Mega Manufacturing - Season 1

EP 5 - Volvo Trucks

Genre: Technology • Science | 47:50

Age Description: U - Suitable For All


Trucks: Kings of the road with enormous power. Their manufacture demands a good eye, absolute precision and above all: perfect logistics. One of the worlds largest truck factories is located in Belgium, close to the romantic town of Ghent. Its the ideal location, close to thousands of customers across Western Europe. This is where Volvo produces its bestseller: the all-time all-rounder FH - one of the most popular trucks in Europe with the most powerful engines in the industry Approximately two hundred trucks each day Each one unique: every truck leaving this factory is different: Mega Manufacturing individually tailored to customer requirements in a feat of logistical perfection. Timed to the minute. Around one thousand five hundred individual parts are installed by the workers in two hundred and ten operations over eight hours from the simple unadorned chassis - to a state of the art truck. This Mega Manufacturing takes huge amounts of energy. But suprisingly without CO2 emissions. Volvo Trucks in Belgium was the first carbon-neutral car factory in the world. As early as 2009. Green energy, perfect logistics, a gigantic, fully automated warehouse, modern robots: the factory is still high-tech. But nothing works here without well-trained people. Volvo Trucks calls themself a „people factory“. At the moment they are testing how to support their highly-trained workforces with new high-tech equipment: exoskeletons and virtual reality glasses allow workers and computers to become one It could become the truck factory of the future

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