semi Finals 07:08:44

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUBGM SQUAD Semi Finals

Ramadan Gaming Championship PUGBM SQUAD | Semi-Finals

Viewsonic Hearthstone Finals 03:29:41

Viewsonic Hearthstone Finals

Hearthstone GCC Finals

Hearthstone Qualifiers 03:32:47

Hearthstone Qualifiers

Hearthstone Qualifiers

Playtonia Middle East Hearthstone Tournament 03:34:50
HUMAN vs AI Overwatch 1v1 Middle East Qualifiers 01:25:31

HUMAN vs AI Overwatch 1v1 Middle East Qualifiers

HUMANvsAI Overwatch 1v1 Middle East Qualifiers

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 1 01:44:48

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 1

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 2 01:03:14

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 2

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 3 01:45:27

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 3

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 4 02:00:15

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 4

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 5 02:00:22

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 5

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 6 02:01:08

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 6

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 7 40:00

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 7

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 8 56:56

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 8

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 9 59:28

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 9

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 10 20:40

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 10

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 1 01:37:49

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 1

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 2 02:03:39

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 2

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 11 02:47:25

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 11

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 12 02:04:52

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 12

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 13 38:11

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 13

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 14 13:10

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 14

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 3 01:19:29

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 3

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 4 01:57:00

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 4

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 5 01:58:37

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 5

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 7 02:00:39

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 7

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 8 02:07:08

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 8

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 9 02:15:39

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 9

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 10 01:56:57

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 10

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 6 01:55:29

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 6

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 15 02:01:52

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 15

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 11 02:00:25

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 11

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 12 01:54:33

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 12

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 13 02:06:47

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 13

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 14 01:55:25

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 14

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 15 02:11:18

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 15

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 16 02:07:47

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 16

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 17 01:14:13

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 17

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 19 01:41:13

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 19

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 20 12:06

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 20

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 22 02:08:31

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 22

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 23 02:11:20

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 23

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 24 02:16:43

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 24

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 25 02:07:56

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 25

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 26 02:07:04

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 26

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 27 02:06:38

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 27

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 28 02:08:31

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 28

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 29 01:59:15

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 29

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 30 02:00:18

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 30

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 31 02:10:56

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 31

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 33 02:25:09

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 33

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 32 02:02:42

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 32

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 18 02:19:08

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 18

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 21 01:58:32

Live With Gaming Aura 2020 Chapter 21

Free Fire Live with @Gaming Aura​

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 16 01:40:38

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 16

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 17 01:10:17

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 17

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming Chapter 18 02:11:13

Live With Arrow Gaming Chapter 18

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 19 01:06:21

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 19

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 21 02:00:23

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 21

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 20 42:22

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 20

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 22 02:02:46

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 22

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 23 02:01:16

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 23

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 2 56:43

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 2

Conquerors Insignia 2019 - Decider Qualifiers

Direkt Dota 2 44:44

Direkt Dota 2

Dota 2 (Lp Stream 1 )

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 3 07:55:33

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 3

Conquerors Insignia 2019 - Decider Qualifiers

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 4 05:41:11

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 4

Conquerors Insignia 2019 - Decider Qualifiers

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 1 06:25:25

Conquerors Insignia 2019 Chapter 1

Conquerors Insignia 2019 - Decider Qualifiers | Asian Sub-Continent

Guest iin London 02:06:55

Guest iin London

Aryan is in a live-in relationship with his partner Anaya in London. However, problems arise when Gangasharan and Guddi, their uncle and aunt from India, come to their house uninvited.

Aatma 01:30:48


After losing the custody of his daughter Nia to his wife, Maya, Abhay dies in a car accident. However, his spirit continues to haunt their happy and peaceful life.

The Answer 01:50:38

The Answer

The Answer’ tells the powerful true story of an American, James Donald Walters. The film portrays his youthful quest for truth, which took him from his birthplace in Romania, to Switzerland and England, as far as the United States, where in 1948 in Hollywood, California he has the extraordinary meeting with Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian Master, author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi'. Young Donald - later Swami Kriyananda - is immediately accepted as disciple and so his amazing spiritual journey begins.

