Time Machine (French)

U/A 7+ • Non Fiction • Adventure • science fiction • 2015

The Time TravelersA genius scientist Kartik Devraj KD brings together a group of strangers to travel back in time to accomplish tasks in the past. KD ropes in Adheer, the master thief, Roshni, the inventive hacker and Dev, the angry ganglord. KD wants them to travel back in time through the time machine he invented and seek out lost treasures and artifacts lost in history.The 3 accomplices, masters of their own skill, begin their adventure through time. But, unknown to them is the real reason why KD is making them do this. Stooges in a larger plot, the show takes us on a fantastic journey of different eras in the Indian history with great action and adventure.As the season unfolds, the mystery behind the real mission begins to unravel. But will their clock run out before the mission is completed

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    E1 Mandala (French)
    42 min

    Meet the trio, Adheer an ace thief, Roshni a history geek and Dev a ganglord in Gurgaon. A renowned scientist, Kartik Devraj, a.k.a KD captures the three and warns how theyd only be let free after the missions completion. With KDs invention of a time machine, the trio is transported to 19th century Bengal. Saving a widowed queen from committing sati, retrieving her priceless necklace and returning to the future, the trio realize that this is just the beginning of their secret mission.

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    E2 Gaddar (French)
    44 min

    Dev, Roshni, and Adheer are introduced to their first mission – stealing the Jade Tiger. The Jade Tiger was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Tipu Sultan. They timetravelled to 1799, the time when Mysore was under siege. They were, at last, able to finish the mission. But before they could be happy about their first success, Adheer deceives the rest of the team members and returns to 2014 with the treasure, alone.

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    E3 Ghulam (French)
    42 min

    Adheer returns to the present but is forced to go back to 1799 and get back his other team members from the warzone, for the sake of his own life. The team was not yet able to overcome what Adheer did and there was already another mission waiting for them. The end of this mission resulted in two things – a successful robbery, and the restoration of Adheers faith in heroism and bravery.

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    E4 Akbar Nama (French)
    43 min

    The mission to replace the original copy of the Akbarnama with a fake takes the trio on a whirlwind adventure of rescue, humiliation, anger and deceit.



Release Date

07 July 2015


Non Fiction, Adventure, science fiction