Mega Manufacturing - Season 1

EP 6 - Porsche Cars

Genre: Technology • Science | 47:50

Age Description: U - Suitable For All


The Porsche Macan: the most successful horse in the stable of this legendary sports car manufacturer. A compact SUV, combining off-road qualities and everyday versatility with the DNA of a sports car. In its Leipzig factory Porsche produces with 4,300 employees over 90,000 Macan vehicles per year. Every single vehicle: absolutely individual and bespoke manufactured to order. A masterpiece of logistics and engineering design. Retaining their outstanding quality and delivering volume – a balancing act. Everything begins with the fabrication of the body. Eight hours is all they need for the entire production of a fully galvanized aluminum-steel car body. On more than 35 thousand square meters, a 400-strong robot army supported by people turn pure sheet metal into sub-frames. Around the clock. A perfectly synchronized spectacle with the precision of a clockwork in perpetual motion. Each individual Macan car body is checked with utmost precision. The same applies to the paint surface and the assembled car. The extent of the individual quality control is unique in mass production – and for Porsche, an absolute necessity. Since the opening of the Leipzig factory, Porsche has invested over EUR 1.3 billion in this facility – and it is always constantly expanding. Protecting the environment is one key aspect of the investments. Energy is saved in the halls through efficient robotic use, and produced on the rooftops from natural solar energy. The photovoltaic system consists of more than 17,500 modules. Immediately behind the assembly halls and the companys own circular track, there is an entirely different world Here, Porsche has created ecological compensation areas for the sealed ground space. 25 Exmoor ponies and 75 aurochs graze on this managed eco-system.

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