Ek Yodha Shoorveer 02:27:08

Ek Yodha Shoorveer

Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar, a warrior in 16th century Kerala wants to avenge his father killed in a confrontation with Vasco da Gama and his troops and is assisted by his best friend Vavvali and warrior princess Ayesha.

Badass Monster killer 01:34:00

Badass Monster killer

On the trashy side of Camaroville, there's a mob turf war going down, but the new gang in town ain't content with merely controlling the local dope and sex trade. They are also mixed up with dangerous black magic, intent on resurrecting hideous demon-gods who have waited centuries for the chance to eat all our souls and enslave mankind! These blasphemous bad guys need stopping, and Jimmy Chevelle, agent of The Department of Supernatural Security, is just the cat to do the stopping. He hasn't let the man keep him down, and he's certainly not going to let some sinister shape-shifting suckas destroy the earth, and all of its foxy, foxy chicks, if HE can help it. But can he stop the gangster cult's evil plans in time? Get ready for a freaky, funky thrill ride with demonic pimps, kung fu super foxes and terrible sanity-shattering extraterrestrial horrors from beyond space and time

Akaash Vani 02:21:02

Akaash Vani

After her lover, Akaash, goes to study abroad, Vani marries Ravi, an abusive man, due to societal pressure. She endures his exploitative behaviour until she meets Akaash again on a college reunion.

Diversion Chapter 1 01:05:42

Diversion Chapter 1

Diversion​ | Day 1 | Round of 64

Diversion Chapter 2 01:17:11

Diversion Chapter 2

Diversion​ | Day 1 | Round of 64

Diversion Chapter 3 01:17:43

Diversion Chapter 3

Diversion​ | Day 2 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 4 38:58

Diversion Chapter 4

Diversion​ | Day 2 | ROUND OF 64

Alone 01:58:25


Sanjana's life is ruined by the evil spirit of her conjoined twin who died during surgery. In the past, her sister Anjana was jealous of her boyfriend Kabir and now seeks to steal her husband.

Aakrosh 02:25:07


Aakrosh is a 2010 Hindi action thriller film starring Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal, and Reema Sen. Three friends go missing from a village during their trip. The students union demands an inquiry for this and the police are forced to form a special team to investigate in this matter. Officers Siddanth and Pratap are sent to the village to investigate the case. Will they be able to find the students?

Reevolution 01:37:54


The most sensational 'media crime' investigation of history has started. In RE-EVOLUTION the flashbacks and the interrogatories weave, challenging the audience to rebuild the story of four suspects accused of having freed humanity

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 24 02:01:16

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 24

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 25 01:09:46

Live With Arrow Gaming 2020 Chapter 25

Free Fire Live With Arrow Gaming

Diversion Chapter 5 50:48

Diversion Chapter 5

#Diversion​ | Day 3 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 6 35:50

Diversion Chapter 6

#Diversion​ | Day 3 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 7 49:55

Diversion Chapter 7

#Diversion​ | Day 4 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 8 54:32

Diversion Chapter 8

#Diversion​ | Day 4 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 9 53:03

Diversion Chapter 9

#Diversion​ | Day 5 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 10 56:23

Diversion Chapter 10

#Diversion​ | Day 5 | ROUND OF 64

Diversion Chapter 11 02:25:23

Diversion Chapter 11

#Diversion​ | Day 6 | ROUND OF 32

Diversion Chapter 12 01:57:52

Diversion Chapter 12

#Diversion​ | Day 7 | ROUND OF 32

Diversion Chapter 13 00:02

Diversion Chapter 13

#Diversion​ | Day 8 | ROUND OF 32

Strait and Narrow 01:55:23

Strait and Narrow

A decorated Marine wages war against a Chicago crime lord to protect his ill daughter.

