The Trial By Fire : Memoirs Of A College Principal

The Trial By Fire : Memoirs Of A College Princip ...

  • Author: G. Ramachandram

This autobiography is a rare story of the courage and the conviction of a person holding a position of power and authority, taking on the high and the mighty, refusing to buckle under pressure and do what is unethical and illegal, risking his career time and again. The author had a journey in defiance-fighting relentlessly against the corrupt system. During his two decades long tenure, he had to quite often face ‘the trials by fire’ in order to secure his college with a solid foundation of perennial values, transparency and commitment to truth. The autobiography is in four parts. Part I- Blissful ignorance- narrates the life of a rustic village boy and how he transformed. Part II- Awakening- is about the author’s struggle to find meaning and purpose for existence and becoming a teacher by accident. Part III- Rise- is regarding his appointment as the Principal, the conspiracy to scuttle the appointment and his legal battles. Part IV-Turbulence- is about his uninterrupted nerve-racking duel with multiple authorities to reinstate the truth and justice and protect the institution of Principal. And by taking a high moral ground and displaying mental toughness, he weathered a turbulent period of calculated verbal assaults aimed at making him dispirited and crippled. This is the first time that such an autobiography is penned by the Head of any educational institution, giving a gripping account of his torrid times. The book makes an interesting and inspirational reading. It is rich, engaging and very truthful. The heads of educational institutions, particularly the future generation of academic administrators will profit by the book.

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