Educating Naughty Chimpu Stories From Piplivan ~ Volume 3

Educating Naughty Chimpu Stories From Piplivan ~ ...

  • Author: Gouri Dash

There was once a forest called Piplivan… It was home to many animals and birds. They were known as the Piplis. In Piplivan there lived a rabbit couple called Tiku and Tuki. Everyone in the forest loved them for their kind and loving natures. When they are finally blessed with a child, they are overjoyed and all the forest creatures come to the naming ceremony. The baby rabbit is named Chimpu. But as time passes, Chimpu grows into a wild and naughty rabbit, always up to mischief. One after the other the Piplis complain to Tiku about his son’s bad behaviour. Poor Tiku wonders what to do… How can he change Chimpu?

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