Kajarya 01:43:54


Set in the present times against two backdrops, New Delhi with its shining buildings and apparent cosmopolitan veneer, thinly veils an underbelly of crimes against women and corruption at all levels. And a small village just 80 kilometers from New Delhi that is stuck in a time warp. Kajarya a woman in her early thirties has a strange but important place in the village social structure; she murders unwanted girl infants in the garb of religion. Meera is a rookie reporter

Escape From Earth 01:22:45

Escape From Earth

In the future Saturn's moon of Titan houses a prison where Earth's worst criminals are kept awaiting their return to Earth for trial and execution. One of those criminals, Python Diamond, is being flown back to Earth, escorted by five members of the military police. Upon their return to Earth, they find that a cataclysmic nuclear war has reduced the world to a near-lifeless husk. Searching for survivors and any clue as to the cause of the destruction leads the six to a warehouse bunker housing scientists who constitute Earth's last remaining hope for the future. Unfortunately, their landing spacecraft drew the attention of one of the gangs that roam the ruined countryside in search of food and resources, leading them straight to the carefully hidden and well-provisioned shelter. The gang lays siege to the warehouse, fighting their way inside in a bloody battle that takes lives on both sides.

Donny Bonzo 07:28

Donny Bonzo

Donny Bonzo is a short film on casting for a film and how you need to become lucky sometime with your presence of mind. Witness fate, destiny and luck cross path.

Story is in Tails 07:02

Story is in Tails

Life of a celebrity named Mirza is in news for wrong reasons as a guy claims himself to be his illegitmate son. The guy find a photograph of his childhood after his mother's dead in which Mirza is standing holding him in his arms along with his mother in the Burkha. The guy share the photo with the media as a proof and the photo further goes viral and becomes a point of discussion on the news channel. The story revolves around the plot of illegitimate child and life . The 7 min drama shows that every story has a different sides of the story.

Coffee ? 44:00

Coffee ?

The movie portrays insecurities and fight back spirit of the human minds.

Love Connection 03:11

Love Connection

A guy who loves a robot girl…..

Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye 02:23:49

Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye | Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye is a Bhojpuri movie starring Kajal Raghwani, Khesari Lal Yadav and Madhu Sharma in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Rajnish Mishra with Abhay Sinha & Prashant Jammuwalla as producers, forming part of the crew.

Dilwala 02:37:57


Dilwala - Superhit Bhojpuri Movie - A joint family gets separated when the eldest son marries his employer's daughter and the second son decides to go abroad. The youngest son takes care of his parents and brings the family together.

Deewane 02:15:42


Deewane | Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Deewana, a rebellious young man, is madly in love with Kiran and the couple is all set to marry. An evil man, Thakur, however, sets his eyes on Kiran and plots to separate the couple.

The Doubt 17:27

The Doubt

The Doubt’ is the story of two friends who meet in Mumbai after a long time and one of them meets a girl in an elevator who hands him a letter which turns his life around. It’s about what goes around comes around so keep your karma right.

Permission 05:24


A short movie depicts permission which is very necessary before any act, which people generally take as granted. you can fall into a very awkward situation and a normal person can give you a befitting tit for tat lesson..in this movie a person takes granted everything in his favour but when he comes in a situation where he loses his instinct, and what he realized after that is changeover his attitude towards life...

RAJA BABU 02:55:39


Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Raja Babu is a Bhojpuri movie released on 14 August, 2015. The movie is directed by Manjul Thakur and featured Amrapali Dubey, Dinesh Lal Yadav and Sanjay Pandey as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Raja Babu are Monalisa.

Laagi Nahi Chhute Rama 02:05:55

Laagi Nahi Chhute Rama

Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Laagi Nahi Chhute Ram is 1963 Bhojpuri film directed by Kundan Kumar. The film produced by R. Tiwari and written by Nazir Hussain. The film stars Nazir Hussain and Kumkum. The film music was produced by Chitragupta

Gadar 02:25:45


Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Gadar is a Bhojpuri movie starring Pawan Singh & Mahi Khan in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Ramakant Prasad.

