Made In India - Season 1

E4 Wootz Steel

Genre: History • Education | 20:04

Age Description: U - Suitable For All


326 B.C.E. In the epic battle between Alexander and King Porus. Poruss much smaller force holds out against Alexanders massive army and creates a legend of courage equal to the Spartans. When Porus surrenders he hands Alexander a sword made of the finest steel known to man. This sword can slice cleanly through a falling handkerchief, is self-sharpening, and at the same time sharper and more bendable that any steel for the next 2000 years. Wootz steel from the Tamil ukku/urukku was used to make the legendary Damascus steel blades. These blades were more highly prized than wealth and gemstones across the world, and the steel was only manufactured in India. Yet, by the 18th century, the technique was lost for ever. This is the story of the greatest weapons ever made, one that held primacy over the world for close to 2000 years, was developed and manufactured in our land, but has been forgotten, and lost. Perhaps in some small Tamilian village, there is a blacksmith from out of time, still forging wootz steel unbeknownst to the world. Anything is possible in India.

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E2 Bodhidharma
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E4 Wootz Steel
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