E43 - Mata Ki Mahima

U • Devotional • 2024

We see that Indrayani finds a book of mantra to trap Matarani. Parallelly we see that Varuni is asked to prove herself by doing the task given by naren’s grandmother. We see that Varuni succeeds in everything but Matarani does her magic and she falls down and her task is lost.

Cast: Pari, Monalisa

Director: Aakhilesh Bhagat

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    E1 - Mata Ki Mahima
    09 April 2024 | 32 min

    Indrayani plots to usurp Suman's home, thwarted by Mata Rani. Mahima is born with villagers' aid. After 8 years, Mahima and Suman confront Indrayani, fate entwined in their meeting.

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    E2 - Mata Ki Mahima
    10 April 2024 | 30 min

    Indrayani spots Mahima and finds necklace of Matarani. Gets intrigued, how is it possible to find Mata rani’s neckace. Suman spots her husband Naren and gets unrest, as she’s about to roll off the cliff Matarani saves Mahima and suman. Mahima is looking for her necklace which is in Nirupa’s hands.

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    E3 - Mata Ki Mahima
    11 April 2024 | 29 min

    Mahima pursues Nirupa's locket but can't enter. She prays to Mata Rani. Inside, Indrayani tortures Nirupa. Amidst a dust storm, thieves enter. Mahima intervenes, Mata Rani's miracle aids her in capturing them.

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    E4 - Mata Ki Mahima
    12 April 2024 | 24 min

    Indrayani discovers Mahima is Naren's daughter, deceives her to reach Suman. Planning to eliminate both, Anupam threatens Suman's life, while Mahima unwittingly conspires with Indrayani.

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    E5 - Mata Ki Mahima
    15 April 2024 | 24 min

    Naren is about to sign the papers when his father gets heart attack and he’s rushed to hospital where he finds Suman and the family is finally reunited. Unhappy about this Indrayani plants snake in Suman's room.

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    E6 - Mata Ki Mahima
    16 April 2024 | 24 min

    Naren is about to sign papers when his father has a heart attack. At the hospital, he finds Suman on a bed, reuniting the family. Indrayani, unhappy, plants a snake in Suman's room. The snake prepares to bite Suman.

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    E7 - Mata Ki Mahima
    17 April 2024 | 25 min

    The snake nearly bites Suman, but Mahima intervenes and is bitten instead. Naren miraculously saves them. Pandit ji reveals Mahima isn't Suman's child, confirmed by Jasoda. Indrayani expels Mahima.

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    E8 - Mata Ki Mahima
    18 April 2024 | 24 min

    Naren stops Indrayani from ousting Mahima, promising to find her a new home. Mahima's prayer to Mata Rani is halted by Indrayani's decree against it. Indrayani sends Bhootna to abduct Mahima, who tricks her into drinking spiked milk, causing her to faint.

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    E9 - Mata Ki Mahima
    19 April 2024 | 24 min

    Mahima, abducted by Bhootna, discovers other captives. Bhootna plans to exploit Mahima, but she escapes. Cornered, Bhootna prepares to kill her, intensifying the confrontation.

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    E10 - Mata Ki Mahima
    22 April 2024 | 24 min

    Bhootna vanquished by Mata Rani. Mahima, seeking solace, found at the idol. Indrayani plots anew. Anupam, complicit, traps Mahima in cold storage. Meanwhile, Indrayani probes Suman about the locker, weaving a sinister web of deceit and betrayal.

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    E11 - Mata Ki Mahima
    23 April 2024 | 24 min

    Anupam locks Mahima in a -20°C cold storage. Indrayani finds the locker, witnessing Suman walking. Mahima, freed by Mata Rani, returns home to witness Indrayani's push, causing Suman's fall.

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    E12 - Mata Ki Mahima
    24 April 2024 | 24 min

    Indrayani struggles to open the locker, realizing she needs Mahima's Mata Rani locket. Deceiving Mahima, she acquires it but is astonished to find Suman awake, moved by Mahima's devotion to Mata Rani.

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    E13 - Mata Ki Mahima
    25 April 2024 | 24 min

    We see that suman gets disturbed by finding out that she lost her child, mahima is stopped from telling her the truth and when mahima is alone indrayani makes her unconscious and asks Anupam ko give her a painful death. We see that Anupam shuts Mahima alive inside a wall.

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    E14 - Mata Ki Mahima
    26 April 2024 | 25 min

    Mahima imprisoned by Anupam, Indrayani challenges Mata Rani. Mata Rani transforms into Bhramari Devi, sending bees to rescue Mahima. Indrayani, enraged by the rescue, plots anew against Mahima and Suman.

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    E15 - Mata Ki Mahima
    29 April 2024 | 23 min

    Suman awakens and searches for her child, but Mahima avoids her per Naren's request. Indrayani plots to electrocute Mahima, but Mata Rani intervenes miraculously. Seeking answers, Indrayani consults an aghori about hidden forces in the house.