Ziddi 02:27:02


Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - Ziddi is a Bhojpuri movie starring Pawan Singh and Viraj Bhatt in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Balkar Singh Bali.

Dattak 01:58:56


Sunil, an NRI married to an American girl is returning to Kolkata after 15 years to see his father who has never reconciled to his marriage. A shock awaits him when he learns that his father has disappeared and no one knows where he has gone. The only people who could know are his sister Ruma who lives in Banaras, his younger brother Anil in Mumbai and their old servant Sambhu. With a deep sense of guilt Sunil hits upon a clue that suggests his father had spent the last few years at an old age home near Kolkata. The final blow is the discovery that his father had died a few months earlier and had been cremated because no one had claimed the body. It is at the home that Sunil meets Satyababu, who tells him that his father cared more for his children than they did for him.

Ek Din Achanak 01:42:24

Ek Din Achanak

Calcutta – one day the city is crippled by a heavy downpour. Everything goes topsy-turvy. A professor who has gone out for a while doesn’t return home for months, leaving his family in great anxiety. In the vacuum created by his absence, the family finds itself trapped in a new emotional world.

Main Hoon Hero No 1 02:36:49

Main Hoon Hero No 1

SUPER HIT BHOJPURI MOVIE - A young man fights against the swindler who attempts to cheat him. On the other hand, he also faces trouble in his marriage because of his mother-in-law.

Truck Driver 2 02:21:54

Truck Driver 2

Super Hit Bhojpuri Movie - A truck driver saves Naina from goons who harass her. She falls in love with him when he financially supports her.

Main Sehra Bandh Ke Aaunga 02:40:37

Main Sehra Bandh Ke Aaunga

Super-Hit Bhojpuri Film - This is a romantic comedy revolving around Raju, the youngest of three brothers. He falls in love with Pooja and they face many difficulties as another man approaches her with a proposal.

Bolo Garv Se Vande mataram 01:51:32

Bolo Garv Se Vande mataram

Superhit Bhojpuri Film - Bolo Garv Se Vande Mataram Starring Pramod Premi & Kanak Pandey

Kacche Dhaage 02:41:52

Kacche Dhaage

Superhit Bhojpuri Film - A money-minded mother favours her biological son and despises her adopted son. An argument between the brothers worsens the matter.

Hathkadi 02:04:23


Superhit Bhojpuri Film - Two righteous brothers, Vijay and Shakti Singh, set out to bring hardened criminal Balwant Singh to justice and reduce the crime rate in the city.

Call Pe Murder 06:45

Call Pe Murder

Watch short film Call Pe Murder starring Tarun Upreti, Ranjeet Singh, Keshav Mittal and directed by Tarun Upreti.

Pawan Putra 02:18:27

Pawan Putra

SUPER HIT BHOJPURI MOVIE - Pawan Putra - Pawan, whose mother despises him, falls for a girl from the village but has to fight some hooligans who try to harm him and his family.

She's D One 09:31

She's D One

"She’s D One is a romantic film with a twist. Shaurya finds love after a long sabbatical, He meets Shruti over a coffee date and is absolutely smitten by her wit and tongue-in-cheek humour. They enjoy their evening and sparks fly. Shruti falls head over heels for Shaurya and waits to start the rest of her life. with him."

Love Eternal 08:09

Love Eternal

Karan remembers his loving moments with his wife Meera and he misses her terribly. But is it his dream or is there a mystery to it? Love Eternal is a story about love, passion, and sorrow.

SANGHARSH 02:29:39


SUPER HIT BHOJPURI MOVIE - SANGHARSH - The clash between the opinions of two men reveals the oppressive attitudes of a patriarchal society and its impact on women.

Prem Geet 02:03:07

Prem Geet

An army officer in love with a girl throws a challenge to those opposing his relationship and also decides to teach a lesson to anti-social elements.



Movie starring Sunil Sagar, Rani Chatterjee and is directed by Nand Kishor Mahto

The Virgins 19:08

The Virgins

The Virgins has made it to the FilmFare Shortfilm Awards 2017 finalists. Please vote for us at the link below to make us win the peoples choice award.

