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Powered By EPIC ON. Oral storytelling has served a critical role as the sole means of abstracting experiences and emotions in narrative form, and to engage with audiences who prefer narrative storytelling, The Open Library Project presents Paperback. Hosted by Raachyeta Sharma and Satyajit Roy, Paperback will be a podcast where we engage with stalwarts and experts from various industries, suggesting 5 non-fiction titles that contributed to their journey in a big way. We believe that peer-to-peer learning will play a huge role in the future and people are more likely to follow the recommendations of industry experts who they look up to. The idea is to bring curated content across categories to people but more importantly to create VALUE, clear and simplify concepts, highlight lessons and insights from the books.

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83 Episodes
  1. Ep.00: Introducing Paperback
    • 01:25
  2. Ep.01: Apurva Damani, Director At Artha India Ventures
    • 42:57
  3. Ep.02: Raj Raman, Author Of The SMElting Cauldron
    • 36:12
  4. Ep.03: Dr. Swati & Swaraa Lodha
    • 48:06
  5. Ep.04: Ambi Parameswaran
    • 47:33
  6. Ep.05: Shveta Raina
    • 37:48
  7. Ep.06: Diksha Dwivedi
    • 39:13
  8. Ep.07: Tara Khandelwal
    • 36:00
  9. Ep.08: Anjali Raina
    • 38:26
  10. Ep.09: Katie Bagli, Author Of 'The Mysterious Lovables'
    • 35:42
  11. Ep.10: R. Sridhar
    • 45:46
  12. Ep.11: Dr. Marcus Ranney
    • 39:06
  13. Ep.12: Shweta Shalini
    • 52:30
  14. Ep.13: Anand Sivakumaran
    • 34:14
  15. Ep.14: Arun Kale
    • 32:46
  16. Ep.15: Alisha Rajpal
    • 35:45
  17. Ep.16: Anirudh Kanisetti
    • 34:27
  18. Ep.17: Siddharth Banerjee
    • 42:08
  19. Ep.18: Discussing The Work Of Yuval Noah Harari
    • 23:54
  20. Ep.19: Mayank Gandhi
    • 29:50
  21. Ep.20: Mihir Mehta
    • 30:23
  22. Ep.21: Ashdin Doctor
    • 39:34
  23. Ep.22: Book Recap
    • 31:58
  24. Ep.23: Revathi Roy, Dr. Swati Lodha
    • 37:12
  25. Ep.24: Zarina Poonawalla
    • 43:58
  26. Ep.25: Bharathi Pradhan
    • 37:34
  27. Ep.26: Tanisha Fagwani
    • 37:18
  28. Ep.27: Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee
    • 49:48
  29. Ep.28: Shayamal Vallabhjee
    • 45:47
  30. Ep.29: Mansi Shetty
    • 43:37
  31. Ep.30: Madhuri Adwani
    • 36:26
  32. Ep.31: Abbas Momin
    • 52:35
  33. Ep.32: Sucharita Tyagi
    • 38:00
  34. Ep.33: Indu Nair
    • 44:23
  35. Ep.34: Niharika Goenka
    • 36:26
  36. Ep.35: Himali Kothari
    • 51:00
  37. Ep.36: Harshad Marathe
    • 34:41
  38. Ep.37: Nikhil Katara
    • 47:27
  39. Ep.38: Sanchita Lohot
    • 35:21
  40. Ep.39: Akshit Mehta
    • 38:48
  41. Ep.40: Raoul Nanavati
    • 47:29
  42. Ep.41: Riya Mahajan
    • 36:52
  43. Ep.42: Antara Kashyap
    • 30:28
  44. Ep.43: Varun Deshpande
    • 41:14
  45. Ep.44: Nirbhay Kanoria
    • 47:22
  46. Ep.45: Birender Ahluwalia: Mental Health Day Special
    • 52:22
  47. Ep.46: Natasha Malpani Oswal
    • 33:15
  48. Ep.47: Devanshi Jain
    • 51:24
  49. Ep.48: Ramya Ramamurthy
    • 42:09
  50. Ep.49: Lakshmi Narayan
    • 39:58
  51. Ep.50: Ashwin Sanghi
    • 49:42
  52. Ep.51: Rehana Munir
    • 30:15
  53. Ep.52: Gyan Nagpal
    • 51:23
  54. Ep.53: Meenal Jaisswal
    • 42:52
  55. Ep.54: Dishant Huria
    • 35:25
  56. Ep.55: Saee Koranne Khandekar
    • 36:42
  57. Ep.56: Luis Miranda (Nobel Prize Special)
    • 40:26
  58. Ep.57: Utsav Mamoria
    • 42:39
  59. Ep.58: Padmini Vaidyanathan
    • 39:29
  60. Ep.59: Aditi Guha And Sandeep Ramesh
    • 42:06
  61. Ep.60: Sudha Menon
    • 56:50
  62. Ep.61: Fatema Agarkar
    • 33:48
  63. Ep.62: Mark Hannant
    • 38:34
  64. Ep.63: Aryan Kaushal
    • 30:45
  65. Ep.64: Gayatri Rangachari Shah
    • 39:49
  66. Ep.65: Dhananjaya Chak
    • 32:48
  67. Ep.66: Laxmi Krishnan
    • 44:00
  68. Ep.67: Saurabh Taneja (Akanksha Foundation)
    • 53:00
  69. Ep.68: Rahela Khorakiwala
    • 40:25
  70. Ep.69: Aditi Surana
    • 48:02
  71. Ep.70: Shifa Maitra
    • 33:21
  72. Ep.71: Sonali Gupta
    • 41:58
  73. Ep.72: Publishing Infinity
    • 39:23
  74. Ep.73: Mihir Bhatt
    • 33:13
  75. Ep.74: Priyanka Pradhan
    • 24:41
  76. Ep.75: Manoj Anchan
    • 40:20
  77. Ep.76: Manasi Patil
    • 31:39
  78. Ep.77: Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa
    • 34:26
  79. Ep.78: Sadaf Hussain
    • 38:21
  80. Ep.79: Milan Vohra
    • 55:50
  81. Ep.80: Dhruv Nath
    • 37:14
  82. Ep.81: Siddharth Jaiswal
    • 17:27
  83. Ep.82: Aakash Ranison
    • 40:25

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