EP 6 - The Bride Killer

U/A 16+ • Crime • Drama • Thriller • 2021

At Maharashtra’s Akola Bus stop a lady dressed in saree is in hurry as she wanted to use the public washroom and might miss her bus. A man rushes in and the lady inside the bathroom is still not out yet. And he breaks the door of the ladies public washroom. A woman Is laying dead in red saree dressed as a bride with no to minimum jewellery on and has foam in her mouth.

Director: Ajay Virmal

Actors: Atul Kulkarni

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    Ep 1 - Ladies Gang
    25 August 2021 | 44 min

    The terrifying news of new born’s going missing from households shakes the entire town, as the nefarious lady gang doesn’t hesitate to step back and challenges the Lady Police inspector. The threat looms on the cop to protect her own child

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    Ep 2 - Deadly Mangalsutra
    24 August 2021 | 44 min

    A dreaded guy goes on a rampage to rape and kill innocent women, but never forgets to take their Mangalsutra as memento. The cops struggle to catch this absconding criminal, but eventually they plan out a deadly trap to nab him.

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    Ep 3 - Chor Mukhauta
    02 September 2021 | 44 min

    Shobha 23is married to Neelam. On wedding night Neelam is pissed when Shobha, when she points out that my friend were laughing at your name… because Neelam is associated mostly with female names

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    Ep 4 - Viral Video
    02 September 2021 | 44 min

    Tony a young man of 2022 years is wearing a girl’s dress and has faded stubble and moustache, got a little makeup done and he is running on the road. He’s constantly looking behind like someone is following him. He runs through a dark road and then he clashes with cops. He is unable to breathe and is out of breath. When he tries to speak he faints and collapses down.

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    Ep 5 - Love Ka Live Telecast
    02 September 2021 | 43 min

    A girl is tied to a chair and the footage is live on social media. The girl is struggling for hours and the cops are trying to figure out her location. The IP address shows that she’s next to a tower that has many houses around. Then they track the owner of the sim but it’s a dead end as it’s a fake id.

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    Ep 7 - Meri Kahani
    15 September 2021 | 44 min

    Raipur 2007, a kid Bunty finds a human leg’s femur in the playground. When his father asks about where he found it. Bunty points towards the digging in the garden and we charge on few more human bones sneaking out of the ground.

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    Ep 8 - Risky Chakma
    15 September 2021 | 42 min

    Nitin is in love with Mallika and wants to marry her. Nitin meets her father and he rejects him. He had a knife with him as if he rejects he will stab Mallika’s Father but somebody interrupts and as he comes out her brother Varun tries to tease him and he stabs Varun.

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    EP 9 - Rakshak Bhakshak
    17 September 2021 | 44 min

    This story is based on the reallife events of serial rapist and murderer “Umesh Reddy” who was in CRPF before joining Karnataka Police as constable and later fired from the job coz of a molestation case on him.

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    Ep 10 - 13 March
    17 September 2021 | 44 min

    This is a circle of murder that takes place between four friends and a girl. Small town of Agra there is a school where the four friends’ study together, on 13th March 2017 Padam who is among these four friends is running in the corridor, in his dizziness holds his hand and with the help of a sharp object cuts his veins.

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    Ep 11 - Killer Doctor Bhaag - 1
    19 September 2021 | 44 min

    There is a guy name Raghu Hes on a duty he drives a taxi, he gets a customer she seems very sad she starts crying. Watch what happens next.

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    Ep 12 - Killer Doctor Bhaag - 2
    19 September 2021 | 44 min

    After 6 long years, doctor Rathi and Vinay live in Gujarat. They changed and names and their looks. They find a person named Bharon. Will they change their true identity as well

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    EP 13 - Do Chehre
    20 September 2021 | 44 min

    This case is about Shradha Panchal who was found semi burned in her room, but her room was locked from inside. Police kept making theory that it could be a suicide case. Watch what happens next.

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    Ep 14 - Night Curfew
    04 November 2021 | 42 min

    Two guys in the dark hour walking on the road and suddenly on the day of Purnimathey feel something from behind and start to run. They bang on a door for help butthe city is dark as if it39s dead.

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    Ep 15 - Chachi Ki Moochein
    02 November 2021 | 44 min

    In Kavita’s beauty parlor, she discovers dead body of twowomen tied up, and the killer had made fake mustache on them,anad have written on the mirror with lipstic that – CHACHI KIMOOCHHE HOTI… TO WO CHACHA HOTI.

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    Ep 16 - Aaj Valentine Hai
    02 November 2021 | 43 min

    The story is of Lopa Mudra Gupta, a 18 year old girl fromDelhi, who upon insistence by her boyfriend, SurajSharma, visits him to Jabalpur so that they can celebrateValentine’s Day together. However, Lopa does thissecretly, without telling her father.



Release Date

07 September 2021


Crime, Drama, Thriller


Ajay Virmal


Atul Kulkarni