The Dinner 07:53

The Dinner

"They walked in for dinner. They didn't know their relationship was on the menu... An exploration of our current views on relationships. But what if your better half wanted something else...or someone else."



Siddharth and Shalaka are a newly married couple living in a joint family, in a small traditional living quarter which is part of a larger structure called a chawl. The cramped house doesn’t give any privacy to anyone but over time people learn to deal with it. Everyone knows. Everyone can hear. A quest to find intimacy amongst the multitude becomes insurmountable.Is this crowded city able to give up space for that embrace? A short film about finding your corner where every emotion is in your face and yet…. you are anonymous!!

Butnama 22:51


Rinku, a fifth generation descendant of princelings, runs a lingerie shop in a middle class Mumbai suburb. He lives alone and his only close friend is Bishnu, the neighborhood security guard. Bishnu is fascinated by the shop mannequin. He imagines that Rinku has an erotic relationship with 'her'. But Rinku longs for love and respect from a real woman. Is an illusory companion all that he shall ever have?

Baby Steps 09:40

Baby Steps

Communication is the backbone of any relationship. We might not always agree with the other person's decisions but we can always works towards accepting them. Baby Steps is a sweet simple story of a mother and son coming to terms with the decisions regarding their personal life.

Ankahee Baatein 17:35

Ankahee Baatein

Love is the most sought after feelings of our times, it is one of the most fragile relationship in today’s time because it is the most over looked one. In a city which is always in a rush, people tend to forget that somewhere someone is waiting for them , is thinking of them or is expecting a simple text message. And when that person feels unloved, he or she tends seek it out somewhere else. It is between these gaps that heartbreaks happen and people drift apart. This is what happened with Asmita and Sudhir. Asmita is a 32 year old successful play writer and director. One day while helping her friend out in the night she meets Sudhir, her 38 year old ex husband and from there starts the journey of so many unsaid answers between the two. Both have an option of leaving at any point of time. But that night they decide to face the undercurrent questions and dilemmas both have been facing for so long. They are breaking the silence they have been holding on to for so long after their divorce. None of them is right, none of them is wrong, it’s just that the words lost their meaning to the time and both of them became vulnerable to their own insecurities. Asmita started seeking out Sudhir in someone else and Sudhir got busy in his work and forgot about the relationship. Probably Sudhir didn’t have the strength to make it work, probably Asmita she was tired of waiting for Sudhir. Or both of them became to afraid to say their heart out to each other. What will this night be to them, a reunion or a happy goodbye?

Aadat 13:52


A loving couple goes through a difficult time when a problem with the husband starts affecting their relationship.

Ek Mulaqat 07:29

Ek Mulaqat

Avi and Nikita are two strangers who meet at a party and a random conversation between the two leads to an interesting evening. While the evening comes to an end, they part ways carrying their unsaid, undeciphered feelings. Was this their last encounter? Or will they meet again? Where will this lead to? A spark of a new connection or an unexpected something. Ek Mulaqat is a modern-day slice of life film which explores contemporary choices and relationships.

The Nesting Doll 20:18

The Nesting Doll

The woman is home alone? Is everything all right? What is she looking for? Is it easy to let go? Illusion versus reality- a conundrum! The woman pines, she loves, she is frivolous, she is just herself... Or is she? Find out!

The Itch 16:21

The Itch

Sambhu, a man in his early 40's, wakes up one morning to discover that he has got a disease, an itch all over his body. Around night time the itch increases and Sambhu discovers that no treatment can help him other than...

Alisha 20:01


He is meeting his childhood crush. She is meeting the guy who was crazy about her. After years. What would it lead to? Confusion? Awkwardness? Misunderstanding? Maybe, love? Or, something else?

Lahoo Pukarela 02:18:00

Lahoo Pukarela

Khesari Lal & Anjana Singh Superhit Bhojpuri Movie | LAHU_PUKARELA

Loha Pehelwan 02:33:36

Loha Pehelwan

A young and honest police officer must defend his love while protecting the people from the draconian reign of Pahalwan.