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    E16 - Mata Ki Mahima
    30 April 2024 | 24 min

    We see that Mahima decides that she will soon bring back Mata rani pooja in the house so that Suman gets well soon parallely we see that indrayani comes to house and announces herself as goddess and shows everyone portrait of herself where she’s dressed as mata rani. Mata raani gets angry and an earthquake happens.

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    E17 - Mata Ki Mahima
    01 May 2024 | 24 min

    We see that aghori shows indrayani ghada’s and tells her that she needs to use these to get control over the senses of the house members. Indrayani goes and makes naren and all eat spiked food due to which they get possessed.

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    E18 - Mata Ki Mahima
    02 May 2024 | 24 min

    Mahima thwarts black magic, protecting Naren. Indrayani's enraged and plots again, giving a cursed flower to Naren, who unknowingly passes it to Suman. Suman, possessed by Indrayani, tries to kill Mahima.

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    E19 - Mata Ki Mahima
    03 May 2024 | 24 min

    Mahima's quick thinking snaps Suman back to reality just as a fire erupts in Indrayani's empty room. With swift action, Mahima rescues Indrayani, stunning everyone. She attributes the miraculous save to Mata Raani, leaving all in awe.

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    E20 - Mata Ki Mahima
    06 May 2024 | 24 min

    Mahima and Suman's Mata Rani pooja angers Indrayani, who brings in Madan, claiming to be Suman's lover, causing chaos. Naren blames Mahima and Suman. Indrayani colludes with an Aghori to possess everyone, advancing her agenda.

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    E21 - Mata Ki Mahima
    07 May 2024 | 24 min

    Indrayani casts vashikaran on Naren, prompting him to attack Suman, but Mahima intervenes to save her. Mahima begins a ritual for Naren and Suman's well-being, but Indrayani disrupts it, making concentration difficult.

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    E22 - Mata Ki Mahima
    08 May 2024 | 24 min

    We see that Indrayani tries to stop mahima from worshiping but Mahima succeeds and brings Naren and Suman out of Vashikaran. Indrayani gets mahima kidnapped, and at home, Madan comes when Suman is alone.

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    E23 - Mata Ki Mahima
    09 May 2024 | 24 min

    Mahima escapes captivity and returns home. Indrayani plants doubt about Suman in Naren's mind. Suman observes silence (maun vrat), unable to defend herself..

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    E24 - Mata Ki Mahima
    10 May 2024

    Indrayani orders Mahima and Barkha's abduction, but Barkha's father rescues them. Back home, Indrayani decides to remove the Mata Rani idol since Mahima hasn't returned, only to be surprised by Mahima's sudden arrival.

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    E25 - Mata Ki Mahima
    13 May 2024 | 24 min

    Before Indrayani is caught for the kidnapping, the man is struck by black magic and collapses. Indrayani then forces Suman to choose between her family, Naren, and Mata Rani.

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    E26 - Mata Ki Mahima
    14 May 2024 | 22 min

    Suman chooses Mata Rani, prompting Indrayani to break her bangles and mangalsutra. Angered, Mata Rani causes heavy thundering, scaring Indrayani. Indrayani and an Aghori then summon Varuni to harm Mahima.

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    E27 - Mata Ki Mahima
    15 May 2024 | 22 min

    Indrayani doesn't contribute money for the Bhandara, but Mahima receives help from others to prepare food. Later, Varuni meets Naren, and he is completely charmed by her.

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    E28 - Mata Ki Mahima
    16 May 2024 | 22 min

    Naren falls under Varuni's influence. Mata Rani, disguised as an old lady, attends the Bhandara, but chaos ensues as young girls for the bhoj are missing. Mahima goes to fetch them but gets stuck.

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    E29 - Mata Ki Mahima
    17 May 2024 | 22 min

    We see that Mahima manages to bring girls for the Bhandara, whereas Indrayani and Varuni plan to make it unsuccessful. Suman brings food vessels and gets surprised to see that rice is over.

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    E30 - Mata Ki Mahima
    20 May 2024 | 21 min

    Matarani takes a bite of bhoj, and instantly, everyone feels their hunger vanish. Varuni then challenges Matarani, vowing to destroy her divine power and everyone else.

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    E31 - Mata Ki Mahima
    21 May 2024 | 22 min

    Under Varuni's influence, Naren decides to marry her. Suman and Mahima oppose this, but Naren declares that Mahima isn't his daughter and Suman isn't his wife, rejecting their pleas.

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    E32 - Mata Ki Mahima
    22 May 2024 | 21 min

    Mahima searches for her locket and finds it in a hole where Varuni has placed a snake. The snake bites Mahima, but Matarani intervenes and saves her. Varuni is furious.

