Storm From Taxila - THE ASOKA TRILOGY BOOK II ...


Bharatvarsha, Land Of The Aryas: 272 EL Bindusar, the Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas, ruler of the Indian sub¬continent, is dead. Chaos rules as the royal succession turns upon intrigue, dark coalitions, violence and death. The realm stands divided and civil war ensues. In Vidishanagri: Asoka kills his brothers Ashwamedha stallion and marches to Patliputra with his army. The Ancient Brahminical Order rises in his support. Have they made the right choice? In Taxila: The rightful heir, Sushem, raises an army to meet the challenge posed by his ambitious and gifted brother, Asoka. He prepares to march to the capital and seize the throne by force. Will history repeat itself? Will Sushem achieve what his grandfather Chandragupta did? In Junagarh: Guildmaster Hardeo sets out on a private mission to cquire the great salt pans of Sindh. Will he succeed in his secret enterprise? In Vidishanagri: Radhagupta travels to fulfill the task allotted to him by the Order. Kanakdatta, the Buddhist, stands up to stop him. Will Radhagupta fail in his mission? The winds of war howl over the sub-continent, blowing every last person one way or the other. Blood will be spilled, secrets revealed and men ruined. History shall be made. In Book II of the epic Asoka Trilogy, the storm approaches — the harbinger of death and destruction. When the dust finally settles the great question will be answered: Who is the next Samrat of the revered lands of the Aryas?

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