New Solutions For The Heat And The Cold

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Climate change is making summers hotter, winters colder and leading to flooding. How can cities, farmers, and ordinary people adapt to these new conditions. Eco India takes a look.

Director: Sannuta Raghu

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    Dealing with Pollution
    30 March 2024 | 24 min

    Pollution kills. But we can help prevent it. This week we examine how megacities around the world are already making their air cleaner and safer. And look at other initiatives helping to clean up and preserve our environment. What can we do to help clean up?

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    The Oceans And Us
    31 March 2024 | 24 min

    Rising temperatures, pollution, coastal erosion and overfishing are just some of the stresses on our oceans and their ecosystems. On this edition of Eco India, we look at ways to ease the pressure, from adopting coral in Goa, to engineering seas that can absorb more carbon. Can we protect our precious marine life?

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    Our Changing Flora And Fauna
    06 April 2024 | 24 min

    Climate change is taking a toll on the world’s flora and fauna, while invasive species spread by human activity are costing the global economy billions. Even your morning coffee may be under threat.

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    Helping Nature, Helping Humanity
    07 April 2024 | 24 min

    Boosting the tiger population in Madhya Pradesh, putting a price tag on nature, future-proofing saffron production in Kashmir and a ‘cash for trash’ business model takes off in Tamil Nadu.

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    Caution Toxic! Addressing Industrial Pollution
    13 April 2024 | 24 min

    In this week’s Edition of Eco India, we see a program to clean up toxic lakes in Bengaluru that could produce safer food; the toxic ship breaking industry - how people in Bangladesh are paying the price. And the Tamil Nadu invention that allows you to recycle your own sewage.

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    Fighting Pollution: Effluent, Ocean Plastic, Kitchen Waste
    14 April 2024 | 24 min

    Pollution is everywhere. Some people are on the way to stop it: Companies in India's textile hub Gujarat recycle their wastewater, Indian activists clean up plastics from the ocean and Chennai city dwellers are processing their kitchen waste.

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    Urban Visions – Making Our Cities Sustainable
    20 April 2024 | 24 min

    How can our cities house a growing population and serve their needs well, while also becoming sustainable and climate-resilient? We head to India, Bangladesh and Germany to look at what solutions are available and where more work is needed.

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    What Happens In A World Out Of Balance?
    21 April 2024 | 24 min

    Balance is vital to life on Earth. So, what happens when it’s disrupted by chemicals in the soil, or technology -- even if it's green? Plus: How jute restores ecological balance, and an all-women team improves India’s waste management gender balance.

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    How Can We Safeguard The Things Worth Protecting?
    27 April 2024 | 24 min

    Preserve, protect, recycle and reclaim: From rescuing birds in cities and transforming urban wasteland to recycling phosphorus for fertilizer and guarding against rising sea levels – how can we safeguard our environment, our resources, and our cities?

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    Greening Up: Solutions For Climate-Friendly Cities
    28 April 2024 | 24 min

    Smart and green - can Chandigarh be both? In Buenos Aires, real estate is pushing out parkland. Indian commuters are opting for greener ways to get around. Plus: why Big Tech stops short of delivering its traffic-easing promises.

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    Protecting Fish And Seafood - And Preserving Underwater Ecosystems
    04 May 2024 | 24 min

    How can we protect precious aquatic life? This episode features an initiative in West Bengal is trying to clean up the Ichamati River. In Tamil Nadu, a collective is promoting sustainable seafood. And a Spanish retiree who records water temperatures in the Mediterranean.

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    Understanding The Meaning Of Women Celebration
    05 May 2024 | 24 min

    To mark International Women’s Day, Eco India meets an NGO founder breaking period taboos and visits women-only farm collectives that are benefitting members and the environment. Plus: How solar power has improved womens' health in rural Meghalaya.

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    The Opportunities And Challenges Of Moving To Renewables
    11 May 2024 | 24 min

    Hybrid wind and solar power systems present new options and hurdles in Gujarat. Plus: Why grids need to be revamped for green energy; how solar-powered cold storage is a win-win for India's farmers; and the small-scale solar power system for all.

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    Innovative Farming
    19 May 2024 | 24 min

    From high-tech tools such as precision farming and autonomous tractors to zero-budget approaches and sustainable meat alternatives, farming is embracing innovation.

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    Circular Economy, Circular Thinking
    25 May 2024 | 24 min

    From used car tires and old plastic products to electronic waste: finding ways to repurpose things has benefits for the environment and the economy.



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18 May 2024


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Sannuta Raghu