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    E33 - Mata Ki Mahima
    23 May 2024 | 22 min

    We see that naren is getting married with Varuni , and Mahima is being held in a room tied up. But my Maatarani grace we see that mahima gets out of the holding and comes home, after which naren gets back into his senses and denies from marriage. Varuni gets outraged and challenges matarani.

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    E34 - Mata Ki Mahima
    24 May 2024 | 22 min

    Mahima's locket protects Naren from Varuni's spell. Suman and Naren plan a Satyanarayan pooja, sending Mahima away on an errand. Meanwhile, Indrayani takes over preparing the charanamrit, with dubious intentions.

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    E35 - Mata Ki Mahima
    27 May 2024 | 21 min

    We see that Mahima drinks poison laced 'chanraamrit' and loses her voice , next we see that Mahima is out to do darshan of Matarani. Varuni and Indrayani also get to know about it and plan their next step.

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    E36 - Mata Ki Mahima
    28 May 2024 | 21 min

    Mahima is walking barefoot when Indrayani and her brother electrocute her, but Mata Rani sends a sage who saves her. Later, Varuni and Indrayani attack Mahima again, leaving her unconscious, and Suman finds her unresponsive.

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    E37 - Mata Ki Mahima
    29 May 2024 | 22 min

    We see that Maharani brings Mahima back to life, next, we see that Varuni plans for her marriage with Naren but Mahima and Suman kidnap Naren but Varuni comes and uses her powers and traps Mahima into an ice slab.

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    E38 - Mata Ki Mahima
    30 May 2024 | 22 min

    Varuni traps Mahima in an ice slab, demanding she give up Naren. As Varuni begins taking phere with Naren, Suman breaks the ice wall with Mata Rani's trishool, stopping Varuni.

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    E39 - Mata Ki Mahima
    31 May 2024 | 22 min

    We see that mata Rani decides to come done to aide mahima and suman against Varuni. Everyone gets shocked to see that indrayani’s mother in law has come to the house and puts hold to everything what Varuni is doing. The aghori baba finds out that it’s Mata rani , who’s in the house as mother in law of Varuni.

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    E40 - Mata Ki Mahima
    03 June 2024 | 22 min

    Mata Rani, disguised as Naren's mother, freezes everyone to prevent the Aghori from revealing the truth. She then instructs Naren to decide for Mahima's education, maintaining her cover and ensuring Mahima's future.

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    E41 - Mata Ki Mahima
    04 June 2024 | 22 min

    Varuni is upset with Naren for enrolling Mahima in school at his mother's request. Varuni's plan injures Suman, and Indrayani is thrilled about her impending rise to power.

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    E42 - Mata Ki Mahima
    06 June 2024 | 22 min

    Varuni uses magic to approach Naren, but Suman senses something odd. Naren's furious grandmother demands Varuni pass a test before granting approval for their marriage, despite Naren's insistence.

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    E44 - Mata Ki Mahima
    07 June 2024 | 22 min

    We see that Indrayani starts her black magic pooja and it starts effecting suman. Another side Varuni locks Mata rain and Narad inside the room and sends in poisonous gas . In all this Mahadev who’s at the Kailash gets the hint of it all.

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    E45 - Mata Ki Mahima
    10 June 2024 | 22 min

    Indrayani and Varuni lock Naren’s grandmother in a smoke-filled room, but Suman and Mahima save her. Anupam abducts Mahima, and Indrayani now plots against Suman.

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    E46 - Mata Ki Mahima
    11 June 2024 | 22 min

    Anupam attempts to smuggle unconscious Mahima out but is confronted by Suman. Anupam injures her, prompting Naren's intervention. Naren's fervent prayer to Mata Rani for Suman's recovery highlights the show's themes of faith and hope.

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    E47 - Mata Ki Mahima
    12 June 2024 | 22 min

    Naren and everyone pray for Suman's health, and Mahadev arrives to revive her. Meanwhile, Varuni and Shukracharya devise a powerful plan to eliminate Mahim permanently.

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    E48 - Mata Ki Mahima
    13 June 2024 | 22 min

    We see that Anupam goes and gives an electric shock to Suman to kill her, but instead, we see that she recalls everything and tells Naren the truth about how she was hurt and about Mahima’s truth also.

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    E49 - Mata Ki Mahima
    14 June 2024 | 22 min

    Anupam and Indrayani plan to burn Naren, Suman, and Mahima. Matarani, disguised as Naren's grandmother, saves them. Shukracharya arrives, declares Matarani broke the rules, and proceeds with his plan.

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    E50 - Mata Ki Mahima
    17 June 2024 | 23 min

    In this episode, Varuni uses her poison to injure Naren, Suman, and Anupam. Mahima saves Indrayani from harm, prompting Indrayani to apologize to Shukracharya and beg for everything to be reversed. Peace is restored, and the family performs Mata Pooja together.



Release Date

06 June 2024




Aakhilesh Bhagat


Pari, Monalisa