India Booked

India Booked

Powered By EPIC ON. India Booked is a podcast that uses literature as a lever to bring multiple facets of India alive. A perfect podcast for bibliophiles, trivia junkies and people interested in learning more about India. Every episode focuses on a different theme and takes place via a conversation between the host with celebrated authors.

31 Episodes
  1. IndiaBooked Trailer
    • 00:37
  2. IndiaBooked | Understanding Akbar
    • 41:39
  3. IndiaBooked | Food And Faith
    • 36:34
  4. IndiaBooked | Invisible Man
    • 46:34
  5. IndiaBooked | Bad Money In The Indian Economy
    • 34:03
  6. IndiaBooked | India's Highway Economy
    • 33:18
  7. IndiaBooked | Bulletproof Stories Of The Northeast
    • 36:00
  8. IndiaBooked | Delhi Childhood: Memory And Writing
    • 40:48
  9. IndiaBooked | Courtesans In The Indian Imagination
    • 25:28
  10. IndiaBooked | Art, Programming And Sanskrit Poetry
    • 45:05
  11. IndiaBooked | The Baolis Of India
    • 33:41
  12. IndiaBooked | Kolkata: A Literary Lens
    • 35:29
  13. IndiaBooked | Serenading Sound
    • 58:12
  14. IndiaBooked | Timeless Tales From Marwar
    • 43:15
  15. IndiaBooked | Jaipur And Japan: A Kindred Contrast
    • 36:46
  16. IndiaBooked | Travelling Tales Of Tibet
    • 34:46
  17. IndiaBooked | The Shocking Lives Of India’s Teenagers
    • 37:29
  18. IndiaBooked | Women, Morality And Moral Strength
    • 42:10
  19. IndiaBooked | A Colonial Whodunnit
    • 37:30
  20. IndiaBooked | Gujarat, Dhumketu, And Translations
    • 50:16
  21. IndiaBooked | Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines
    • 53:54
  22. IndiaBooked | Isolation In The Aftermath Of COVID-19
    • 34:40
  23. IndiaBooked | Tales From The Himalayas
    • 25:42
  24. IndiaBooked | Krishnadevaraya Of Vijayanagara
    • 50:31
  25. IndiaBooked | Chronicling Lives
    • 54:03
  26. IndiaBooked | Waiting For The Dust To Settle
    • 44:07
  27. IndiaBooked | The Climate Story
    • 45:47
  28. IndiaBooked | The Indian Banking Story With Madan Sabnavis
    • 41:25
  29. IndiaBooked | Colaba: The Diamond At The Tip Of Mumbai
    • 56:26
  30. IndiaBooked | Farm Income: Myths And Realities
    • 30:22
  31. IndiaBooked | The Story Of India's Most Popular Prayer
    • 31:51

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