Stuck with Stupid - Neighbourhood Thief 08:26

Stuck with Stupid - Neighbourhood Thief

A young girl learns about what we give and what we take, and that beyond the stresses of this world, when we give love we often get it back in unexpected ways.

Silent Types 12:48

Silent Types

Alex is a happy go lucky, 31 year old. On his parents behest he goes to meet his best friend Shikha who is trying to coax him into marriage, which is something Alex is against. What happens next forms the backdrop of Silent Types, a story of how destiny can change our best laid plans in a moment for the better.

About Them 24:13

About Them

A daughter’s desperate need to learn how to ride a bicycle gives a father an opportunity to not just teach her but learn from her as well.



Lallu Ki Laila is a 2019 Indian, Bhojpuri language comedy romance drama film directed by Sushil Kumar Upadhyay and produced by Ratnakar Kumar with co-produced by Sushil Singh and Prakash Jais under banner of "Worldwide Channel

VEERO KE VEER 02:20:03


SUPER HIT BHOJPURI MOVIE - Veero Ke Veer is starring Nivedan Chaudhary and Akanksha Dubey in prominent roles. It is an action drama directed by Manoj Narayan Shanu.

Nachaniyaa 02:20


SUPER HIT BHOJPURI FILM - ‘Nachaniya’ is based on how people perceive art and even in today's time look down upon all those who opt for dance as their professional choice



SUPER HIT BHOJPURI MOVIE - An Indian commando officer is sent to Nepal on a special mission after the Indian intelligence agency receives information about a prominent attack on the Indian foreign minister.

Baaghi- Ek Yoddha 02:33:17

Baaghi- Ek Yoddha

Baaghi- Ek Yoddha is a 2019 Indian, Bhojpuri language action romance drama film directed by Shekhar Sharma, starring Khesari Lal Yadav, Kajal Raghwani, Ritu Singh

Laagi Tohse Lagan 02:24:41

Laagi Tohse Lagan

SUPER HIT BHOJPURI FILM - Laagi Tohse Lagan is a Bhojpuri movie, Yash Kumar Mishra, Kajal Raghwani, Viraj Bhatt and Aanara Gupta in lead roles. This film is Directed by Ravi H Kashyap and Produced by Santosh Kumar, Mumtaz Aalam.

Almost There 14:08

Almost There

Two lonely strangers desperate to cry find bizarre ways to get over their breakup one late night in Mumbai

Aparjita 15:45


A lonely man living with his house help, recalls his past relationship with a woman when she calls him one night. The protagonist finds himself preoccupied with memories of an unrequited romance, making the film a story of not only love, loss, longing and heartache, but, in so many ways, also of the overarching patterns of life that extend far beyond a romantic relationship - SHORTED

A Trial Before Monsoon 17:03

A Trial Before Monsoon

A lung cancer patient hires his suicidal daughter to be his divorce lawyer in order to achieve complete solitude before death.

Synchronicity 13:34


A fighter out to test his beliefs, his skills...to test himself. But outside the rings there are no rules, no referees and no timeouts. Will he able to survive the toughest fight of his life?

Train Crash 29:52

Train Crash

A man who believes solely in the thrill of illicit relationships has an experience that untwists his mind, when he encounters an enigmatic woman on a trip to an unknown location

Cot 16:32


A newly married couple are keen to enjoy the pleasures of sex but their old cot is a squeaker! He can't proceed as he imagines the whole world hearing and watching them in the act. But he's also scared that his wife believes his 'skills' are deteriorating. Our hero realizes that he will have to buy a new cot but can he convince his old fashioned 'head-of-the-house' father?

