The Gods, Demons And People Of Kunhimangalam

The Gods, Demons And People Of Kunhimangalam ...

  • Author: Sunil Kumar K N

A writer’s journey in search of the identity and uniqueness of the realm, quite often leads him to the unforeseen conditions of human life. In that sense this novel presents a reading experience quite distinctive and impressive. When the author narrates the chequered history of Kunhimangalam, through his glittering characters with an envious sleight of hands, the story of the village splays over a large canvas of two millenniums, beginning from the pristine Christian era to the futuristic scenes of twenty first century. During this unhindered entourage on time, we can feel the flair of the bucolic life, both in the constitution of the characters momentarily glowing and disappearing in a fraction of second and the composition of the black sarcasm permeating in between the story lines.

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