What a waste

U/A 7+ • Social Issues • Nature • Environment • 2022

Waste is everywhere in our world. Plastic bottles end up in landfills or in our oceans and can take hundreds of years to decompose. How can we change this What are the alternatives and solutions to this huge problem

Director: Sannuta Raghu

Actors: Sannuta Raghu

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    Self - Reliance
    03 January 2022 | 25 min

    The motto of this weeks Eco India is good conscience: how we pursue sustainable living as a conscious decision by using solar energy or celebrating in an ecofriendly manner. Also looking after orangutans in a jungle school.

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    Good Conscience
    08 March 2021 | 25 min

    Swaraj is a traditional Indian philosophy of responsible selfgovernance and collective decisionmaking. EcoSwaraj is a new environmental movement based on these principles. It encourages people to live more socially and sustainably.

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    Woman Power
    26 December 2021 | 25 min

    All over the world, women continue to fight for gender equality and also for climate justice. Women are more impacted by climate change and so there is a greater connection to the environment. We meet the women fighting the good fight.

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    08 March 2021 | 25 min

    Burning fossil fuels generates carbon dioxide and the other heat trapping gases causing the climate crisis. So why do we continue to do it One answer is: energy. But there are innovations that provide an alternative.

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    08 March 2021 | 25 min

    Human behaviour in our industrialized world often causes a lot of noise, garbage and other kinds of pollution. But what can we do to avoid pollution and its negative effects on environment and on ourselves

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    Species are under threat
    25 min

    The planet is not just for humans animals, birds and plants share the Earth. But many species are now on the brink of extinction, much of it driven by people. What can we do to save the planets rich diversity



Release Date

08 April 2022


Social Issues, Nature, Environment


sannuta raghu


sannuta raghu