Yeh Kaisa Khiladi 01:29:57

Yeh Kaisa Khiladi

The story revolves around Nandan (Deepak) who is supposedly the most unlucky fellow one can come across. Nandan's life revolves only around two things copying his idol Akshay kumar and his second love Gambling. Nandan strongly believes in the notion that luck can change overnight and one day he gets a chance of changing his luck when unknowingly he receives a message from destiny itself and all that destiny has to offer this common man is an uncommon game, the message tells him that he has entered an enigmatic game show "Death wish" which states that he can win a sweet amount of money if the person mentioned in the message dies at a given time, this is what forms the crux of the story that will Nandan play this game of life and luck or will he go on living his usual normal life.

Faactory 01:33:32


Yash falls in love with Natasha but is not able to profess his feelings to her. A few years later, he stalks and kidnaps her. Will they fall in love or will his obsession increase with time.

Himachal Pradesh - Safar 01:55

Himachal Pradesh - Safar

This video is all about the love of a traveller wandering with the nature with cinematic visuals in a poetic approach. Zindagi ek safar, aur main iska musafir.

Paanibaba 02:23


Simon Oraon Minj, popularly known as the Waterman of Jharkhand in the media and Simon Baba among his villagers, is an Indian environmentalist and social worker, who is known to have worked to combat drought in the state of Jharkhand.

Periods 09:38


A woman's beautiful journey through the most difficult times of the month.

Realisation 21:06


Drugs are all around the world, everyone knows of someone who is suffering from drug addiction. This is sad but true. Addiction is nothing but voluntary madness. Realisation focuses on the current issues our youth is facing at present. The film gives a strong message and encourages the quotes NO DRUGS - NO SMOKING - QUIT ALCOHOL.Realisation is the story of a senior citizen who has strong objections towards usage of drugs and alcohol, forced to set up stringent rules for the tenants. What is the reason behind their such strange behaviour? The story unfolds the secret.

Om Shanti 22:46

Om Shanti

An agency called ‘Maut-E-Manzil’ Tours and Travels kidnap people and offer traveling across the world, but the criteria for the tour are the person who will apply; he/she has to die. Isha Agarwal (a female prey) gets trapped by the agency, just for sharing a post that seems to be stressful about Isha's life. She gets kidnapped and trapped by the agency. They offer schemes to Isha and she tries every possible way to get out, it’s not that easy and simple. What will Isha choose and on the cost of what?

Deal Done 2 19:00

Deal Done 2

Deal Done 2 showcases that men too face harassment and 498A law has made life extremely difficult for them in India.

Nobody Is Alone 08:00

Nobody Is Alone

Nobody is alone depicts we are never alone and have our own companions.

Method In Multishade 01:30:00

Method In Multishade

It all starts with ""ACTION"" and ends with ""CUT"". Mithun, 5ft 4 inches short in height, not so good looking guy uses Method Acting in his day to day life to improve his acting skills. The journey of the Mithun starts with struggle and a series of mishaps around him and to which he tackles using Method Acting. In order to forget his problems which are causing him depression and self-doubts, Mithun adopts method acting in a way he forgets his own reality when he enters into a character saying ""Action"" and doesn't leave that character unless someone yells or says ""Cut"".In this journey/film Mithun undergoes self-training and adopts method acting in every moment which leads him to play over 19 characters in one single film.

Boond 27:00


The story revolves around that timeless and controversial concept of power. The story is a powerful and graphic representation of power and its ability to corrupt. The movie set in a remote and parched village in India sometime in the future serves

Raja Ji I Love You 02:26:33

Raja Ji I Love You

Watch this Superhit Bhojpuri Romantic Drama starring Yash Mishra, Anjana Singh, Pakhi Hegde & Seema Singh

Raja Ke Rani Se Pyar Ho Gail 02:23:05

Raja Ke Rani Se Pyar Ho Gail

Watch this Superhit Bhojpuri Romantic Drama starring Praveshlal Yadav, Shubhi Sharma, Megha Ghosh and Sanjay Pandey

Saving Sita 20:01

Saving Sita

The Film is a struggle of an inferior to 'untag' and the stubbornness of the superior to keep the 'tag' intact. Will truth win or the tradition?

A city and the girl 12:29

A city and the girl

An innocent and naive small-town girl comes to the city and finds her source of happiness.